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Top Zara | Pants Urban Outfitters | Shoes Office | Belt Vintage

So the moving is done, big thank you again to Ellen for spilling my cornflakes onto the pavement while moving the kitchen contents box, I now have to add woodshaving into my breakfast but I don’t think I could’ve done it without you. I had to pack through the whole night to be ready when the Man&Van would come in the morning, and again this year, I packed my wardrobe thinking I’M GOING TO BURN THIS PIECE-OF-SHYTE BOX OF CLOTHES. This is my 6th time moving since I started Living in London in 2006, I find myself saying that every single time. You know those clothes that you bring to uni right after highschool and everything in the pile looks like an upgraded version of clothes that your mother bought you when you were in middle school. You just don’t know it then because the highschool version has tassels but it’s still the same childish crap.

Anyway I’m still here for 2 more weeks, I just had to move out of the flat because the contract had expired. I think I overworked myself because my entire right arm is a bit numb now and according to google it’s not a good thing.

Oh also for those living in London, if you’re planning on moving anytime in the future, I know the number of the perfectest perfect Man&Van who does moving work everywhere in London for a very cheap price and a very pleasant moving experience. I’ve never known anyone as humble and optimistic.

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  1. Awesome pants! The second picture – crazy hair moment… it’s great!

  2. very awesome to hear, your moving went great! i do hope your arm feels better, and maybe we’ll get to see pics of your fab new flat?

    anyways, loving teh mix of this outfit, the sleeves with teh shape of those pants are marvelous. and those shoes! oh, those shoes:)

  3. Ah hopefully in September I’ll find a nice flat.. now everything’s in storage, I’m homebound!

  4. perfect proportions!

    hope your arm gets better!

  5. LOVE your shoes!!
    moving is such a pain… I hate it!


  6. ah, the feeling of finishing up semesters and going back to wherever it is always has that bittersweet/happy feeling.
    Fantastic outfit, it seems you don’t have much time to rest!

  7. Sarah

    good luck on your moving! ive been living in my rented apartment for close to 2 years now and the rent just keeps increasing! landlords + agents = evil.

  8. the hair flippy effect is awesome! my camera would never be able to catch anything like that, and so sharp! also, THE SHOES. oh, THE SHOES!

  9. like i said, i love moving cos ilove the fresh start but i bet if i had to move that many times as well I’d probably hate it and throw a big tantrum and cry ):

    your moving outfit looks lovely though. still UBER jealous about those shoes ): ): ):
    going back up to warsaw?????? yayyyy family time!!!!!

  10. These pictures are beautiful and I love the blouse/pants combo. The perfect draping and silhouette. Congrats on moving – I am too a college student and know the pains of the move. And I was just thinking about my own pile of “highschool” clothes and have been attempting to make them cool. It’s hard.

  11. love the shoes! all the outfit look good together…
    hope u get better with ur arm… and good luck with the moving.. and new house

  12. The pants are perfect.

  13. ahh your pants is so similar to the one my lil online blogshop sold a few weeks ago.. totally glad to see you wearing it with a poofy top like that. giving me some ideas how to work the pants :D


  14. flawless – I think this is my new favorite outfit from you * * *

  15. the shoes, the hair, you. everything seems perfectly great.

  16. ♥ this pants ♥
    just love!
    great outfit! have a great weekend!

  17. you look amazing, I love your hair in the second picture.

  18. serio, nigdy jeszcze nie widziałam połączenia pumpów z tak piękną elegancką bluzką i jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem! zawsze potrafisz wszystko ze sobą genialnie połączyć. klasa sama w sobie <3

  19. Love everything about this outfit. I went to Office last night to longingly eye up those shoes. *sigh*
    I also have to ask – I am a TOTAL camera dumbass and would love, when I can bribe the BF to take my photo outside, to achieve that blurred background look. I know it’s got something to do with depth of field. What F stop is your camera set to? Your photos are always compelely stunning.

  20. Heloooo Queeny! The blurriness definitely have to do with Fstops, and shutterspeeds, and this always depends on light availability. So if it’s daytime, I would change to AV mode and use the lowest Fstop setting of f1/8, or if it’s dark/cloudy/indoors then I’d switch to TV mode and then set the shutterspeeds and ISO to fit the atmosphere. if you see here, you’ll see that the lower the f-stop number, the bigger the diameter of the focal length of the lens – so if you set it on the lowest it means it’ll take in the most light information. This is good in cases where you have decent sunlight, but not strong – when it’s strong the light floods the lens and it has a hard time determining the depth of field. So just remember, if the sun is strong, push up the f-stop slightly so that you narrow down the diameter.

