I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Leather coat – Massimo Dutti (gift from mummy), Dress – borrowed from LiLee (Intelligent PR), Leggings – Flik Hall, Shoes – Office, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Polkadot shirt – MotelRocks; Flowers picked up at Meadham Kirchhoff

Thank you Kit for the photos! LFW Day 5; 22/02/2011;

Dear reader,

I understand, a few months ago I said sorry about not having enough DIYs and for letting this blog run wild. So I understand that when there’s so much of this LFW/events thing and none of the DIY, you might feel disappointed. Let me clear a few things and update you on why you might find this blog now ‘boring’ and untrue to what I am. I have just recently graduated, unemployed and doing my best to sustain for myself. This blog is not run on cookies and pencil shavings, there are hosting & maintenance fees that are not low. Have you ever wondered what it costs not to have an ad?  This was a decision I made mostly for the reader’s sake, for your viewing pleasure. As an unemployed, I frankly do not have resources to go out and buy DIY materials. Those chains that get sewn onto victim trousers? – I don’t find them in skips. And contrary to what you might think, I don’t get paid for writing this blog, I might get free clothes but since when do we survive on polyester fibre? Instead, I’ve tried my best at sharing quality content, which means splitting time to personally experience the things I share with  you so that it’s not the same magazine clipping you saw a few seconds ago somewhere else.

It just hurts me to think all this effort spent simply boils down to boring. You’re entitled to your opinion and I appreciate that, but this is mine. DIY, sure – it’ll come back once I find stable ground, albeit slowly, but for now I’m just trying to deliver as best as I can with the resources that I have. Hope you understand.

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  1. Oh Shini, it sucks that people are getting you down with insensitive comments like that! You can’t please everyone and haters are always gonna hate, but there’s a whole bunch of us out there who love what you do, and would continue to support you to do what you love (:

    I love reading what you write, and I follow you because it’s not boring. I love the pictures that you take – I think they’re different from what most bloggers or magazines do, and I love the little details you always manage to capture on the streets.

    I’m sure your readers would understand if you decided to monetize your blog someday. There’re tons of ways to generate income from a blog while still being true to yourself and what you stand for, in my opinion (:

  2. Lucy S

    @Steph J, I totally agree! I love your blog so much and your photos are truly beautiful :) xx

  3. i love this outfit!! the different layers and textures are beautiful!!

  4. Can I copy and paste what you wrote and put it on my blog? :P


  5. Don’t listen to the naysayers! I’m always excited to see a new post from you, be it DIY or simply your unique perspective on the world. I have never found you boring. In fact, that would be one of the very last words I’d ever use to describe what you do. “Vibrant” and “fresh” and “original” come to mind first.

    Also, if you ever did decide to monetize, shame on anyone who would hold it against you. These people who complain view your work as a commodity. That’s the very essence of why they’re complaining. I agree with Steph J, that if you can stay true to yourself and find a creative way to build even a slight income from this fantastic thing you do, why not?

    Keep on keeping on, kid. You are too unbelievably talented to let any of these downer touch you.

  6. I agree with the comment above. the textures and layers are so fabulous. i also love the cobblestone accents in the photographs.

  7. jessica

    I love your blog!

  8. Hey Shini!

    I just wanted you to know that I totally respect whatever you do with your blog. Don’t let a select few get to you. Blogs evolve with their owners and nothing ever stays the same. THAT would be boring. :)

    Steph from LA

  9. Btw, the moss on the ground right there is beaYUUtiful. White pleats. Moss. Interesting silvery pant texture thing. Wahh.

    Steph from LA

  10. I do not find your blog boring and never did. And who doesn’t want to show off their new clothes?!

  11. Ann

    Hi! I’m a longtime reader but first time commenter.
    I’ve always looked forward to your posts! You’re a beautiful girl who knows how to dress beautifully and your pictures are always a pleasure to look at– I DEFINITELY don’t find you or your blog “boring.”
    Keep doing what you do, and I hope everything works out for you!

