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United Nude London flagship store in Covent Garden

In 2002 I used to play the Sims so much that whenever in real life I’d walk into a room and forget why I went there in the first place, I’d think HEY SOMEONE DELETED MY ACTION… then I’d go kick the gnome in the yard before having a shower that leaked water everywhere. I disgress, wait I forgot what I wanted to say. HEY SOMEONE DELETED MY BRAIN. Ah yes. The other day I dropped by the new United Nude flagship store in Covent Garden – I had to gasp at the sight of the darkest shop interior I’ve seen, lit only in the boxes of the Wall of Light. Every few minutes a streak of colour would run through the wall and you couldn’t help but think that they could throw one heck of a party in here. The Lo-Res project is what tickled my fancy most though, as you can tell by the Sims reference – not that it’s comparable, really. The concept is that surface information, or ‘resolution’ is deducted from a 3D model, to build abstract low-poly models of an ordinary object. Brilliant really, I’d like to see others be more experimentative with everyday objects like the United Nude team. The pink Low-Res mary janes is probably why my Sim keeps disappearing in the night dressed as a criminal.

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  1. Holy moly. That may be the smartest thing I’ve seen in fashion this year! Incredible innovation and such a simply concept! Can’t wait for the public to get on board with this one! Totally brilliant!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. The store is exceptionally well designed. It’s absolutely incredible in showcasing the shows and I totally know what you mean by Sims.

  3. Canary

    The atmosphere somehow reminds me of Tron.. and I loved Tron! :) Nice photos!

  4. Waldorf

    Just checked their website and my my my, their ‘stealth hat’ looks desirable!

  5. Love the interior design, and obviously the shoes’ designs as well!


  6. i want to eat those shoes!


  7. This looks absolutely amazing, and I love the Sims reference! The deleted action thing is so funny!

  8. Hahaha u r always so witty funny!!! Hope that they would take up ur idea and throw a crazy party there!!! That would be so rad!!


  9. I so out of words right now….

  10. soooooooooooo rad!


  11. Yoshi

    You always take such beautiful photos of shoes…
    Just yesterday I was remembering how, for a few weeks after I first bought The Sims, I felt sad when I thought that the only reason I did anything enjoyable was to fill up my personal ‘Fun’ bar.

  12. WOW!
    Incredible shoes!!!!

  13. wow! i’ve got to go check this store out.

  14. I’m in the most boring class at University right now & I am so happily distracted by these pictures. I am dying at the sight of the black strappy shoes!

    This place is a must go to for me, asap!

    Thank you so much for posting



  15. Genius! You think you’ve seen everything in fashion, then someone throws a curveball in the mix!


  16. ummm, all i can say is … WOOWWw

  17. This store is epic.

    The concept of this store is so innovative. and the idea of 3D is so unique.

  18. Absolutely absolutely gorgeous place. I’d kill to be in there, these pictures made my heart skip a beat!


  19. Whoa! Such an awsome place!!

    Love from Seoul,

  20. OMG! this store is AMAZING!

  21. Shini, did you manage to splurge on any of the shoes? perhaps the pink ones ?!
    They remind me of lego blocks which I used to love as a child. Love how daring and different it is, while screaming femme fatale.

    I started following you on bloglovin recently. If you have time, would love for you to visit my blog :-)


  22. Oh great! Now I don’t want to work and I want to go there! I have so many pairs of shoes and it seems that it’s never enough, especially when I see pictures like this ;) But even the Sims have to pay bills… I can’t remember if you could just delete the mail box? Hahaha old memories!
    I would really like if you’d take a look at our latest ‘Meet the Interns’ Post. Its gonna be a new feature for the blog on intern work day style. Let us know what you think!

  23. Wow this is a brilliant idea, so different and clean.

    Loving the sims reference!

  24. I’m DYING to visit this store!

    And I was addicted to The Sims :) I had a dream once that I had the floaty green/red diamond thing over my head…

  25. Incredible images! I’m going to be in London in a few weeks and I’m adding this on my to-go list!

  26. *SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Just fainted at the sight of some many nice shoesssssssssss.They isn’t (as far as i know) shops like that in m’sia *cries a sea*

  27. I think I just died and went to shoe heaven after seeing the interior of the United Nude flagship store. Shoe galore.

