I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Desgined in Photoshop/InDesign; Edward Meadham & Benjamin Kirchhoff portraits from London Fashion Week website; Text from my contribution for Ligature Magazine;

You thought I let you off the hook with the LFW stuff, huh? Not so quick I’m afraid – there’s a sackload of photos and all good stuff I want to share. Well, I could just bugger off and make soup out of them, but I don’t think the orphans would appreciate that, now would they. I’ve done something a little different this time and gone and designed a mini editorial in hopes to ball them into bite-size chunks…  Here’s Meadham Kirchhoff’s show from the 5th day, a really dramatic and fast-paced show – so fast that by the time I adjusted my camera settings the models were already retreating and I believe one smirked stuck her tongue out at me? So I stole their flowers in return. (cackle) Here’s a bit more about the show (and original photos) from my small contribution to Ligature Magazine.

For those trying to read that 5-point text in pages 6 and 14, they’re extracts from all the hatemail I ever got. QUICK GO GET YOUR MAGNIFYING GLASSES.

I know it’s over but do check Full Frontal Fashion for more photos of LFW

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  1. love these, thanks for sharing!


  2. This looks beautiful. I am now convinced you should seriously make a LFW book. I probably wouldn’t buy it, just because I’m broke; but I would fawn over it endlessly via internet.

  3. how absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing.


  4. incredible photos no words!


  5. Why youuu? I can’t stop laughing reading this sweet revenge muehehe I kinda agree with Satpreet, idea to make a LFW book. Next season, be it.
    Thank you for snapping Meadham Kirchhoff. Your post is also a dramatic one.

  6. beautiful photos!

    meadham kirchhoff are getting even better with every new collection!

  7. why does it say duplicate comment when I’m not submitting the same comment?

  8. Might be that you pressed submit twice! I found both your comments in spam though haha thank you <3

  9. Haha, aren’t those small prints the ones on ligature mazazine? Gotcha~~~

    Nice post, as always:)

    Love ya



  10. Nice post ! i love you blog !!


  11. I don’t like it!

  12. I wuv yu my bear.

  13. I love the type-setting on page two. It’s always nice to see a disciplined, minimal layout… great idea for a post.



  14. Ahhhh Shini, this is so beautiful! I really love how your images always look so serene in a moment that is fast paced.

    I wish I had a magnifying glass to read that hate mail, I find it so hard to believe that anyone could ever send you hate mail!! xxx

  15. Hahaaa was kidding about the hatemail, was only a decoy to attract attention… (eeevil?) thankfully never get hatemail!

  16. This is so cute! I tried to zoom and zoom but i failed. The hate mailers are only jealous ;) xxx

  17. Great work Shini! I don’t think I’ve commented before, but this brought me out of the woodwork. Terrific :)

  18. Amazing!!!!! xxx

  19. ah..genius!!!..your words makes the show…much interesting!!!!

  20. You never disappoint your audience. Love that from you.

  21. I like the 5th pic from the top. Well done.
    Dupek? :D

  22. My significant other calls me dupek, ain’t he nice? :D

  23. @Shini,
    He just called himself Dupek, therefore it’s just 1:0 for you :D

  24. Is this a viitual thing or printed…?


  25. virrrrtual, just did it in photoshop iz all. Shanks!

  26. @Shini,

    well I’d buy the Shini Park magazine :D

  27. What a lovely idea! I adore the hair on the models although I do not think i could pull it off in the streets. ;)


  28. charlotte

    What a fantastic idea! You’re pretty much my hero!

  29. What a wicked idea! and executed perfectly.
    Love your visual treats, you really are crazy talented!



  30. These photos are stunning.

    And so beautifully displayed.


  31. I would so buy the Shini Park magazine…. this is truly amazing. At least I guess this is one benefit of you being stuck in Poland… plenty of time to put full effort into your posts? I miss you already but think this is truly beautiful. Just clicked through to all the links… your writing is as beautiful as your photography. Truly a chick of many many talents. xx

  32. So I guess I’m the stupid one for thinking this was a real editorial yah?

    This is gorgeous ;)

  33. so wonderful!

  34. oh you know i thought this was something you’d actually been contracted to make? it’s really lovely, i hope you decide to do this sort of thing again!
    (or that someone hires you to do it :p)

  35. […] I give up. For days I’ve been cooking up another one of those ‘Special Edits‘ but I’ve got the biggest designer’s block that the Park & Cube bit is […]

  36. Oh – I will so buy your magazines!! Really. And soon :) xxx

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