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Milan, Italy


CAMPARINO: Opened in 1915 by Davide Campari which quickly became the hub of Milanese life and of the fashions sported by its patrons.

The final act of the Campari tale takes me back to Milan, foggy at touchdown and golden by the time I check in at the Rosa Grand and clock familiar faces from the Campari Collective, last together in September of last year. Rich Woods, (of Duck & Waffle/Sushi Samba bar fame) whom I’d styled a grey tartan waistcoat in the ‘London’ scene for the Campari Diaries – The Legend of Red Hand short film, beams as he tells me how much he’s looking forward to the screening.

We’re treated to a tour of a few spots around town – three to be exact – and I’m counting the hours till lunch at Bar Basso – hoping for a cheeky Negroni Sbagliato that is rumoured to be the size of an average face. Elaborate film sets that imitate the landscape of a New York bar or a London rooftop have been packed away, Milan is served neat. At Laboratorio Paravicini we learn the essence of handcraft (the very element that defines a great Campari cocktail), and Il Profumo. And for your information: Negroni Sbagliato is indeed the size (and colour, if accounting for the Asian flush) of my face.




LABORATORIO PARAVICINI: The Milanese workshop opened in the 90s to bring back to people’s homes and lives decorative items with the warmth and “Sunday slowness” that industrial porcelain could never evoke.


BAR BASSO: One of the hottest a Milanese spots for local and international adoration since the invention of Negroni Sbagliato in 1972 by Mirko Stocchetto


IL PROFUMO: Experiencing a ‘fragrance journey’ that highlights the olfactory combinations that allude to the Campari flavour.

Campari is at home in Milan, a whopping 151 years since the opening of Caffe Campari (1867) and the illustrious Camparino (1915) at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II by Davide Campari. The routine aperitif had become a legend at this very spot, decked in posters dating back to art nouveau, geometric furnishings, and red velvet seatings to top all off. Milan is a foolproof backdrop for The Legend of Red Hand, directed by Stefano Sollima, featuring Zoe Saldana (playing Mia Parc, an anagram of Campari) – scenes of which decorate my first encounter with Zoe not six months ago.

The World Premiere
Dress – Holzweiler


With Director Stefano Sollima, Zoe Saldana and Adriano Giannini.

Campari Red Diaries - Red Carpet Premiere



The launch premiere of the short film paints the town red, quite literally speaking, speckled with scarlet robes of the Campari red variety. The six Red Hand bartenders are revealed at the height of the night, followed by all talents of the ‘Legend of Red Hand’. It’s a corker of a party. Throughout the night an occasional red hand could be spotted as the star bartenders disperse for celebration into the crowd.

Enjoy Responsibly.

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