I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

B’s Barbie bash

Beautiful illustrations by Jianhui Li

Leonie Cicirello ‘Mind my mind’ project on depression & suicide


Advertising pathway’s in-show icecream (free!) van

My schtuff (look away!)

Ellen‘s ribbon typeface & papercut cities

More photos available here; Show online catalogue; Thanks Ellen for all the photos of moi!

This is what I’ve been up to the past week or so, getting 3 hours of sleep and drilling more holes in one 2m-wide wall than I’ve ever had to in an entire room. Well, I didn’t do the drilling, the last time I drilled a hole it got big enough not to need the shelf, Ellen‘s brother Dan had to lend his paws and whiskers (thanks Meow!). I may seem adept at DIY, but unless I’m drilling a shoe (why?), I’m completely useless.
Considering the nature of student cohesion at our course (little to none), this show was the epitome of combined effort; hey, I even made new friends! By new friends, I mean speaking to some vaguely familiar face for the first time in 3 years – how does one ask for their names after this long? Very happy how this all turned out, a good solid period to the end of our BA Graphic Design chapter.

The show is still on for the public until 4pm Monday for those who would like to pop by, we’re even open on Sunday! More details here.

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  1. Okay, I’m REALLY starting to appreciate your new layout EVEN MORE now (sorry for the caps, felt they were neccessary), because the pictures look amazing! Congrats on graduating. The work you shared is great, hope the show’s a superfantastic success!

  2. Looks fantastic :)


  3. wow, this is sickkkkkkk man, proper love this post, your amazing.

  4. Kyu


  5. Shin has clicked ‘Like’ on this comment. If there would be such a function. ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. wow wow wow, it looks like all that effort really paid off! It looks fantastic

  7. SHINI!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’ve graduated! must be so proud!

  8. I had to smile – this reminds me of when I had to set-up for my grad show…

    Thanks for sharing links so we could see a bit more about your project. The concept sounds very interesting and I love that your jacket is actually a statistical representation as well as a wearable item. Congratulations x

  9. that looks great! :)
    great pictures too!


  10. aw, really wish I could fly over there to see your shtuff. :( Let us see more of your shtuff Shini! LET US SEE!!! We promise to be nice…

    I think the first photo is supposed to be “prospective” students not “perspective”? But you’d probably need to pull up photoshop and redo that whole image again, so ignore what I said.

  11. @Hazel, lol I was just going to point the perspective thing out. ’tis alright…you still need to catch up on sleep, Shini. :b

  12. wowza guys, am I embarassed or what? I think one could open a whole other blog with a compilation of spelling errors from this one.
    Thanks for letting me know! :P luckily the ‘pers’ was on plain bg :P

  13. Congratulations on graduating! This show looks fantastic! Would you mind telling me where you got your trousers in the first picture? I love them :)

  14. Geeeeeemarket! Here’s the link!

  15. ++f+

    congrats, Shini. well done.

  16. Congratulations Shini! I wish I could see your show! this is great!
    Also love the giant/minuscule phone-book! :D

  17. The only reason why I’d look away is because I’m incredibly jealous…….you’re all amazingly talented!!!!!! congrats on completing undergrad! (with honors, too!…I think??)

    Jianhui’s haircut illustrations are so precious, btw.

  18. Oh, I also loveee Jianhui Li’s work! I saw one of her exposition’s here in Belgium and loved it (:
    Wish I could be there, seems like fun :(

  19. Congratulations :) gorgeous photos, very professional.

  20. That bike guy is amazingly stylish…so rock n roll dude! I’ve checked the closing time on a Sunday….yay they close at 8pm, might pop in after 6pm ^_^

  21. the effects are very interesting so your work was not wasted ;)

  22. great shots!;)

    Come to see my pics from last week photoshoot:)

  23. Yay, congratulations on graduating, everything looks great! Will have to find some time today or tomorrow to catch the show in person.
    Oh – best/ sneakiest way to find out the name of that vaguely familiar face is probably to chat to them in front of their work, so you can sneak a quick peek at their artist statement or whatever, look for the name, and casually drop it in like you’ve known all along…

  24. well this looks interesting and fun… as the world of art always does. drilling holes is never easy, i had a 6″x6″ hole in my bedroom (from my bathroom) because my dad got a little bit playful… and renovation was not even mentioned.

    you have an amazing eye, and I enjoy your photos each time :)

  25. Nice photo-relation! And good job :)

  26. Your end of the year show looks way better than my batch. lol. From what I see that is… :D

  27. Wow ! It looks so great !!

  28. I just fell in love with your blog.
    Im following it now! Great, thorough photography. You are so creative.

  29. Christine

    Wow, I loved this post. It made me nostalgic about London, Europe, but most of all excited about my own masters program at FIT in the fall. Way to go!


  30. oh shini it looks incredible. the photos were a tad familiar because of my late night FB stalking of you (when i should have been studying…). anyway, it looks like it turned out so well. is that the primark jacket that you transformed? love the shot of the guy outside with the bikes and the two people sitting outside at the plastic tables. well done & congratulations! xx

  31. Love the new layout and well done on finally graduating. It must be fun putting an exhibition together, I did something on a much smaller scale for A level Art….this looks great Shini!

  32. My goodness those shots are amazing!
    I especially liked the one of the girl with the ice cream; how everything around her was blurry.
    (and your bag in the first shot there, is totally amazing)

    Congratulations on getting the show up! I wish I could come see it in person~


  33. wow, this is a lot of pictures and information. looks great, well done


  34. wish i could come down and see it, you all look like you have had a fun, but tough time sorting it.

  35. these pics aro incredible… they have a wonderful light and shape.. it’s like they’re alive!!!!!!
    we’ll keep following you..


  36. Do you go to central saint martins? That school seems so amazing.
    Awesome jacket, btw! And your new layout is the best.

  37. Looks like lots of hard work but congrats on graduating.

  38. My favorite post from you ever. I love seeing what you do and what you love. :) :) So great.

  39. SK

    Congratulations! Looks like it’s a great show and you and your peers are so talented!

  40. Oh, i wish i could of been there ! Why do you live so far away :(
    Congrats tho, everything looks incredibly lovely

  41. Love those pieces..Wish I could see all of those pieces by person

  42. Julie

    Congratulations!! It was so special!!! Lots of love and see you soon xoxo

  43. aah you graduated! Congrats Shini!! :)
    This all looks wonderfull (your stuff too!), wish I could visit and see it in person!

  44. I would love to see this show in person! I always want to go to shows and exhibitions like this, but I have no one to drag with me. I really ought to go by myself since I know if I did go with someone I would just wander off to really indulge in the entire show. And congrats dvrling on the show!


  45. Congrats Shinface! Now you can sleep for more than 3 hours ;-)


  46. This post makes me miss school… Your blog is lovely, just stumbled upon it today. Congratulations!