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Uniqlooks September: One item, three looks – UU Bulky fleece jacket

Look 1: Bulky fleece Jacket – Uniqlo. Purple shirt – Uniqlo. Pants – ASOS White. Shoes – Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective. Bag – JHYoo
Look 2: Bulky fleece Jacket – Uniqlo. Silk top – Partimi. Jeans – James Jeans. Shoes – Isabel Marant. Bag – Kurt Geiger . Watch – Casio
Look 3 Bulky fleece Jacket – Uniqlo. Fleece shirt – Mens’ Uniqlo. Skull-lace skirt – Gmarket. Boots-sies – old season Patrizia Pepe. Clutch – Chanel. Belt – JHYoo

As I was piecing together this month’s Uniqlooks I couldn’t help but notice – 2012 is one year gone with haste – can you believe October is at the doorstep with Winter padding towards the lawn? And here I am, still waiting for that summer to happen (It RSVPed, what was THAT about). I’m going to do the usual description of this month’s Uniqlooks hero item I chose (I purchase these items monthly, just to be clear), and say it’s been my second skin. And this time, believe it or not, the arrow is fluttering closer to ZERO/SOMEWHAT TRUE on the Blogger-Exaggeratometer because ever since LFW ended I’ve been working non-stop and also managed to catch something so basically I’ve lived in this purple fluffy thing while either sipping criminal dose of coffee or later, popping antibiotics like they were skittles. In fact, Look #2 is what I’d choose to wear if I had one out for the rest of my life; too bad I’ve also been near-stationary in a chair for a month eating junk so I will soon out-fat those skinny James Jeans and grow exactly into the shape of the purple jacket. I’m in shape. Round is a shape.

Thank you to hubby & Kit for helping with the various photos.

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  1. Never would have thought myself to be drawn to that kind of sweater. But every quality that should repel me are only enticing my interest. You’ve made it look so entirely sexy. (Those Patrizia Pepe boots are to die for!) Even if you claim otherwise.

    And I’m with you–I’m far too quickly displaced by this year.

  2. ahahaha so silly. round is indeed a shape.
    that fuzzy coat looks like the perfect cool outerwear to hide and nestle in.
    and for sheeeez! 2012 has seriously flown by so quick!
    ps. love how each look has its own style, but each one with a shini-flair.

  3. Love the shoes!


  4. You look fantastic here. Didn’t know the bulky coat could look so attractive!

  5. stunning shoes!


  6. that’s funny, Inever noticed this jacket at uniqlo. It works perfectly on you!
    and I love the matching purple shirt. I think I’m going to make at little visit at uniqlo next week!!!

  7. your blog is so cool! i love this coat!

    xoxo from rome

  8. love that fleece jacket in all possible variations. the colour is awesome


  9. Love the second look!


  10. All great looks! You styled the jacket so well!

  11. After seeing this coat on you I really REALLY want one. It looks so snuggly. Definitely perfect for autumn.

    p.s. those cut out boots are hottttt. xx

  12. That burgundy color is so stunning,you look gorgeous !

  13. I love these looks! First one is amazing


  14. B.

    It’s really inspiring to see that many, very different looks with one jacket.
    Looks great !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  15. Those boots are insane, you wear them so well! I love that colour on you too, it’s so jewel like and is so perfect with your skin and hair.

  16. Love your coat!

    Théa Unknown

  17. That cozy jacket is such a perfect color- love how versatile you made it!


  18. oh oh I love burgundy!!!!

  19. Amazing fleece jacket! I like this color!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  20. omigod. i want that comfy fleecy jacket. want.

  21. Look 2 is definitely my fave as well!! Just love the printed top that you’ve worn it with and the jacket looks so soft and snuggly, I would definitely find it hard to not spend rest of AW in it! and aaaarrrgh october tomorrow,

  22. I really love all of these looks. absolutely amazing. That jacket is awesome too and the shoes and bags. love it


  23. Love the purple jacket, goes great with everything.


  24. Helen

    hahah the last line made me laugh:)

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  26. You look awesome! And I do not think that you’re “out of shape” :-)

  27. the coat looks warm and fuzzy…and it’s the right kind of non-barney purple. hopefully the fleece is as soft as it looks.

  28. ooh i am kind of digging the strange shape of this fuzzy number.. love the way you’ve styled it – first one with the aw heels is my fave.. and the teal just sets it off doesn’t it! and those patrizia pepe boot things are off the charts!

  29. I would’ve never thought that a purple coat could be this versatile. I like how you tried different looks – both smart and casual. These days, I rarely get something I can only wear once or twice but I like each piece to be versatile and can be easily matched with the rest of my wardrobe.

  30. Those bootsies are out of this world!! And you pair it so amazingly..it almost feels normal!

  31. You look amazing!

    GIVEAWAY – http://biskvittka.blogspot.com/2012/10/giveaway.html

  32. Hi!
    I have a semi-technical question about your pictures, I hope you’ll find the time to answer me :)
    I’ve noticed that in your photos whites are really white and blacks are really black (if this does make any sense), while when I take pictures, I always get yellow-ish and grey-ish undertones. So, how do you get this flawless, neat and correctly-white-balanced finish in your photos? Is it the camera that you have, the lens, or some kind of post-production?
    Thank you in advance, and I really love your sense of style :)

  33. Love all ! Nice ^^

  34. The jacket is just amazing and fits with many outfits. It looks great with the leopard bag !

  35. The set is perfect !

  36. so beautiful , i like this.

  37. I love your blog very much!!! Kisses. Susana


  38. Love this! The Alexander Wang shoes are stunning.

  39. Love the animal print bag, so chic.

  40. I adore the way you style, the shoes really give your looks a kick;)


  41. Hi there! Love your Uniqlooks! You have such an awesome eye for style!

    Great post!

    ~ Tasha

  42. Perfect look !

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