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Louis Vuitton SS13 at Paris Fashion Week

Stills screen-capped from official LV show stream

It’s 9:45 and I’ve already stumbled on a few stairs as I make my way up to my seat. I keep having to stop and look back to take it all in – the giant yellow checker-board (that particular yellow from the infamous 70’s smiley face) throws off any concept of scale and the backdrop of quivering mirrors makes the room seem twice longer. By the time I get to my seat I’m slightly dizzy, and hey is that cushion a yellow square too? There’s a whiff of espresso coming from down the row, and the second-hand caffeine fume gives the whole room a bit of sharpening effect. The lights dim and a tune – what I can only describe as ‘a swirly one’ (actually very appropriate with the psychedelic yellow) – awakens the escalators as the first twin plants themselves on a step. The effect is very Diane Arbus-y at first, but in time, the silhouettes and bow-finished beehives bring it all together: shagadelic sixties baby! Well, now all I can think about is Austin Powers and the Fook Mi/Fook Yu twins. A whole collection of squares, even down to the sequins, and not a single monogram in sight – I like it a lot. Plus, my OCD is pleased.  The finale is a delight – the entire collection take up the four escalator installation and glide down like show-curtains – then once the girls roll back up, Marc Jacobs sprints down an escalator dangerously quickly and I imagine what  London Underground safety announcement would be appropriate.

Many thanks to the LV team for the warm welcome!

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  1. seriously, you have the best fashion photography on the web! spent a good while oogling these shoots. :)



  2. These are the most enchanting captures of the LV show that I have seen so far, you never cease to captivate me with your photography, Shini!


  3. Helen

    @The Fancy Teacup, I completely agree! such stunning photography…

  4. beautiful post and pictures!


  5. I really love your blog! the pictures are amazing :)

  6. Shini – your blog consistently stays 1,000 steps ahead the rest. I always look forward to your coverage. What an unreal experience! Would’ve been cool if Austen Powers did show up hehe.


  7. These photos and the way they are arranged are gorgeous.

  8. wow that looked like such an epic show, definitely pushing the limits to what designers can showcase during fashion week! love the use of escalators and vibrant colors. just brilliant!

  9. I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite ‘digging’ the collection at the time (do I get points for the word use?) but it’s growing on me… slowly.

  10. what a gorgeous event! you’ve captured the bigness and excitement of it all and i seriously felt — at least for a brief moment — that i was there. your writing is a delight to read!

  11. Great collection! I like these all photos!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  12. this really looked amazing.

    great snaps!


  13. love this post, the pictures are amazing and the show looks great


  14. what a great idea for a location and for a show!
    you captured the show in a great way!

  15. You give us such a unique insight into the shows! It’s way more interesting looking at them through your lens as opposed to the lens of every photographer scrabbling away in the pit, trying to get the ‘perfect shot’.

  16. Spectacular! What an innovative concept for a show. I’m liking the mod revival too :)

  17. Breathtaking captures, you have such a great eye for photography. <3


  18. Such stunning photography, the show looks amazing wish I could have been there!

  19. These shots are absolutely beautiful!



  20. Beautiful photos Shini and such a great description of the show. It looks so cool how the models walked out two at a time. I love ittttt. xx

  21. Oooh, that’s gorgeous! This fashion show seemed to be really interesting and I’m very jealous that I can’t visit that show for real!

  22. Wow, you got wonderful photos of what appears to have been a really great show. love the clothes and those escalators!

  23. Gesa

    wow! love your photos (and the show) – it’s really for moments as if you’re in it!

  24. I love your photography so much!

  25. beautiful photos! i love this collection, so inspiring!

  26. Oh may, what a great opportunity for you to be invited to the LV show! Actually it also remind of the collection of Marc Jacobs back in New York during NYFW. I think Mister Jacobs was in a 70’s atmosphere and was caught up by blocks, stripes and black, white, yellow and everything in between. I must say, you also have the best pictures and it almost feels like I was there too…

    With Love,


  27. gorgeous photos!


  28. amazing show!

  29. STUNNED. the images you captured are breathtaking… plus the fact that you were able to be there in person and experience this amazing show is just… cray. thanks for sharing!

  30. This looks insane! I can’t imagine even taking it all in – it certainly was the show stopper of Paris Fashion Week!

  31. Wow, what an elaborate runway! But as if you’d expect anything less from louis vuitton.

  32. I love how the runway was setup, definitely something new from the normal runway set. The clothes remind me of the mod area, Im guessing print and pattern really make a statement

  33. ayy_ayy

    wow, so unique.


  34. Great capture of the LV show. I love how the runway was set up, so original and a feast for the eye.

  35. Photos really are beautiful, but not yet convinced on the collection x

  36. The photo are really stunning I am so jealous
    Cammi @ Cammilicious.com

  37. Looks like it was a wonderful show! Cool designs, some not so werable others very!

  38. Hyundai Roth

    신영아, 파리에오면들러라,꼭오옥.10월에 보았으면 좋았을텐데.
    건강조심하고……하영보미도 보고싶다.신이언니

  39. 집사님~~ 조만간 파리들어갈것같읃네 그때 연락드릴게요 – 10월말이랑 11월초에 잠깐 들릴텐데 그때 보미랑 하영이랑 다 같이 봤으면 좋겠어요!
    날씨 많이 추워지는데 건강조심하세요!

  40. magnifiques photos !!

  41. These photos could not be more beautiful if you tried! Everything is absolutely stunning. This post made me feel like I was there!


  42. WOW, Excited to find those beauty. Brilliant Party Dress

  43. I absolutely love this post! Loved the way it was written, as I felt as if I was there too! :)

  44. I absolutely love your website!!! You have great posts and pictures.

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  46. This is so unique! Would be awesome to see a fashion show from an escalator!