I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

What you’ll need: Lace body (or lace leggings, lace anything really), Safety pins (I used 19mm, brass, Quantity: 140ish), minimum 8m of ribbon, Dressmaking pins

Position and pin a desired shape of ribbon bulk on the lace piece.

Replace with safety pins

Draw out ribbon and measure by touching on all safety pin points, leaving 5 inches at both ends

Lace it up like you would do with shoes

Lace body – Topshop, Floral Ribbon – Liberty’s, Safety Pins – Ebay

You won’t need a dressmaking dummy to do this – lay it out flat on your bed and do the pinning. Of course you could pin while wearing it if you like that kind of thing (no judgement) but it might hurt. I’m just saying.

I wouldn’t wash the safety pins – remove them, hand wash the body accordingly, then re-apply!

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  1. LOVE that blazer!! And what a fantastic DIY. Need to attempt something like this myself.

  2. Impressive DIY! Is that the roll of ribbon you’d spent £80 on? :S :S :S $$$$$££££££
    I gotta give you my unused bag of old spikes when I see you next.

    Peace Out!

  3. £80?? NOoooo, that was for 30m of ribbon for my school project!! This ribbon spool only cost about £5 I think :P

  4. Woahhhh £5 is cheapie!!!!!

  5. Wow amazing DIY, i had no idea you made it, how clever !! Thank you for your lovely comment ! Next blogger meet up we”ll make sure we get to talk properly !

  6. I love your jacker and great DIY

  7. That’s adorable. I really like the DIY … now to find a bodysuit! Hahaha

  8. Such a cool idea, what was your inspiration? Not really seen anything like this before; going to head to Liberty as soon as I get back!

  9. First I thought it just popped into my head but after checking my DIY inspiration folder I found it was this image http://goo.gl/TThP that inspired me! :D No idea who the designer is though, so dumb for not saving it…

  10. Oh my gosh Shini, its gorgeous. Christian Lacroix would be so proud!

  11. OOoo is it similar to something Christian Lacroix designed in the past? I’d love to know!

  12. Well, the haute-couture shows are always full of french theatrical influences and corsets everywhere. Check out the spring 2003 HC show, its full of florals and the tights are similar. Look at the dress right before the last piece in the show. ;)

  13. wow, this is really neat! i’m definitely trying this out!


  14. I always, always love your DIYs. I must visit the DIY part of your brain some time and get a private tour.

  15. Oh goodness I love the blazer! Where ever do you find such wonderful blazers?!

    I’m beginning to realize what a brilliant idea body suits really are. No more shall we have to make sure the shirt is actually staying tucked into the pants! Wonderful!


  16. Oh wow. This is SO cool!! <3

  17. Is * La 5th con Bleecker st.

    you did it? I love it! kisses

  18. Shini you’re so great with the DIYs! Love it!!!!

  19. I love that stripey blazer you’re wearing in the first few pictures
    and that DIY is crrrazy
    Holly x

  20. shini this is amazing. and so funny because it totally thought you had actually laced it THROUGH the lace of the body not just the safety pins. haha. it really did look incredible on you! xx

  21. WOW!!! LOVE this DIY idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. very creative DIY :)

  23. I was hoping this would be the next DIY when I saw all the pics of the blogger meetup. Thank you very inspired, and not too hard to do. what made you think of it?

  24. Owh I dunno! At the time I thought it’d just popped into my mind but I think it was this http://goo.gl/TThP image that inspired me after I checked my DIY inspiration folder! I don’t actually know who designed this, I’m ashamed!

  25. This is fab – I love the effect of the ribbon and metal with the lace. Gorgeous, and so easy too!

    I found your blog through Carrie at wishwishwish – hello! :)

  26. This is absolutely beautiful! xx

  27. awesome DIY! and i love your jackett


  29. HM.

  30. lol.

    Lovely DIY, Shini — as usual. Thanks for sharing with the unwashed masses ;)

  31. Kyudane

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! B E A UTIFUL post! You are soooooooooo talented it’s ridiculous.. Love you!!

  32. Love the switch in nail colour halfway through ;)


  33. Great blazer! Impressive DIY!
    – Adele

  34. lovely idea! i love your blazor :)

  35. gorgeous idea!! i am totally going to do my own now! and that blazer is beautiful also


  36. That looks so great!


  37. wow very creative, love your idea, it will be great if do more diy for us! everyone loves it!