    -Greetings from a fellow Korean all the way over in Washington, DC :-)

  12. hello,
    I’m a relatively new reader and i think people suck and you’re lovely and pretty and have great style. Readers of blogs need to realise that people do change, and if they don’t like it they should just stop following the blog. No one cares how they feel about it.
    Anyway keep doing what you’re doing and thank you for letting us snoop into your life each week.

  13. P

    Shini, I just want to say that I keep coming back to your blog because you are so unique in every sense of the word. I’m glad that you don’t ascribe to so-called “blogger fashion” or “fashion goth” styles.. if you know what I mean. Plus, you actually write well (proper grammar with a dash of wit). As for these folks who call you “boring,” well, what do they know.. Just keep up the great blog!!

  14. I truly agree with you, P.
    One thing that made me keep coming back to you, Shini, is your unique perspective that comes up in each caption of your posting. And words you have spoken? Dang, it’s witty that reminds me of 김동완. I’m sorry for such random mention but I can’t help. And be it DIY or not, you always look unique and inspiring too. Besides, it’s your blog. You should do whatever you feel is right. Be positive, Shini. xxx

  15. T

    Honestly, I think your blog is one of the best that I read. It’s fresh and your style is amazing! The way you’re running it now is just fine. (:
    Just continue what you’re doing! :D

  16. Just want to echo all those saying ignore the haters. I personally love your blog, D.I.Y. or no, because of your beautiful photographs.

    For example, your post on the Black Swan prescreening was my favorite version from all the bloggers who covered the event, because your photos were so evocative. So keep on keeping on (and monetize your blog!).

  17. If I’m being honest, DIY posts are my least favorite. On your blog and others. I’m a student, so I don’t have the money to spend on DIY crafts (that I’ll probably botch) either! Your blog is consistently one of my favorites, and it’s because your voice is so unique and strong. I also love seeing the way you layer, because it’s inspiring. Keep up the good work, because I certainly love what you’re doing!

  18. Erin Long

    Hey – I’ve been reading for probably a year now but I’ve never commented. I just wanted to say that i love most everything you post. I’m not here just to rip off your DIY ideas. I’m here because I appreciate your perspective, which is unlike any other I’ve encountered in the blog world. Keep doing whatever you feel is right for your blog. It is YOURS. Thats why I’m here.

    Much love.

  19. Awhile back when you were thinking of an exit strategy from this ‘blogging’ world and I believe you mentioned something about procreating, I was going to suggest shutting off your comment box instead to avoid the baby lump. Ii find, t’s one of the fastest ways to alienate dear readers and haters, besides well, shutting your site down completely.

    I decided to suggest what I was going to suggest this time around considering I almost feel like I’m the one who wrote what you just wrote on this post, except with me, I probably wouldn’t have hit ‘publish’. I disappear for weeks to a month on end after a flurry of posts and sometimes I feel guilty not keeping up the readership but every time I apologize for my disappearance, a smidgeon of my blog doesn’t feel all mine anymore.

    In other thoughts, can we please start a group called, “I am a fashion blogger but fuck, I am dirt poor and not just that kind of poor where I can still shop the sales section at H&M”?

  20. Whoever is complaining about the content on your blog is simply insensitive to the time & energy it takes to complete a post. Blogging is such a hard task to do and to be consistent everyday is even tougher. I think you’ve done a fabulous job in everything you’ve blogged about and are always interesting & thoughtful for each post. So screw them. ;)

  21. Boring?! That’s completely untrue – you have a beautiful blog with beautiful photos and beautiful places and beautiful clothes. And honestly, DIY posts would probably make me wish I had money to buy supplies. I’m completely broke.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, and don’t listen to anyone that provides nothing but negativity.


  22. I think your posts are inspirational no matter what they’re about.

  23. well, i’m one of those ghostly readers who never show their presence but oh hot damn! that reader has gotta stop drinking all that haterade. your blog is one of the most unique fashion/lifestyle blogs i have stumbled upon. keep doing what youre doing shini.

