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Created for
William & Son
“million years ago”
Dress – Paul & Yakov. Diamond bracelet – William & Son MYA


“I’M HERE… TO SEE… MYA!”, I announce mid-wheeze as I crash into the Bruton Street boutique, fifteen minutes late to my meeting. Clemence, Head of Jewellery at William & Son, is actually who I’m meant to seek – the two names I’d confused in frenzy – but I am nevertheless led towards a cabinet displaying some of the most brilliant emerald pieces I’d ever seen. A discreet plaque discloses the collection name: MYA.

And what do you know, Clemence also happens to be sitting right behind the cabinet.

MYA is short for Millions Years Ago, and is a unit of measurement in geological terms to measure the age of a rock”, she explains. The collection pays homage to the origin and extraordinary journey of rare stones, the yellow brick road journey, so to speak, of a rock formation into the richest of emeralds and diamonds.


Diamond necklace & bracelet William & Son MYA. Cashmere tube – Mandkhai. Jeans – Isabel Marant. Boots – Yuule Yie.


You really don’t see emeralds done like this. It’s never not set in some classic or ironically vintage mount, or worn in the most traditional manner. “The green appears more blue-ish in ethically sourced Zambian emeralds, especially in London’s grey lighting” she adds, and brings out a vintage piece from another cabinet (Columbian-sourced) for me to compare — I can’t even tell, and I’m even wearing new set of contacts for the month. I notice that the organic diamond ‘crusting’ is also actually an intricate pattern of oval and teardrop shaped diamonds. The emeralds may have been a happy relics of coincidental geologic events, but once in the hands of William & Son, evidently nothing is accidental.


Diamond necklace & bracelet William & Son MYA.


The more I get to know about MYA, is that it hasn’t taken Million Years to ripen, to be worn with a cardigan-skirt combo or a classic evening gown. It’s aching to be in an unconventional story: to meet new characters at a pyjama party in East London, glow under lampshades of an ornate sitting room, and be paired over a cashmere tube top and 90’s denim.

And you know what they say, what happens at a Mile End pyjama party, stays in the East…




creative direction SHINI PARK assistant photographer & styling SIMON SCHMIDT lighting LANCE PENEZ runner ZANA WILLBERFORCE in collaboration with WILLIAM & SON

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  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Always a fabulous presentation … love ❤️ the simply jewelry design look! ♥️♥️♥️

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  3. Everything you touch turns to diamonds Shini! I love this editorial!

  4. Stunning pieces – shot beautifully!


  5. Absolutely love it! x


  6. Stunning photos, as always!<3

  7. I think my favourite part is when you take the beautiful jewellery and pair it with jeans. It’s almost like an image of the modern day woman who might own something so beautiful and I just love that aesthetic you’ve created! The green of these Emeralds really does look stunning and I know it’s not easy to get that colour!


  8. Loving these shots!

    Blvck Bee


  9. Incredible captures


  10. ahhhh

    lol for a second there i thought the singer mya was working at a jewelry store

  11. always look stunning… and the photos really great… and i love the green velvet blazer from boden <3


  12. Amyvtran

    Omg just love how you described the collection!

  13. Laria

    I love the layout of the MYA collection on your site. I also love the story. You put a lot of creativity and thought onto your presenting the MYA collection. And guess what ? I actually learned something about geology I didn’t know. lol.

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