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Images from Nikicio & Nikicio Facebook Volume 4, last pic from One and a Half

Tell me you’ve heard of NIKICIO of Singapore, because this is not a quick post to redeem myself from the tiny pause in updates, this is a post to pop open the bubbly and shoot rainbow fireworks at eachother. So you say their clothes are ‘simple’ and all that, so why all the hype? By now you all know I’m a cheap bastard, and I won’t ask for your precious attention if the prices are way too high. So for example, the zipper pants in the last picture is, wait for it, cuppa tea, drumroll, $30! That maxi dress and kitty clutch are calling my name, I’d love to carry a real kitty in there but that’s just me. I love the brand’s attitude and concept: “clothes that outlast trends, and are cohesive or sensible“. I hear the quality is fantabulous too.

I’m so missing out. Their webshop is coming soon. On behalf of most of my readers I would like to say hurry up pretty please. In the meantime, you may as well quickly befriend someone in Indonesia, but remember not to say out front that you’re taking advantage of her/him, be nice at first, then be demanding. ;)

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  1. Definitely place an order. Not only is she incredibly nice and the pieces incredibly cheap but theyre beautiful and well-made!

  2. When Susie Bubble featured ONEANDAHALF, I emailed them for the price list and they said they ship internationally but shipping to the US was as much as a blazer or something. I hope that if lots of people order from the shop shipping costs will go down. Oh, you probably know already, but they’re selling the collection via Fashion Nation http://shopnation.wordpress.com/

  3. Yeh, two bloggers from Singapore is working with the designer so they’re selling that particular line at http://shopnation.wordpress.com. They ship internationally too, so you can try with them. And it’s cheaper too, since the prices through ShopNation are in SGD. I.E. the detachable pants in that last photo’s only SGD45, which amounts to about 20-ish pounds?

  4. Wooohoooo guys I love you. I do have a friend where we’re both taking advantage of eachother (rawr), so for everyone else, READ THIS! Thanks Julesie and Ohmylungs!

  5. Samantha

    Haha awww…we’re really just helping each other out! ;) I’m glad to help you anyway :)

  6. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that kitty clutch!!!!! i need it!

  7. Victoria

    Yes, the fashionation girls are currently selling her items.
    They once posted about you as well

  8. Sorry to say this but is the correct spelling of “Indenesia” is “Indonesia”… Correct me if I’m wrong. You’re so hilarious in your post. I like the blazer. Am gonna check out their website now.

  9. Sila

    it is INDONESIA. you could’ve googled it, you know… :-p

  10. I don’t need to google it, I know it – it was a typo.

  11. never heard of it, but it seems really cool !

  12. there are so many possibilities with that maxi dress…love it

  13. The designer, Nina Nikico was kind enough to send me one of her kitty blazers.
    It is the best piece of clothing I’ve ever had.

  14. That kitty suit!! With… kitty shoes?! I neeed that entire ensemble, it’d be enough to rival my mothers crazy cat tendencies (mind I imagine she’d eventually get her greedy paws on them and claim them for herself).

  15. amazing!!! bring on the website!! :)

  16. Nikki

    I love her designs! Yay Singapore :D

  17. These looks are awesome. Love the black silk jumpsuit and the 2-piece with kitten-printed tapestry (i think its tapestry?) is just kooky enough.


  18. akki

    i love how versatile her line is. whenever i buy clothes, i always make sure i can think of at least 3 ways to wear a certain piece. maybe that’s because i’m cheapo. no se.

  19. I have never heard of her, but I love this maxi dress, so simple and beautiful.

  20. cheapo singapore checking in. they’re all serious cute.

  21. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    oops i meant singaporean – me.

  22. I simply adore the zipper pants, though I cant seem to find the order form for it , lol. There are many other great stores (in my humble opinion, of course) based in singapore, for example,

    (The range of clothing they have is rather limited, but they ship worldwide! And the prices in USD is cheap.)



    Hope you would find them as lovely as I did (:

  23. lola

    all above & this is our version of GMarket. Many diamonds in this ruffle ;)

    loving this collection! It totally confuzzles my brain how chic yet simple her collection is. genius :o

  24. cuuuuties. even the styling and shoot is cute and simple.

  25. the kitty suit is genius!! I am sooooo gonna keep my eye on this :) :)

  26. whoa! thanks!
    and Shini, you can take advantage of me anytime.

    about shipping internationally:
    maybe you can buy oneandahalf from http://shopnation.wordpress.com instead as the shipping cost from singapore could be cheaper (:

    much x

  27. oooh…this collection is sooo fierice and different, i love it, altho that cat detailed suit freaks me out a bit

  28. oo-er, the kitty theme is a little wacky for my taste but i love the maxidresses! xoxo

  29. I recently found out about this brand also, and just like you.. I’m in love!
    I can’t wait for their website to be up and running!

  30. you’ve been JINXED….


  31. Amazing!
    I especially love the detatchable blazer x

  32. YEAH i heard of themm!! a webshop here in the netherlands are selling stuff from them.. their stuff is really cool, cus you can wear a piece in so many different ways.. =D its good you posted about them they need more recognization =)

  33. Love their Oneandahalf collection! I’m a proud Singaporean now. :)

  34. Oh you’ve got me so giddy now! Can’t wait.

    Love Grace.

  35. ahahaha. yes, seems like Susie Bubble is in love with Nikicio too!
    their cut is amazing!

    and congrats to my friend who modeled for them! LOL

  36. Kitty printed blazers rock.

  37. jane


    you might be shock..
    the kitty print is not their original print.

  38. HEY! I’m from Indonesia.
    Why would you want to take advantage of us?
    We’ll know if you’d take advantage of us, well at least I’d know

  39. If you haven’t realised, I’m joking.

  40. haha.. yeah, i know :-p
    let’s be friends…

  41. love this photos

  42. so lovely, never heard of the brand.

  43. awesome.
    love the styling in these shots too * * *

  44. jane


    you might be shock..
    the kitty print is not their original print.
    the fabric is not the apparel quality…it’s tapestry

  45. Yah tapestry, that’s why I like it! Well i like it much better on a jacket or clutch than a carry on bag like that (yea, ew, obsessed much, right?). I think it’s great that it’s not apparel print because that could end up looking flimsy. Thanks though!

  46. jane

    yeahhh..as long as the designer use their own print…
    you know what..i can find the exact fabric at the local market like a year ago. and i made a basic tank dress with the exactly same fabric used by nina nikicio.

  47. Mita

    I believe the label is Indonesian, not Singaporean. Nina Nikicio is an Indonesian thoroughbred :)

  48. audrey

    the collection is exciting and all, but i do not recommend buying from Fashion Nation’s shop nation site because i paid for my stuff but they did not deliver nor refund. Now, being cheated is NOT exciting at all.

  49. By any chance you can get those clothes in blogshops?