  24. sheau

    Hey, I’m a silent reader, and I gotta say, I love what you’re doing, what you’ve been doing. I got to know of your blog about 2years or 3years back, and idk why, but I didn’t like your content all that much. That has changed so much in the past few months. I check your site obsessively daily for new updates.. I don’t know what it is exactly, but something about your pictures, something about you just draws me to your site. <3

  25. Shini I always love your blog! Everything you post is interesting, not just the DIYs!
    My favourite posts by you are always the outfit ones because they are always so unique and gorgeous! I actually purchased the AA skirt that you wore recently because i love it… ^_^

  26. Do you best! You are great!
    These outfit is crazy ;)


  27. adore this white maxi, brilliant look


  28. you look really beautiful! <3

  29. ilaria

    your blog is amazing as it is…..

  30. No need to apologise, Shini! I love your blog whether you’re doing DIY posts or just showing us your awesome sense of style. Of course I look forward to seeing more of your DIY posts when you have the resources, which I’m sure will be soon.

  31. people are easy to judge, especially behind computers. your pictures are of the most beautiful quality I’ve ever seen and I’m as happy as you make the blog how you like it to be. and keep that beautiful smile of yours:)

  32. what????!!!!! who said that your blog is boring???!!!!
    shini, you know that’s just a load of bollocks.

  33. But WHO in their right mind would say your blog is boring? I come to your blog for the great photography, insights and writing. Yes, DIY is good, but a blog is a reflection of one’s life… Plus, I can totally understand the cost factor. I just gave my man a long speech this morning that I can only use cotton wool on my knitting machine because it’s the cheapest…

  34. Yoshi

    I am sorry to hear that someone has been leaving you disheartening comments, or what. I’m sure most of your readers don’t read your blog simply to satiate their DIY appetite. I realise I may have given that impression, considering that I comment most enthusiastically on your DIY posts… and although I love your DIY things, it is the beautiful way you photograph your projects that attracts me to them, more than anything else.

    Your blog is a visual delight, and (DIY posts or no DIY posts) I really enjoy reading it.

  35. Maike

    Get ads if you need them. What is bad about making money off of things you like to do and are good at? I actually think it`s one of the best things that can happen! Your blog is great, your style is different from the usual blogger`s and your little articles beneath the photos are always thoughtful.

    Get ads if you need them.

  36. Nice! You’ve really wonderful dress! I like it!

  37. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Carla Watt, UK Fashion News. UK Fashion News said: Day Five Outfit http://dlvr.it/HX9XQ […]

  38. Very beautiful! Love it!



  39. J

    I was told by a friend “a blog is what you make it, and nothing should ever change you and how you blog/ what you blog about.” If you do what the reader wants all the time it will become something you find more of a task rather than just something out of pleasure.

    Shin your blog is wonderful the way it is regardless of what people say, and truthfully I’d rather hear more about your personal day-to-day stuff rather than seeing you just throw a whack load of DIYs out all the time. Park & Cube is wonderful just the way it is, which is why I started reading it and actually speaking with you in the first place… And as other said, if an ad needs to be brought into action to bring a little bit of money in than just do it. I wish I had more to say now.

  40. Charlotte

    I only just found your blog (about 2 weeks ago) and wasn’t even aware of your previous material (although will now be going through your archives ;)
    and i don’t feel it’s boring at all, in fact it’s one of the only blogs i feel is a bit different at the moment so keep up the good work, your photos are amazing! xx

  41. E.

    Your blog is absolutely not borring ! It is amazing, smart, and really, really interesting !

  42. I feel like I’m just going to be reiterating everything that people have said above – but I agree with everything you’ve written here. Its *your* site, *you* should decide whats boring or interesting or whatever! I prefer the daily posts, especially around big events like LFW.

  43. Do keep it up. I love reading and looking at the pictures in your blog. =) I do not find it boring at all.

  44. alice

    As a recent design graduate myself, a long time lurker, a first time commenter and most importantly, unemployed (yay) I’d like to thank you for not posting DIYs for a bit; I can’t afford chains right now either ;)

    I just deleted a big paragraph here because you don’t need me to tell you that we the readers are not entitled to anything, it’s your blog and that’s kind of the point so stay true to yourself and enjoy your blog… because you know all this already x

  45. I think your blog is just perfect the way that it is!! Keep on going. Luve…

  46. Oh Shin, I’ve recently graduated and automatically became unemployed as well…. Didn’t wanna find jobs just for the food on the table… Totally understand how you feels, and appreciate your staying true to yourself, which is also what I’ve been trying to do.

