I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Top: Natalie from Canned Fashion & friend with cool hair whose name I forgot after ODing on cupcakes. Le sorz!
Left: Giraffe Print leggings

Ran off with: military/balmain-esque skinny jeans and maxi-length Tristan & Isolde + military dress

I’m with you when I say I won’t walk into Debenhams if not equipped with sunglasses and large hat, or an auntie. Exaggerating as always, but I believe needing that aunt character is not anything bad by all means – not every retail store needs to please youthsters and fashion skivvies. If there’s a good reason to go in, I’ll go in. If H Holland collaborated with Jane Norman then I probably won’t pretend I’m only desperately popping in to ask for directions to the nearest post office. The collaboration was the season’s trend pieces with Henry Holland quirk sprinkled over it, the random giraffe print on the leggings or pink checkered lining being prime examples. Maybe it’s good I waited (unintentially) 2 weeks since the visit because it seems that now some pieces are on sale! They’ve been so kind to offer bloggers to take home 2 pieces that day and the military-esque skinny jeans have since been my second skin. They’re happily tumbling at 30°c in the wash now.

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  1. Love those military jeans and boots!!!

  2. What was the second piece you took home? Tell me it was those shorts. And tell me you’ll let me borrow them! :)

  3. Second piece was that maxidress hahaaa

  4. nice purchases! the sash t-shirt reminds me of my girl scout days as a brownie… hehe

  5. Ohh I didn’t purchase any of these :P They’re just photos from the showroom!

  6. @sk, It’d go well with those military jeans… :) That shirt jumped out at me too — when I was younger, I was dying to be a Girl Scout, but alas, I never got to do it.

  7. Love those colors..really fresh. xx

  8. fab dress!! want it =)


  9. oooooo lovely lovely lovely
    those jeans look amazing

  10. the girl scout tee is so cute, i love it. reminds me a bit of the marc jacobs pippa tees!

  11. Love the shorts…. :)))
    i missed your posts :)



  12. great floral prints, loving the dresses


  13. i heart this bw giraffe-pattern!

  14. I cannot say I love the collection, but I do love your photography. You’ve got mad skills, girl.

  15. Great items! Lovely pics!

  16. Ohh all those bright florals and lightly patterned shorts! So wonderful!


  17. Oh man, this stuff looks like so much fun and it’s affordable! Too bad I’d have to contend with awful shipping costs to get my hands on any of it.

  18. ++f+

    is it a coincidence that the olive jeans matched the purple carpet? great shots.

  19. awesome pictures! love all the little numbers!!!

  20. These florals are pretty. And the jeans look expensive! Great photo of Natalie and her friend too, I love Natalie’s blog.

  21. The skinny jeans looks perfect – I’m def going to buy these. xx

  22. this looks great! i love the colours – especially in the floral dress/top. those trousers you picked out are gorgeous… a more affordable houlihan perhaps? can’t wait to see you rocking that maxi. am going to go check out the sale pieces now… xx

  23. Nina

    Ah the jeans and the shorts look amaaazing!

  24. I really like those skinny jeans


  25. I’m not surprised, I LOVE those jeans! And am debating how I feel about the Brownie sash top, amazing or embarrassing, amazing or embarrassing…?

  26. I do not really care for HH but the jeans look like great everyday wear (and pleasingly unbranded) and I can’t wait to see the dress in action.

    Beautiful photos too, as ever.

  27. lovely floral prints, lovely Shini:)

  28. the florals!
    your blog looks so good

  29. The scouts shirt reminds me of Up! and have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?! I heard it’s amazing!!! I love the balmain-esque leggings. I totally want a pair cause like I just confessed to you in the above post, I love leggings!


  30. perfect photos!

  31. the floral print is very nice. I love all the little details