I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Shirt, Shorts, Bag – Uniqlo, Shoes – Topshop, Watch – Casio, Bracelet (right arm) – both COS, Bracelets (left arm) – mix of DIY, Kellu Melu, H&M

World, meet my new bicycle, CW, or China Woman. The first day I rode it out some idiot in a run-down car drove up to me and yelled TAKE IT EASY CHINA WOMAN. Who, me? Since I’m not Chinese I assumed he knew something I didn’t know so I started calling my bike that. So World, my China Woman and I go fast & slow on the bus lane and sometimes through very narrow alleys. Man… had to go to Thesaurus.com to find child-friendly words for that dirty line, are you happy, parents? Too bad though, because I’m going to woo-hoo with my new favourite shoes tonight. (IT’S OK BECAUSE I’M MARRIED TO IT.)

Thank you Alice (of Alicepoint) for helping with the photos and the lovely brunch!
This is also the first instalment of Uniqlooks for August.

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  1. Awesome! You look amazing…



    I like your shoes :) (a lot)


  3. Wow Shini, we rarely get to see you in something so blinged out and feminine…those pumps are so perfectly delicate, I love how you styled them with down home denim and shorts! Looks like the perfect day to go cruising around town!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. wooow, you can bike while wearing high heels? damn! I would never managed that, or maybe that is because i never wear heels. haha

  5. greeeeat pictures! love them! :)

  6. hehe you guys are matching! funny story, ugh people are kinda dumb.

  7. So amazing, you just never stop being awesome, do you?


  8. what a dummy of a man! but you did a nice job of handling that situation, and your bike + shoes are both beauties

  9. i love your bike and the basket and your fluffy yellow basket. and your shoes are so cute they look like cinderella glass slippers.

  10. I love that you named your bike! Too bad it had to come from an ignorant person!

  11. hey “china woman”! your heels are too cute! and it’s cool to see Alice on your blog . I wish I was in London!!

  12. sigh

    Not all fat Caucasians are Americans! jesus.

  13. RIGHT?

  14. looks super yum!! i love these photographs and i love when you post. always so refreshing.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  15. cute shoes!


  16. I love the name and the story behind it. People yell all sorts of random gibberish to cyclists… frustrating and funny at the same time. Love the shoes!


  17. gorgeous photos x

  18. HAHA… Totally LMAO about China Woman. My bike’s name is Elvis. Perhaps they should meet! LOL.

    Cycling in heels… RESPECT.


  19. AHAHAHAHAH oh gosh I love how you turn that nasty situation into a name for your bike. if that were to happen to me I think I would’ve cursed the face off of that idiot! even though I’m Chinese. for PC’s sake, I’m going to call you bike CW. ;D

    I LURVE YOUR SHOES. British high street stuff always seem so much more durable than American high street stuff. if you can even call Forever 21 high street………….

  20. I’d say it’s the difference where they make the shoes – I noticed Asian made shoes are REALLY bad, thats why I never buy shoes from Korea…

  21. Lovely bike!

  22. Can you one day take a picture of you wearing that yellow backpack on your back? I would like to see how it looks on you before actually having to enter a uniqlo to see for myself. Wow. Do i sound lazy or what? LOL

  23. Sure thingggg, I wish they still sell this, I should’ve bought one in every colour, and they were only £9, GAR REGRETTING

  24. adore your bike and love those shoes!!^^

  25. Love your sense of humor!
    Can you please please do a post about things you like to do while you are in England? I’m going there and a few months; I’m a longtime follower of your blog and I’d love to hear the things you like to do best in London!


  26. I’ll try to do one like that! xx

  27. @Shini, I can’t wait! Thanks!

  28. Ah assuming that you’re chinese just because you’re asian..it happens so often!

  29. Aimy

    Uh oh, you’re fueling my desire for a bicycle 0: Except I have no money and nowhere to ride to except the fridge..

  30. HAHAHAH good one

  31. That is so amusing how the title of the bicycle came about. It’s a darling mode of transportation, and totally enthralled with your latest metallic bow-topped heels, too.

    ♥, Jamie

  32. Love the shoes – went online and purchased them … perfect travel hoes go with everything!!! Love!!!!

  33. I’m obsessed with your heels. They look so pretty on the bike.

  34. I really like the way you dress. Simple but cool.

    p.s. I want a bicycle!

    p.s. Hey China Woman, I am a real Chinese.

  35. Are you talking to my lovely bicycle? She says hi too! :D

  36. …..awesome!! :)….that basket is the icing on the cake.

  37. love the lipstick in the second photo. the whole photo looks so down-to-earth.
    the bike is awesome. ilike.


  38. Your lovely new bike reminds me of how falling apart mine is! You look really cool here, love the simpleness of the shorts and shirt… I always wonder what the hell to wear in the summer. Inspiring :)

  39. haha i love the name, obviously that guy was one step ahead of you, eh? love your bracelets too

  40. Tatiana

    I wish I could look so stunning on my bike! I just bought a helmet in which I look like an idiot but the guy in a bike shop told me it could save my life. So make sure you’re safe on your bike too.
    Anyway, how do you prevent your butt from hurting as hell? Do you have a special saddle?