    A za a za fighting!!!


  47. I actually find your bllog to be one of the most original i read, so f*ck those commenters.
    I am unemployed for a year now, but I recently got myself a job in London (yeah! I’m moving there next week) so don’t feel bad, you’re amazing and you’ll get one soon!

  48. I never, ever comment on blogs but I have to tell you that your witticisms and sharp style makes your blog one of my favorites. DIY or no DIY.

  49. suzie

    I don’t think you need to care about those comments. Just be yourself.
    Good luck with your job hunt!


  50. Keep doing what you;re doing because your blog is one of my favourites. I think a lot of people would agree with me on that one. xx

  51. @Vanessa, And whoever said boring has something wrong with them. This is another beautiful and inspiring outfit. DIY or no DIY, your style is anything BUT boring. x

  52. The fact that you even felt you had to write this makes me want to pull my hair out. All these comments speak for themselves.

    I feel so blessed to have known you through your blog and to also know you as a very close friend. You are, on your blog and in real life, the most genuine, considerate, and thoughtful person. The blog is an extension of who you are. It authentically represents what you are like… how you dress, the way you speak, the jokes you make. You have changed over the time you’ve had this blog and so it is only natural that the blog would change too. But in most senses I don’t think your blog has changed. Sure, you aren’t doing DIY… but your blog isn’t called, “DIY BY SHINI’… so no one should come here solely looking for DIY. If they were, they should be pleased because your blog is so much more dynamic than that. Anyway, I get ideas of DIY from looking at your blog all the time. LIke, whoa, I could take the flowers out of my vase and carry them around and suddenly look prarie-chic a’la Shini from Park and Cube… you put things together in the most original way.

    Enough rambling from me. I think your top notch and that’s that. xx

  53. figen

    your blog is one of the not so many blogs that are smart, inspiring and original. your posts are amazing no matter what, with or without DIY.

  54. I love your blog always. I have not doubt you’ll find “solid ground” and be insanely successful. xx

  55. I love your blog, I read it daily even if I sometimes forget to comment. Its probably one of the more interesting blogs I visit regularly and you have such a gorgeous and interesting style. I say dont worry about the mean comments, they really do not matter in the grand scheme of things. xo

  56. Annika

    Boring? You? Never!

  57. sarh

    Shini! this is nonsense! Never in my mind did i even think ONCE that this blog was boring. I always come to this blog, excited about what new post you wrote and i am never disappointed! And many people may take this for granted but I really really appreciate your vision for this blog and the fact that there are no ads on it. You’re the best!
    I know you will be successful :)

  58. I have just found your blog via Kingdom of Style and this is sad to read your blog looks far from boring and I am going to go back through all your posts. I agree with you about the cost of doing a fashion blog and we cant all afford the lastest up to date items but that is why blogs like yours inspire as it is amazing what can do on a shoestring budget. From what I have seen you look amazing and you style is perfectly unique. Keep up the good work xoxo

  59. Who the hell called this site boring?! Your pictures of late are stuffing my inspiration folder. I have never found anything on here boring, and I love that you took the road of no ads- really admirable. Don’t listen to the negative comments, bc you have plenty of fans :)

    I mean just look at these photos right here- absolutely perfect!

  60. Even without the DIY’s yours is one of the best blogs I’m reading; and of course I respect that you don’t have the means/time/whatever to do DIY’s.

    Just don’t think for one second that your blog is boring!

  61. You have wonderful blog posts! Keep it up! Much love from Iowa!

  62. i think people expect too much from each other sometimes – such is human nature.
    chin up, because for every one person who says things like ‘your blog is boring’ (which i think is completely invalid), there are hundreds who will come to your defense or declare their love for your it. keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  63. i love your blog, you take beautiful pictures, i love your perspective, and i love that i get to see the things that i would never get to see in my own life, PLUS i love that you’re korean, like me :) power to the kimchi!!

