I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Courtesy of Luphia, Sweater – Mum’s, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Vintage Bally, Bag – Style Sofia, (Both courtesy of Style Sofia) Furry Bag – ASOS

I really don’t know how to thank you for the support in the last post, although with the few borderline-whine posts of late I feel like I’m starting to sound like a skinny girl who keeps moaning about being fat. Or like a fat girl moaning about small boobies? But thank you, so so much, you all deserve cooties in the form of wet kisses. Ah, let’s just make out, the bf isn’t looking. Or is looking, he doesn’t mind girl-on-girl I think.

I’m back home, bag half full and again mostly inadequate stuff like straw hats and a beachball- I’m going East, surely it’s meant to be more exotic, no? (SO WHATS THIS WHITE STUFF EVERYWHERE?) I’ve been hanging around in my mum’s shop and touching everything, I find it’s the best way to be kicked out so I can go home and watch more HBO and eat Lindt chocolates while crying. Crying because I’ve been watching too much TV that is.

Tina from Luphia is offering a mahoussive discount for my dearest readers, 40% off at Luphia with promo code ‘park’. Best thing about this blog is, even if you hate my face, once you use that discount that means I WIN and that’s just pure awesome!

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  1. looks so beautiful so much sentiment.

  2. Great photos! The colours you’re wearing remind me of Valentine’s Day. : )

    You have a great sense of humour and I love reading your blog. Have a nice weekend!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. got your kiss :P what shoes did you wear with this outfit. i love this look on you.

  4. kimmm

    your blog is a quality blog and that is why i like it best! :D

  5. I love the texture of that sweater and that jacket, and the way all the lovely plates and teacups look so neatly stacked.

  6. I just started following your blog and I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this message. Thank you for that! It’s 1 AM in Montreal and you made my day :)

  7. I adore your jacket, colour is so beauty!

  8. Lol – you are too much. Enjoy all the white stuff!

  9. Okay, so I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for that code. I am such a sucker for a deal. I’ll go with thanking you now, but don’t think I won’t come back and curse if the husband finds out about my midnight spree.

  10. You are too funny, wish I could give you a massive hug! Very tempted by the Luphia site, off to check it out now!

  11. loving the jacket on you. that first pic of you is so cute!!!

  12. I really enjoy reading your posts! Beautiful jacket!


  13. So glad to hear your back! Your mom’s shop looks amazing… my mom would DIE if she saw it. She is obsessed with Polish pottery… actually I’m sending her a link now. Maybe I can persuade her to sponsor me to come visit you and in return I will bring back a bucket load of pottery for her. Hmmm…. I sense a road trip coming on….

    Beautiful outfit Shini. I swear, I love your blog because you see the beauty in the most simple of things. xx

  14. You look great in this jacket, love it.

  15. I so enjoy the way you write, it’s so personal but still so fun and honest.
    love that outfit- you look fantastic. hope you have time to rest up now after lfw. i think i met you quickly on last friday at somerset house.
    have a great sunday

  16. I’m in love with your pictures.

  17. Yup, they generelly don’t mind girl on girl, so smoochies :*

  18. timmy

    you re the most awesome!

  19. great pictures! i love your jacket.

  20. Ana

    Hi Shini!
    You and your name reminds me of the word “shiny” as brilliant , glowing, radiant…
    Most of us can name 10 aesthetic flaws in a row without a wink. But beauty is such a subjective theme… I, form my computer, while watching different blog photos, realise the taste y as diverse as the number of people who watch it.
    But ABOVE ALL, above our insecurities and flaws, we as christians must never forget everybody is great just as they are, just different, not better nor worse. And as Saint Augustine from Hippo said, all our behavior should prevail by “Love and do what thou wilt”.
    Thanks for your blog. Great style, great person.
    P.S. I too have a pair of great little boobies! ja ja ja Lots of kisses back to you!
    P.S.S. I must confess i´m in Love with your moms shop!

  21. Now I’m going to go out and search for red trousers….(you can pull off anything :D )

  22. Hahaha this post really made me laugh. Is that your mom’s shop featured above then? Can I come in and pick everything I need?! Gorgeous stuff! Im dying to get some colored pants asap, I really like the red on you;) Don’t cry too much or eat too many chocolates but I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  23. Bad Shini!
    I’m trying to cut back on my spending habits then you dangle an awesome label with an even more awesome discount in my face…. ho hum – I CAN resist!

    Awesome glasses!


  24. aaaa the little bear is so cute !!!

  25. thanks for the heads-up, just bought a dress from them!

  26. Just got back from Scotland, bought my mum a Scottish hand painted china plates. Like Jen’s mum, my mum is obsessed with potterys/china/clay plates/pots/cups/bowls. Your mum’s shop would be my mum’s paradise sighhhh****

    Come back soon.

