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Leather ‘Ryder’ bag – JOSEPH


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creative direction & product photography SHINI PARK photography SIMON SCHMIDT assist VALENTINA STANDHARTINGER



linen suit JOSEPH trainers EYTYS bag ‘Ryder’ bowling bag JOSEPH
Practicality is the name of the game, and JOSEPH knows it like a seasoned quarterback. The new bag & leather accessories collection borrows from the boys but also a nod to uniform, both things – I’ll be honest – that make me swipe right*. That isn’t to say, that the pieces are to be taken too seriously. On the contrary, the Ryder is a stellar upgrade to the everyday work bag with a twist of bowling, the Mortimer a versatile everyday clutch, and don’t even talk to me about the how clam-shaped Cosmetic Pouches with contrast stitching remind me of Linguine alle vongole with a glass of dry Chardonnay.

The trick is in refreshed essentials: the bucket bag gets a new ‘do.

*Technically, I do not have first-hand experience with dating apps, given the 12-year relationship, but the single millenials in the office say that’s what kids do these days.



dress JOSEPH,
sliders, leather ‘Mortimer’ bag JOSEPH


The messenger
There’s a crispness to the Mortimer that smartens any frumpy getup (everyday in this dank London weather). The zips are nifty too, swipe left into a wristlet, or zip right to convert into a boxy shoulder-strap.

Break up an all-black look with an oversized shirt, finished off with graphic accessories.



Dress – JOSEPH. Shoes – Celine.



‘Ryder’ Bowling Bag – JOSEPH



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  1. Love this! x


  2. I love how detailed and extremely thoughtful and curated your images are.

  3. Really loving the leather collections!! the structured shapes and wider shoulder straps!

  4. It is beautiful. I love it.

  5. Cool bags!


  6. khosango.com

    some picture loolk like so sexy <3

  7. So obsessed with this and the way everything is laid out.


    Did Simon forget to get the ISO down on the camera? Because it looks like he’s gone overboard with the grain?

  9. Grain was added in post for particular look & feel. High ISO grain wouldn’t be as uniform and colours wouldn’t be as vibrant :).

  10. Minah Lynn

    The bags are so fashionable. You were able to make leather so trendy.

  11. nice bags!

  12. Minah Lynn

    Thank you for the styling tips! Will surely check all of them!

  13. JOSEPH is such a nice brand! Looks high quality.

  14. I love photo and content

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