  64. hi Shini,
    I’ve been a quiet follower of your blog for quite a while…you’re pictures always keep me entertained and make me inspired–even sans DIY. I love how real you are and you see the world and communicate that to your readers–it’s refreshing. it’s so true…haters gonna hate. but i think you’re doing an amazing job.
    xo anabel

  65. You are actually my favourite blogger ever, and for someone who spends all her class time and free time reading blogs (har har, now who sounds boring?), that is quite the compliment!

    You take beautiful photos, you photograph great as well, and you’re quite the laugh in your blurbs! Its your blog, so I think you are staying true to yourself no matter what direction you choose to take it in. The fact that there are no ads says a lot as well. You can definitely tell when someones blogging for all the wrong reasons.

    Anyhow, I love you and park and cube! I’ll be a loyal reader for as long as this goes. And seriously, thanks for sharing! I think a lot of people don’t realize how much time blogging can really take up.

    Much love from Montreal,

  66. you’re one of the best blog, I admire you !!
    great outfit as usual-

  67. Oh Shini, don’t let the haters get you down. I love your blog and follow it because of YOU. And you are more than some DIY projects. Love your style, your passion, your photos and your voice. And this outfit is awesome, by the way. Love the textures and the combo of tough and soft fabrics. You rock, don’t forget that!

  68. You are my fave and your blog is better than chocolate/ than ever. Jus sayin.

  69. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Change is the only thing that is sure in our life. Everything changes and those, who don’t realize that are those, who still piss in their pants. (sorry, I’ll be nice next time :D). Keep on keepin’ on!

  70. Fam,

    Haters are gonna hate. That’s what they are supposed to do! If a hater comes onto your site a leaves a comment they are just dumb, why are they still coming back if your work isn’t compelling and thought provoking (I’m assuming that they were thinking about it if they weren’t on the site) ? Anyway…

    As I have said in the past this blog is probably the best I have ever come across, the standard of work you put out is consistently high, the images and style are always inspiring. Wich was only reinforced when I met you (the offer in the email still stands).

    I think you should be making money from your blog, millions of people are paid for “work” daily, which isn’t nearly as inpirational and fresh as what you consistently produce. More over part of me is worried that you will get a real job as it will mean you can’t realistially spend as much time on it as you do.

    Safe, init.


  71. I just recently started reading your blog and it is one of my FAVORITES.

    I didn’t even know you were doing DIY projects. Those are great, but this is awesome too. I love your style, and I even read the paragraphs you write because they are very interesting (not something I do for a lot of blogs).

    Keep doing your thing, there are plenty of readers out there who love it :)


  72. Why oh why would anyone say Park & Cube is boring?! Seriously, your blog has been my favourite ‘personal’ blog (and by personal I mean a blog with original content, not just 90% copies of pictures found elsewhere like my own blog!) for as long as I can remember! Keep it up Shin, I enjoy your LFW posts as much as any other post – not boring at all! : )

  73. There seem to be over seventy people here (and I’m sure that represents the absolute minimum) who know you are anything but boring.

    Your writing style alone, putting amazing photography and personal style aside, is enough to keep me coming back.

    Keep it up!

  74. To be honest I couldn’t care less about DIY. The reason I love your blog is your witty, sarcastic posts. I usually laugh my guts out! And I love your amazingly beautiful photos! I love you for being down to earth and realistic! I love you for not selling yourself out!
    Keep doing what your doing! Your great! And the most important – don’t take it personal!

  75. Who said boring?!?!?! They can chuff right off! I think you should have a medal for Services to Coherent and Clever Blogwriting

  76. well said! regardless of diy or not..still love ur blog!


  77. Cherry

    no no no i love your blog no matter what! the greatest part is your witty sense of humor,the DIY are also interesting but please just keep being lovely! *hugsss*

  78. Go girl tell it to them!
    HELL NO, could we ever find your blog boring!?! we love what you do! creative and refreshing and we honestly always anticipate your posts. I really respect you for being a purist in the way you refuse to have advertising on your space. You know you’ve got our support!