  27. Love your Shoes and bag. The jacket is sou hip and young. Really like the bear, you show on that last photo!

  28. hahaha, I’m in moscow now and there are tons of those white melting substance here.

    also, i didn’t comment your last post, but i would like to say that it’s just not fair for people to blame you on whatever they did. it’s your blog and you’re doing whatever you want whenever you want and if they’re not satisfied they can go and kill themselves.
    or send you some money for more DIYs if it is so vital for them.

    Keep going and bear hugs from Russia again!

  29. Gillian

    Love the pink / red / white combo, and you look adorable in those gasses! That china shop looks like heaven with all those patterns.

    Also, because I missed the last post, needed to say that you’re one of my favourite fashion bloggers — for your personality as well as your style and beautiful photos — and I have never ONCE been bored by a post. I appreciate that you haven’t introduced ads, but, well, I really wouldn’t mind if you did. Can’t have you eating all your pretty clothes…

  30. Don’t listen to people who says your blog is running wild or do not provide them what you said at the beginning. I really think you’re doing an awesome job for this website and that you’re offering us more than we could expect, a work of much better quality than the one some other bloggers can do.

    Your style is so inspiring to me and I would be very sad if you start thinking you’re boring because you’re NOT AT ALL. And I can even tell you a little secret : you’re probably the one and only blogger I’m reading actually and not just looking at the photos.

    Keep on doing this blog as good as you’re doing now because it is just WONDERFUL.

    And PS : Fat ?? I really wonder what did come to their mind if some people dared to tell you’re fat !


  31. lovely photos


  32. Rozko

    oooo, isnt it bolesławiec pottery ? I love it and I have so much sentiment for it, my house is literally filled with it!
    And this is Wilanow on the first photo, am I right ?
    So nice to see you in polish scenery,pics like these always makes me think that we really have a lot of things to be proud of !

    have a great time in Warsaw ! ( it isnt that cold though, I’ve actually managed to have a cup of coffee in Vincent today sitting OUTSIDE and I havent frozen up, which I think is a huge success !)

  33. you look adorable in those glasses! once again i lament my inability to carry off any sort of glass-wear, aha ):

  34. You’re crazy loony! But in a good, awesome way! XP

    Anyhow, love your pics to bits. Your outfits inspire me to look into Korean fashion. Where I live Korean labels are aplenty but I find many of them follow the cutesy trend. I’mma gonna have to look harder for more modernist pieces, but yeah like I said, thanks for putting me on this road – it’s gonna be a fun hunt.

    Sorry for the rambles, I tend to do that a lot. >.<''''''''''' Have fun where you're going, you!

  35. Thank you for the discount code! I just made some purchases!

    I’ve tagged you here in this little contest

  36. glo

    rofl, yes, you win regardless. haha.

    your mom’s shop is super pretty.

    btw. my brother just saw that last photo, looked over at me, and stared…

  37. your blog is awesome!!!! Love these big pictures, adore your outfit.


  38. Gorgeous jacket as allways!!

  39. Kudos to your mum for supplying such fine and well mannered ceramics ( such a polite porcelain bear )

    Enjoy the white stuff! :)

  40. Hi Shini, just read ur previous post.. sorry to hear you are getting emails like that.. i love your blog diy or not diy. your outfits are inspiring, your photographs are breath taking.. all in all no where near boring! xo

  41. Your mum’s shop has the most beautiful items in it! Where is it? Do tell us, I want to visit it when I’m in Poland!
    Don’t apologise for the ‘whiny’ posts (not really whiny at all anyway), it’s good to let it out sometimes…

  42. your blog is great ! and this outfit is perfect !

  43. Dear Shini, since I’ve been into blogging your place has always been my fav, I’m afraid I’m late to write a wonderful support comment, but you deserve to hear (read) things like this everyday: your blog is different, what you do is different, your sense of style and your pics are always different, and, with much, your words are always different. I cannot tell you how much I laugh with your posts (not as much as to die for, but pretty much anyway) and how tired my bf is of hearing from you. I dont really care if you do diy posts or not, I know I will keep coming here with a huge “oooooh” expression on my face as long as you keep bloggin

  44. Shini, I love your blog and have recently found it a couple of months ago. Your blog is not like any other blog out there and I love it. You don’t post the mainstream things that the other “bigger” blogs post and I adore that. The simplicity and unique graphic design of your blog keeps me coming back, also. I love when a blog has simple design which allows it to be easier to read. So thank you for being a blogger of this blog.


  45. pretty obsessed with that first photo :)

  46. […] Shini shows us how it is done […]

  47. Ah Shini, your blog is so much more than the average ‘fashion blog’ and kudos to you for not advertising when it could make you a fair sum; it’s a pity some don’t appreciate what you do here. Park&Cube is never a bore. Love the ‘boobies cooties’ typeface btw.

  48. I’ve been reading your block for a few months now and never commented… I must say though that you are HILARIOUS.
    please be my bff


  49. I love this jacket!! Lately I can’t get enough of pale pink, dusty rose, champagne pink…its actually becoming quite an obsession.

    P.S. I don’t think any guy is against girl on girl…atleast I haven’t come across one who didn’t have that fantasy..lol