    ♥, Jamie

  28. That’s WONDERLAND!!!!

  29. I came across the United Nude shoes here in Vienna a few months ago and still am in love with them. i like the architecture of these shoes and colours… look perfect and the pair I tried on was also comfy. Why didn’t I buy them…? I don’t know but definitely by the end of this year I will have had a pair in the closet! your pics are the perfect persuasion technique

  30. wow, this looks like a museum. & it’s so funny that you mentioned the sims because i had a dream about that game last night!

  31. omg this is absolutely ridiculous. i loooooooove this and it is so reminiscent of the sims, you’re right.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  32. that store looks amazing, but more amazing the shoes they sell… i am in love!
    My Fashion Bug

  33. ooo. this is how heaven looks like, isn’t it?

  34. ahhhh… that shoes look lovely on your feet! :)

  35. WOAH is this heaven?

  36. Oh Shini, your photos are always so beautiful. It’s like giant shoe candy store! Imagine if that was your closet.
    I was so addicted to the Sims and Sim City. Even now when I see skyscrapers I still imagine plotting out my land for commercial vs. industrial vs. residential .. :X so geeeky

  37. Thanks for infor, in semptember when i visit London, have to visit UN store, shoes look ahmzing!!!


  38. these shoes are incredible! I dig the whole nod to architecture thing they have going on in their designs, and that heel/wedge/whatever that looks like it’s made out of steel beams is amazing!

  39. united nude at its best. we have 2 shops here in zagreb. like the architecture feel to them. one of the creators is kohlhaas

  40. Uhhh… this is freaking awesome. It doesn’t even look real. It looks like some sort of space-aged shoe heaven. Please beam me up, Shini. I’m ready to be teleported there. The shoes are insanely gorgeous. Definitely going to make a stop there as soon as possible! p.s. LOVE THE HAT!! xx

  41. wish I was there!! amazing pictures..as always ;)


  42. Woow, what an amazing place!!! Love the hats.

  43. haha quirky idea! nice ;) lol, and nice pictures as always

  44. Amazing!


  45. that’s a heavenly place

  46. Sev

    Shini, where are your boots from?



  47. From Topshop!

  48. That shop & display is just perfect! The only question – are the pixel shoes comfortable? I usually go for their more regular shoes.

  49. amazing space! xx


  50. I’ve been drooling over the Lo Res shoes & hats for months on their website – I’d love to see them in the flesh some time, you lucky thing. Oh well, your brilliant photos will have to do for now!

  51. BoYa19

    Woohooo… Just checking out iris van herpen and checking out ur blog..

    Love those shoes too! :D

  52. WOW!! I would forget what I was thinking about/my brain walking into that room!

  53. Great post and amazing blog!



  55. I am a Sim’s lover too! Thank goodness that we don’t run arround doing nothing while our houses burn down. I lost so many stoves that way.

  56. this is the most delicious post of all time…


  57. This is the neatest thing I have ever seen! Looks unreal…


  58. Looks like geometric heaven!

    strawberry freckleface

  59. these are pieces of art !! beautiful to watch, but I wouldn’t wear any of these shoes;))
    lucky you!!

  60. Haha honestly speaking, me neither, maybe save for one or two pairs… I feel that they’re too novelty at times, hard to get attached to…

  61. SHOOOOOOOOOOES. That is all.

  62. that’s super interesting! I’m going to check the low res website

  63. incredible place!!!

  64. OMG! thosee shoeees are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I want them ALL!!!!

    Amazing post!!!


    XX by http://udontthinktwice.blogspot.com/

  65. Cool pictures! The pink shoes remind me of Barbie.. (a very futuristic one!) x

  66. […] I wonder if United Nude would let me live in their new London store. […]

  67. I am pretty sure to me shoe paradise will look something like this. This concept store is simply breathtaking!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!



  68. OMG I love United Nude so much, especially the Lo Res pump. Sadly, I don’t yet own them, but I will. Soon. Beautiful images, well done, thanks for sharing for those of us who are Europe-impaired :)

  69. […] En esta tienda de United Nude el zapato es el verdadero protagonista. Más fotos aquí. […]

  70. this looks like shoe heaven! i love your gem inspired shoes.

  71. The flowers are very beautiful. ^ ^

  72. wow! I love United nude!

  73. really heart for those shoes. if i am there. i think i already in heaven

  74. AAAA!!! Just this… Oh! This is the end of the world?! Tottaly amazing

  75. Oh wow! Now that’s a sight for sore eyes. Impeccably displayed shoes always warms my heart a bit….along with Sims references :)

  76. Sarah

    That is so cool!
    I love how they display all those shoes in the wall, looks so neat! <3

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