  39. i love your blazer so much! so so much! this DIY is amazing :) you have such great ideas, all the time…

  40. Oh, that’s marvelous! And it really wouldn’t have to be a lace garment, I bet. I have a black turtleneck bodysuit that I bet would be great done this way.

    Oh, and love the blazer!

  41. Hi from Glasgow. Wow – this is just exquisite! You are so talented. Great blog – glad I found you. Will follow you. xx

  42. Hi Shini
    This is a great lil’ DIY. I’ve been lurking for a while, started following your shenanigans due to the DIY goodness. Thanks for sharing this, I’m definitely gonna try this one out
    Nats x

  43. Solid gold! I love the ribbon, it looks well expensive and delicious. The blazer is a total winner too!

  44. That jacket is AWESOME. Oh and how do you have the patience to do great projects like this? I can barely survive cutting my pants into shorts.

  45. Hey Jon, no patience at all, hence the change in nail colours – took more than 3 gos tbh. I’d love to see what you cut hehe

  46. great DIY work, i love it!

  47. Oh I love that pinstriped jacket on you. That DIY looks awesome!

  48. amazing!!! going to try it myself

  49. So lovely. Really lovely.


  50. Shini this is amazing! I love your DIYs ever so much <3

    Miss B xx


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  52. ++f+

    cool. i’m only concerned the lace garment would be ruined. i like the lace bodysuit lots.

  53. Okay I can just about imagine 10 girls right now repeating what you just did in this DIY, its such a neat idea and you look great in the final pictures. I like that you posted the finished product FIRST and then showed us the process!!

  54. Great ideat, so cool!!! find more cheap and stylish clothes in this amazing online shop. Congratulations.

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  56. […] Here’s a DIY corset you can make without knowing how to do a single stitch! (Park and Cube) […]

  57. this is brilliant x

  58. great outfits! i love it.

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  60. your diy ideas are just awesome! the next genial job

  61. Shini님 DIY는 항상 너무 재밌어요. 이렇게 나눠줘서 고마워요! :)

  62. This is amazingly gorgeous

  63. wow! I recently found your blog and I have to tell you that i love all your DIY-s…I will definetely try out this one :)

  64. Você inventa demais!
    Muito bom! Adoro!

  65. Aww these images are so lovely, your such a great photographer, and DIY-er and just all round lovely. Your extremly special.

    I drew a picture of you from the other day with the squirrel. as it was so cute….’squirrels can kill you’


    Love x

  66. I love the diy it is so inventive and cool it’s fabulous!!!

  67. just a wee bit ;)

  68. I love the way you laid this post out! It so perfectly explains how to do it, and it’s beautiful photos. Note the way your nail polish changes colour. And the way you’ve made the top shots kind of tinted.. that’s what I’ve been doing with some of the shots, too: under saturating some, and over saturating others. There was something about the light that day, and just the sheer wonderfulness of it.. it really felt like we were living a memory, or a dream.

    Your jacket was especially evocative and slightly surreal: I can’t really explain. It just felt like something I’ve seen somewhere.. and that scallop hem!! Amazing.

    I really want to post about the squirrel and the pigeons. Do you know I went back and got a perfect photo on that same bench, of what I think was ‘the’ squirrel? Who was it who said they can kill you? Or did I dream that?

  69. Haha did you really go back for ‘the’ squirrel”? I actually didn’t say squirrels can kill you, i do remember someone yelling that at some point and I think it was Kit actually! You’re right, something about the day makes a vintage effect look really great on the photos… can’t wait to see yours!

  70. super nice! my mind races and thanks you for the inspiration.

  71. Wow! that’s an great DIY project and it looks so pretty and effortless! =)

  72. Love your DIY projects! It’s amazing how creative your ideas are:)

  73. Amazing idea! I never liked white bodies before but now I have a new outlook on them! Love it! x

  74. I love love love the ribbon body! What a great idea! The outfit altogether is beautiful too :)

    Sarah x

  75. It turned out beautifully! Such a good idea!


  76. Omg!! This is such an amazing idea!! i think i am gonna try this!!

  77. Albertine

    I will so do this with one of my old lace clothing!

  78. Awesome! I know it looks simple enough to do but I doubt I’d be able to pull this one off, much less pull off wearing it. Love the idea though. :P

  79. I like the new layout, very nice, clean as usual! Thanks for the tutorial, definitely going to check out my own version :D

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  81. Wow! it’s cute Shini! thanks for the share:)

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  85. Hi :-) I’m korean. Are you korean too?
    Nice to meet you. I didn’t know you are korean. You are really great
    Also Excellent fashion sense I like it.