    I hope you don’t let these silly comments get you down! lol I can identify with your ‘recent grad + unemployed’ state… Just know that we appreciate every ounce of time and energy you pour into this space <3

  79. A FAN

    eff man ur friggin AWESOME
    dun let dumb bitches get you down
    all ppl do is criticize when they cant do shit themselves
    if they call the blog “boring” just cuz u dun have sum arts and crafts planned for them , they r obviously not smart enough to appreciate ur unique style and point of view, ur beautiful and PRO photos, & witty and intelligent captions.
    your captions i realize is too intellectually smart for sum ppl to comprehend
    i really respect tht this blog is ad free, and the fact ur not doin this as a fucking career or for money like all the other cam whore bloggers.
    u have a quality blog, and i appreciate every stylistic design to it, the font of the heading, the layout.. simple but chic

    i apologize for the brass language.. dunt feel like being classy right now hehe

    – love from toronto :)

  80. I haven’t realised you were given a negative comment, you blog is NEVER boring. DIY or no DIY post your blog is still interesting to read and look at. DIY takes a lot of time, effort and commitment….and it’s costly too. Why should you spend money on DIY to entertain your readers/followers? They should be paying you. Listen if you need some beads, sequins, feathers or threads…gimme me a shout I have some stock….I mean I have loadsa stock.

    Love you xxxxx

  81. Megu

    the better you get the more people will try and drag you down.
    You are fabulous. keep on keepin on.

  82. I adore your blog and I think as the person behind it all, you are entitled to post whatever catches your fancy.

  83. h

    your blog is great!
    and quite funny too:}

  84. Ah Shini, it makes me mad that somebody would find your blog boring just because there’s lack of DIY! Firstly, you compile amazing outfit posts and you have a great point of view on fashion, which I really appreciate! You always post your own pictures, and you still don’t have any ads (even though you could because your blog is great)! And people still complain, ugh, this makes me furious! Don’t even stop to think about them for one minute, I love your blog and so do many many other people!

  85. I think you’re fantastick. and not boring at all. i found so much inspried things on your blog, and that’s makes me so happy.

  86. Joy.Y

    Shini, i applaud your resilient in spite of being under fired for being “boring”.
    Anyway, being a fresh grad and self-sustaining blogger can be really trying.
    *fighting!그것을 계속!
    Perhaps, a quote to go with this post.

    ” Don’t make difficulties if your opportunities, but make opportunities of your difficulties.”

  87. Hi Shini,

    Your blog is a billion light years away from boring.. Actually, it would be more appropriate to use words such as ‘Highest’ and ‘Calibre’.

    Your photos are so dreamy and your blurb is super informative – always bursting your wise cracking personalty and charm.

    Keep up the good work Shini :)


  88. Mimi

    Just came across your blog and wanted to invite you to take part at my giveaway ;)
    Click here to take part

  89. Yowzers, Parky! If you need me to put out a hit on someone I CAN DO THAT. You are the bees knees and you don’t even need d.i.y; your impressive photography AND humourous whit carry it enough- not that that’s all it’s limited to. Anyho, yada yada ya, you know I love you, and as someone already said haters gonna hate ;)


  90. You are not boring at all!! Love your blog! I ‘ve felt the same way and understood that if you don’t have enough money it’s best way to be creative!!! I love to find a positive side in everything! Keep posting and sharing!


    You are welcome to visit my blog too! Kisses:))

  91. you can agree or disagree with tastes. there are boring and interesting sides to posts. sometimes it cant be just fab. must also be drab

  92. I think you should just ignore all the haters! I am personally in love with your blog and do not come to it just because of your DIY’s. People should realize that and not be so critical! Wish you the best of luck : )

  93. aha..do you like have a knack for wearing pleats….i love ’em..and for all that commotion abt the word ‘borring’…seriously people give it a rest….many love you and find you interesting…just the same….with or without the ‘d.i.y’….
    hope you have a jolly good time clicking those awesome-ic lfw photos which i soo love….