    Usually the lens that comes as bundle with DSLRs will have the lowest f-stop of f4, which means unless you’re taking macro (closeup) pics, it’ll be quite hard to achieve the blurred bg effect. You should try looking for a lens that has the lowest f-stop of 1.4 or 1.8, then you’d get the blurred effect, and it’d be easier to take photos during the night/indoors too! Sorry for the vague explanation, I’d be happy to explain it more to you if you’d like ;) Anything for your highness :P (major suckup)

  21. Ah OK. I have mine set to the lowest which seems to be 3.4 or something. I tested it by taken photos of the BF but the background still wasn’t that blurred but the colours are waaay more vibrant, plus I can take photos in relatively dullish days and the results seem brighter.
    Thank you my dearest Shini! xx

  22. I’m glad it all went well! I think these trousers suit you like no other and the shoes! I’ve lusted after them forever, anytime I’m in Office, I fondle them with dismay.

    x x x

  23. wow wow wow wow i’m in love with your style!

  24. Samantha

    Gah you need to stop posting pictures of those shoes! They are such a tease haha. I am this close to ignoring the price and selling my kidneys so that I can get them…Anyway you look fantastic as usual :)

  25. i just dropped off a huge bag of barely wore clothes to the charity shop, it’s amazing (& kinda waste of money) how my taste changes every year…

    love the top!! the whole outfit is amazing!!

  26. I love love love this outfit! So pretty!

  27. some pigeons and squirrels must have had a good meal off of your corn flakes!

    i was amazed to hear that in korea when you move out of your apartment the moving company packs everything for you, moves it, and then unpacks for you in the new place as well! if only…… hehe

  28. I adore this!

  29. Whatever age you are, you dress exceptionally, perfectly, amazingly well! I stumbled across your blog via Bloglovin and I’m hooked! I’ve been through all your pages and I really appreciate your DIY’s!

    Please never ever stop blogging. EVER.

  30. Congrats on the move! It’s never fun, but it sounds like your experience was relatively painless. I love the outfit, you look so wonderfully dramatic in the first picture :)

  31. oh man, it sucks that moving has to be such a hassle, but at least you’ve got it over and done with now. Hope next time isn’t so bad for you!

    and I love the simplicity of this outfit. I think I may have to get a pair of pants just like those.

  32. the volume and detail of them sleeves are awesommmeeee. what a perfect action shot. i like this series of photos. your outfit + ellen’s (i assume?) skillzzz make a good blog combo!

  33. Really pretty blouse…perfect blush. I really like the structure of the pant as well.


  34. I love the second picture, your hair looks sooo great! Glad the moving is over and I hope you’ll find a great appartment ! =)

  35. do you put a vignette on your photos?

  36. I have the same problem with clothes, yet I never seem to be able to bring myself to giving them away!! There’s always this small voice in the back of my head telling me, “You never know, you might still wear that… maybe…”


  37. http:parkandcube.com/?p=1515
    I like your dress:(Do you sell it?

  38. amazing pants. you look fab!
    and i hope your arm is getting better..!!!

    have a fun friday night~

    mi ji

  39. i didn’t know that harem pants could paired with strappy shoes so perfectly, i thought that it would be over-detail-disastour. kudos to your mix and match. what are you working as (sorry for asking) till you have your whole arm numb?

    do take good care of your health as well as your body. still hope to see a pretty you in your blog. ^__^

  40. I love how you put this outfit together. It looks simply yet exciting. Oh and good luck with moving.

  41. the shoes are SUPERHERO fantastic. I adoreeeeeee. sucks because I’ve imposed a shopping ban on myself because its just getting silly how much i buy. oh well. glad to hear the move went well… i hate moving too. although i’m lucky i live in london so i spend the month leading up to the move visiting and bringing back clothes & bits and bobs from uni accomodation. i will be flat hunting this summer too! i always wondered about those man and a van things… wasn’t sure if it was just a joke haha. evidently not! xoxo

  42. This pants are wonderful.

    Love Grace.

  43. when i first looked, i was going to say your pants are amazing, then i noticed the great puff detial in your blouse as well as your lovely shoes- the whole this is grrrrreeeeeeeat ;)))

  44. loveeeee this outfit its a beautiful silhouette!!!! oh this photo with your hair is amazing!! love the movement so much!!

  45. Ooo! I love this look!! The blouse is just the perfect match to the harempants, which can be a bit tricky to find.. ;) Love the poofy sleeves!

  46. your outfi tis perfect! it has something medieval to it, i think the blouse makes me say that !

  47. Congrats on finishing moving! Lovee the outfit, especially the pants!

  48. great ensemble! what type of camera do you use?

  49. Damn girl, you got a lotta hair! (jealous)

    I like the whole Romantic Samurai thing you’ve got going. :)

  50. Those office shoes are bitchin. I love them!

    I’m new to the fashion blogging scene, check it out!


  51. I love the top. I am on a hunt for something similar and there isnt a Zara any where near me. Breaking my heart!

  52. you are totally rapunzel (forgetting the golden locks thing) with that long flowing hair and puffy romantic sleeves. love it!

  53. you’re so gorgeous… i like all asian women, you’re so exotic and sexy for me :)

  54. Glad your move went well! Oo please do let me know the number for the man & van :) I’ll once again be moving into a new place in London in a couple of months… my 4th time moving since 2007 so trust me, I feel your pain!!!

  55. harem pants FTW! XD