  41. Haha I’m sure you don’t look like an idiot, I look like one though, hence the absence of one…
    I tend to not wear one when I’m going short distances or when it’s way too hot… but yeah I really should be wearing one huh.
    I hear the saddle on my bike is made to be comfortable (I didn’t make the choice), but it’s slim and has a hole in the back. Contrary to popular belief, apparently slimmer seats are more comfortable for ride! (I always wanted a big cushioned one…)

  42. I love your elegant and classy look.
    Your blog is one of my fav at the moment.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  43. Fiona

    Won’t you be so lovely and introduce CW to us? its make/gears/etc :-D

    bike geek

  44. Sure! It’s this one here, http://goo.gl/pyhQm the Ladies version

  45. Hello! Finally you bought a bike from the Chinese Bike-away Shop! I’m on a hunt for foldable bike…..I REALLY WANT A SINCLAIR!!!!!

  46. Hi Shini – I’m a longtime reader, 1st time commenter. Just wanted to let you know that this post, for some reason, is one of my favorites. The colors, vibe and of course, the shoes(!) and bike – just killer! Keep up the wonderful work and feel free to swing by my site sometime! :)

    /Hana in New York

  47. Love those silver shoes!!


  48. Your new bike is gorgeous! I love it Shini! Also you look shemxy in those sorts and silver shoes! You are sooo addicted! Beautiful photos! Especially love the last one! xx

  49. nice heels CW !

  50. I love your Bag, i love your shoes! I love everything that you wore! :)

  51. oh god!! that ignorant idiot!! But got a name for your bike nontheless :D Love those silvery shoes of yours…so fitting for the bike somehow hehee…
    Go china woman!!

  52. Cat

    Hahaha I can’t believe that happened! So so funny.

    p.s. Your hair looks fantabulous


  53. Because we East Asian women all look alike right?

    I love the outfit so much! I want shiny everyday heels like that.

  54. I’m impressed you managed to ride the bike in those shoes!!


  55. Beautiful bike, beautiful shoes! Weird driver…

  56. Your bike is OM NOM NOM. Please don’t tell me you honestly cycle in those heels. They’re going to get covered in London road grime if you do, or fall off when you’re pushing off from the traffic lights. Because you don’t look like a red light jumper.

  57. you look lovely, as usual! i love that you keep your fashion blog very human and un-barbie like… thank you for this :)


  58. I feel your pain! (or annoyance, or confusion..whichever) I too am a be-cycled woman who often hears strange things yelled at me while out and about on my bike (which actually is yet to be named!) most common is ‘ni hao’ which is rather confusing as I don’t speak chinese and live in England, I fail to understand how people come to the decision of my ‘mother tongue’ with out even speaking to me…strange, not to mention rude!!! Maybe, ‘Ni hao’ is the name of my bike?!
    Love your blog, by the way, you have a great syle!

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  60. L

    i love how you take a rude comment and turn it into something funny and show us a really nice way to deal with and handle things. you yellow furry bag is amazing and so are you!

  61. I’m so in love with those shoes!!! You look lovely!!


  62. “china woman” just killed me so thanks to that idiot for making me laugh!

  63. Is it pathetic that I get all of your Sims jokes? I don’t care! You’re hilarious. Hope you and CW have a long and happy life together, riding all over London town. :)

  64. Love the denim shirt and the way you styled it

    XO Charlotte

  65. very tasty! bike, shoes, bag, berries…

  66. I love your bracelets! so cute.

  67. LOL @ the china woman thing. Nice way to rise above no one will ever confused you and your bike. Hot shoes!


  68. haha China Woman:P Stunning Bike! :D And Bon Apettite with Alice on brunch:P
    Lovely as always…I mean Your site:)



  69. Rach

    Hi shini! I really love the shoes and would like to get it. But need to enquire about it’s size. I’m a uk37. Is the fit just right?

    Thank you :)

  70. I’m a 38.5 so I had to get a 39, it’s slightly loose, so if I were a true 39 then I believe it would’ve fit me perfectly! the sizing seems to be accurate!

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  73. Great photos! <3 love bike!

  74. Wow the shoes are just amazing, give the whole look a great touch!!


  75. OMG the more a look at your pictures the more I like them! I’m following now.
    And very nice look, a bit casual but the heels is a plus.


  76. Amy

    What make is your bike?

  77. Ooh it’s a Women’s Globe Daily 1 I believe!

  78. […] a few things that’s become my everyday grab before wheeling the Chinawoman out to work. In fact, they’ve become this ‘shell’ I slip out from when I get […]

  79. i love that you take stupid insults like that with humor. and i like your china women, wish i had one, too. mine is an old dutch bitch. or do i mean maid? :-)

  80. […] colourful detail how I stop at traffic lights and successfully knit a snood while balancing on the China Woman and sipping lukewarm latte that sits in the helmet with the yarn balls. It was Cirque de Soleil of […]

  81. […] I think this goes without saying, but … bikes need good names too! For those who have trouble coming up with names — I know I fall into that camp sometimes — try names of people you admire, or fictional characters that you like. If that fails, you can always tweak a stranger’s random comment. […]

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