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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Jacket Vintage | Top AA | Harness All Saints | Pants Gmarket | Shoes Office


I move twice every year. Househunting in September: move #1, and in June once school ends, move everything into storage: move #2. This is move #2, hauling everything into storage. All evidence of my London life is divided in boxes now, moving sucks balls.

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  1. good luck on the move. i’m in the similar boat. found a place, but still gots to pack up!

  2. I.Hate.Moving. So I can empathize. Although I’d totally help move that box of magazines…

  3. hell yeah. i used to move every two years and schools too. it sucked. i feel your pain! however your teddy is looking cute:)


  4. the moving process always sucks but i love that new apartment feeling when you get all excited about how you’re going to arrange your furniture and how you’re promising yourself to keep your room clean and not to clutter and get disorganized and how 2 months down the line you look at your room and your closet and think “WTF MATE”

  5. the shoes are great. yay for teddy action

  6. you have gorgeous hair!

  7. I actually sort of like moving. I’ve never found an apartment that I stayed at that I truly loved to be at to never consider to move some place better. I don’t like the idea of staying in apartment I don’t really want to decorate to the max and make it feel like home unless it is. Hehe, plus I”m sort of an obsessive compulsive, so I enjoy compartmentalizing things – but absolutely despise carrying and unloading things. :/ That’s what movers are for.

    That red dress looks great on you. I’ve been really out of touch with red recently. I used to wear it a lot when I was in grade school. Now I find it too strong for me, but that dress might make re-think to pay attention to it again. :)

    Does your Teddy have a name?

  8. Michelle

    I´ve only moved once in my whole life.. and it sucked! Why do you move twice a year anyway?

  9. I find moving kinda therapeutic… like cleaning out the crap, seeing what you have and recreating yourself in another place. Though, if you have to move two times every year, that does get old, haha!

  10. You move… I stay… I don’t kwow what’s worst…
    great look, love the belt so much!

  11. Ugh I feel your pain! I used to love moving when I was younger but it’s just so hard when you’re stuck packing and unpacking on your own all the time! I think I move at least two times every year as well… boo :(

    hope your move goes smoothly!!! as for me, i’m shipping up to boston this saturday!

  12. I recognize that, I move at least once a year and this year perhaps twice. It sucks but at the same time it’s very exciting to discover new places.

  13. oj, wiem o czym mowa.. powodzenia z przeprowadzką :))
    cudowny kolor bluzki <33

  14. i always underestimate the moving process. in my mind i always think that i dont’ have a lot of stuff and it’ll be easy peasy – but noo it’s never the case.

    good luck with your house hunting and i hope your move goes smoothly :D

  15. [i’m writing in Polish because it’s simplier for me to write about studying ;)]

    podanie składam na Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny i Uniwersytet Rolniczy w Krakowie, ale bardziej mi się marzy Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny :)) kierunek – gospodarka przestrzenna lub gospodarka i administracja publiczna (don’t know how to translate it in english, however, it’s associated with economics and geography)
    taaa, pogoda w Polsce to porażka w tych ostatnich dniach, ale na południu jest już dość gorąco (około 30 stopni) i słonecznie :) rzeczywiście popołudniami się nieco psuje ale wydaje mi się, że jest już coraz lepiej :) słyszałam, że w Warszawie burze i deszcz, ale chyba pod koniec czerwca ma być cieplej :)
    pozdrawiam :)

  16. the top is so gorgeous!! I need to pack in 2 months too, not looking forward to it, too much stuff!!

  17. yesterday, i moved all the furnitures in my room. it’s not exactly moving, but, it’s still mobing, right ? :)

  18. i love your shirt and harness!
    is it a long haul home or will you stay in london?

  19. Nah I’m moving everything into storage so that I can leave to Warsaw for the summer holidays! So I’d say shot haul? ;)

  20. loooooooove your belt!!

  21. The harness is amazing and it looks beautiful over the scarlet red tee (which is also amazing).


  22. moving definitely sucks balls. moving COUNTRIES is even worse. moving 8000 miles is THE WORST. i find house hunting kinda fun sometimes. you get to see apartments that you could a) never afford and b) get inspiration of what you want your apt to look like. until it crosses that fine line of omg-shoot-me-now, then it’s not so fun.

    i’ve noticed you have a lot of cool shizz from all saints. maybe it’s time i get me some of that eh?

  23. Oh you look good in red.. i like it!

    teddy is so cute! I have a Chococat i sleep with all the time. hehe

    We’re planning to move soon too.. i can not wait. The new place is much bigger.

  24. good luck with the move!
    I’m in love with that belt and the color of the AA tunic.

  25. hiya! i see you’ll be househunting in september… i am just moving to London myself in one month and today i met one of the future roomates and she said they’ll be looking for another girl in september… the apartment is in Mile End (central line, zone 2) and it’s less than 400 pm. just an option, if you’re really stuck wondering where to go :) (all girls and all doing fashion ) bye x

  26. OOooo thanks for the offer, but I live in Mile End too, and I’m trying very hard to get out of it. Haha, don’t worry it’s not that bad.

  27. hehe well i love east london, i know mile end is just perfect for me:) good luck finding a new place! :)

  28. hey first time I come on your blog you have a great style girl


    bonne nuit
    la chauve-souris

  29. here here!
    love the jacket by the way

  30. At least you look super coll whilst moving. I love that harness! Good luck with all of it.

    x x x

  31. *cool. haha. How did I manage to spell that wrong?

  32. Aww hope you’ll get a couple of friends over to help and maybe enjoy a pizza while you’re at it. ;) I’ve never had the experience of living by myself so… I do sort of wanna know what that’s like haha *ducks from your punch*

    Btw, I’ve tagged you!! =) I know you’re not always into tags but I thought you might find this one interesting. And it’s meant to be for blogs that I deem “brilliant” and well, I couldn’t think of any other label better suited for yours. Hope you’ll do it!

  33. i am really into this belt you have as well as the cardigan/jacket thing you have on in the 1st pic. I hate moving too. Worst nuisance ever!

  34. r

    Which AA top are you wearing/colour/size? It looks quite long. I couldn’t work out which one on the site. What a lovely colour!

    Good luck with the move.

  35. I just moved back home from (Los Angeles/Silverlake, CA. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve moved back and I’m still in boxes. haha I don’t know how you do it twice a year! Anyway, I love you’re style & your DIY’s. I attempted your A Wang’s chain distressed shorts, so thanks! I have yet to try Doo Ri’s lace embellished sequined/beaded leggings. Props to you for having so much patience!