  94. Chels

    Shini! I have been browsing your blog for awhile now and really enjoy reading it.
    Everyone goes through a tough time especially out of school looking for a job. I totally understand. I still find your blog interesting and relaxing to read…
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the hater get in your passion and hobby! People think leaving a nasty comment on the internet is easy because well, wth, you write and forget about it right?
    I love your photography and the layout of the website is amazing. You are on my “favorite” list of blogs to visit so keep it up! I would hate to see such a shining star lose its shine… :)



  95. Nina

    You already got a lot of replies, but I want to write mine too. Actually I just want to say (repeat probably) that Park and Cube is my number one favorite blog out there, whether you’re doing DIYs or not. (Also I’m kind of a lazy person so I don’t really use DIYs. They are inspiring though.) There’s absolutely no need for you to apologize, for there’s no way that you’re forced (this isn’t the word I’m looking for, but it’ll do) to to this for us. I’m really thankful for you to write your blog and I want you to know.

  96. Love you Shini! I have and will never find this blog boring.

  97. J

    Wow, these pics are beautiful. The colours are so saturated! Amazing.

    I agree with Megu and Elisabeth -Everything’s Better with Frosting: your posts are always something to look forward to. Your writing and style are like no other. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having ads – I don’t see why any reader would! Any blogger would go for being sponsored if they could (if nothing else it’s extra money). Go for it!

  98. I have been a silent reader for a very long time. Everyone has already said their piece to encourage you, so I’m just going to say that your true readers will always support you no matter what. We’ll always be here, ready to read your latest posts in which we hope you wrote with no obligation to anyone, but for the sheer joy of sharing.

  99. Hi Shini, I am another of your readers recently delurked. Your blog is definitely NOT boring, and u are free to blog about whatever u want, since it’s YOUR blog. Pls keep up with your wit and humour and gorgeous pictures, I believe many of us will support you regardless of what you write.

  100. I’m also a lurker on your blog.
    Whoever’s given you feedback like this should go off and try and write their own – I’ll bet it wouldn’t be even 1/100th of the blog this is.
    I love your posts, whatever subject you choose – your blog is so addictive because of your witty writing style and the strength of your voice that comes through in your writing.

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  102. Stephanie

    Why don’t you set up an option where we can ‘sponsor’ your blog and make payments via paypal???? It’s should be “easy” to set up…

    And…if you are worried about being held accountable for every dollar sponsored…GOOD WILL DOES STILL EXIST and at the core of our hearts we give to help others thrive…not to see a balance sheet…

    We love what you do… We love what you do so much that we will sponsor you…


  103. Shiniiii! :)
    I LOVE your blog, yours is always in my head as my top favourite. I love your simple graphic design, i love how you blog breathes. We love seeing your outfit posts, when you’re so inspiring. Its become a mind field knowing what to do about staying true to yourself and blah, there’s no ‘right’ way of doing it but going where your instinct takes you. And you definitely have the highest quality. Maybe you should have unobtrusive ads? but thats completely up to you. I always look up to you so :D
    chill my lovely! xxx

  104. OMG I own these booties too and I love them to death! I wear those all the time and I love the way you combined those!!!

  105. Lauren

    Ok this is actually the best blog, i always always read. Originally i started reading this blog because of the diy but i stay for the AMAZING outfits and all of the other fab topics! seriously amazing blog, forever a fan<3

  106. I absolutely love your blog. Your DIYs are totally awesome, and your regular posts are just as great. The fact that you are able to post such amazing pictures, which are also originals, is a dieing art. I see so many copies of things nowadays. KEEP IT UP!

    On another note, the people who are screaming for DIYs should just open their eyes a bit. We should be able to get inspiration from any outfit photo. If you like it, find a way to make it! Make yer own DIY, sheesh.

  107. Just wanted to echo the opinions of the rest of your supporters. I Love you blog because of your writing, DIY or not. It is definitely not boring!

    Also wanted to add on that I will still continue to read even if there are ads :)

  108. […] ironic question that come up to me recently. Reading minds of my dear Ms. Shini in her recent post (here) about negative comments, I can relate my problem with her, although not […]