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All photos from Ana Locking online press room

Jaw-dropping doesn’t even start to describe Ana Locking’s AW10 collection. This paint bomb landed in my inbox and it was one of those situations where instead cleaning it up, you start messing with the colours and eventually end up smearing it all over yourself. It’s just so hard to get paint off of you though, isn’t it? The collection made such a strong impression on me that now I’m determined to embrace a more exotic Winter look this year. (Not in the sense of here comes the sun, global warming, obviously) I don’t know if this also makes you groan in agony, but the wedges are apparantly coming to store soon.

I’m going to whisper to the wind, “I’m a size 39…”

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  1. Is * la 5th con Bleecker st.

    wow! this spanish designer is amazing


    I’ll whisper with you
    size 36………or 35? I should find out.

  3. lov ethe colours and the mood…your pics are really so great too



  5. hey can i ask what camera u use normally? thank you :) x

  6. Cher


  7. Kyudane

    Such colorful beautiful photos Shini!!!!!!!!! <33

  8. both of these wedges are amazing

  9. Wow! Explosion of colors. I’m in love!

    And I’m a size .. 40 .. it’s worst ha ha ha !!



  10. Wow. I love that colorful print. And those wedges are too beautiful.

  11. It’s Canon 400D!

  12. OMG I luuuurve the bright clashing-colour dresses and the wedges too. Erm my feet is 38.5 but I wear a 39…..gimme gimmme.

  13. I love these shoes

  14. OMG, I fell in love with the shoes on the left… ;) Amazing!

  15. oh i fall in love!

  16. I love the paintsplatts, but I’m not really feeling the whole look together. Its wayy too ‘fashion’ and needs toned down a lot. If I saw someone dressed like this one the street I have to be honest and say I would probably just laugh – a lot.


  17. hahaa true, you’re right. But you have to remember this is a designer collection, not a styling session ;) I’d say something similar to not wearing Viktor & Rolf pieces straight off the catwalk :P

  18. woah print madness. in a good way.

  19. that red and black jacket is delicious. totally lusting it!


  20. Wow these are so incredible! These colors could give an epileptic a seizure! So amazing! Andd I want both pairs of those shoes!

  21. Wow, I love the contrasting straps! These shoes remind me of the Rag & Bone wedges!


  22. WOW!

    btw check out my new post with short movies from Dior and LV and let me know what you think!



  23. Loving all of those strong red lips. xx

  24. There really are no words..

    Love Grace.

  25. WOOOOOOOUH! shit .. this is superawesome. I am not the color type aswell .. i mean bright colors but this is soooo good!

  26. Jason

    Love the style, will buy one for my wife too…


  27. TOO. GOOD. I need to see more of this!

  28. Stunning pieces. the colors are amazing!

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  30. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers drooling over those wedges and I must say I can be added to the list. Someone sign me up! Just show me where and I’ll sell my soul! Hmm.

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  32. Love the structured style! Sometimes I get the desire to wear these clothing onto the street but I don’t have anything like it and this is not read to wear…