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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Silk thing Topshop, Top & Shorts – Uniqlo, Leggings & shoes – Zara, Bag – Storets.com, Belt – Vintage, Hat – Angels Sale, Nails – Barry M

Yeah before you start with the leggings with shorts thing, I’m just gonna say that I’m not so fond of flashing  skin and handing out lust on a plate so I guess I’ll have to be arrested by the fashion police (among you who would like to play police? I like fluffy handcuffs) and go hang out with leggings-as-pants ladies in jail. Will you visit or write?
It’s hard for me too – as much as I want to admit that I’m not, I am in fact a slave of trends, and miniskirts and hotpants do make my football legs look longer and leaner… and if you can believe it, I also feel hot in the summer! This is not to justify the mediocre outfit I’m posting now, but since the weather in the UK seems to be back full throttle and all, I thought I might give a bit of heads up for a long summer with no breath of fresh air in terms of outfits. Go on, press ‘next’, fresh air is not far!

Thank you Ellen muchissimo for the photos!

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  1. you know what? forget the fashion police! this is such a cute look. :)

  2. I love your outfit, you look so comfortable and cool (:

  3. C.D

    I adore the jacket! In this case the leggings shorts thing doesnt really bother me.
    Like the outfit! :D

  4. Fashion police, smashion police (that actually sounds like a legit thing… like a police that smash things. Wow I’m weird). The leggings looks especially smashing (haha, get it? ok I’ll stop) with those to-die-for booties.

    But what really struck me were the photos. The soft lighting and focus are so dreamy together.

  5. these pictures are great shini! love that silk thing you´re wearing.


  6. The photos are so pretty! I love the outfit too, the leggings look good.

  7. Kyu


  8. Regardless I like it :) definitely not in the same class as “leggings as pants”


  9. lovely pics ;)
    great blouse/cape and wedges!

  10. stoneandcloth

    ooo cute shoes! goes very well with that bag. very serene photos.


  11. lovely, lovely, lovely look

    I love the light on them

  12. the shoes are stunning, loved the pictures


  13. high five, I feel uncomfortable in short things, too. But in southern California, it’s a bit warm to pull on the jeans and leggings during the summer. your outfit is supa dupa cute. fashion police wouldn’t notice the leggings as pants. I do the same thing sometimes so the fashion police better arrest me if that’s a crime.

  14. omg!!! this photos are soooo….i’m lacking in words…wow!


  15. Fantastic pics, love ’em all and you look great with those leggings & hat.
    Guess this outfit post is not so mediocre and please don’t care about fashion police,
    actually they have other fashion culprits to point their finger at.

  16. Love the photography and colour scheme <3
    I also adore your ZARA wedges *_*

  17. hey, no need to justify your outfit or even try to apologise for it not being “all that” (although I admit I do get that need sometimes too, it probably comes from striving to be as original as possible but sometimes even originality can be overrated). I don’t find it mediocre at all, and I have no idea what’s supposed to be wrong with the leggings + shorts combo, I think it’s totally cool. xo

  18. Honestly, the outfit is nothing special but these pictures and the whole atmosphere are magical. I love the hat and the particular in the third photo…And you look gorgeus and sweet.

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style


  19. loving those wedges! ck :) x

  20. I didnt realize your hair is so long. Looks amazing in the third photo – im feeling the 70s.
    love it!

  21. Aiyaaaaa! How can you wear shorts and leggings in this dodgy british weather??!! Lovely outfit ;D

  22. Love the outif, forget the fashion police! These photos are wonderful, I particularly love the one you are sitting in the alley!
    Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog! Big hug!


  23. oh i love this, the leggings hat and silk thing are lovely! :)

  24. amazing session. I love the earth colors in your clothes. The hat is just perfect to make the whole outfit more interesting. But even without it- just just gorgeous.

  25. It’s a lovely outfit, no need for police!

    tweet tweet tweet


  26. h

    the photos and the silk thing are great!

  27. I love your outfit especially the top, the neutral colours, the hat and the shoes. Definitely nothing mediocre about it. You are released, definitely a wrongful arrest.

  28. Love your hat on shoes hun. I say screw the legging haters. I survive in them through winter. :)



  29. Ooh, love that silk thing! Forget the fashion police, the outfit looks great, and I’m love wearing leggings with shorts or miniskirts too!

  30. hahaha, that’s funny. since when was it illegal to wear tights with shorts anyway? :P im not a big fan of flashing skin ither but when it’s unbelievably hot here in Greece you have no other choice :P ive got the same shoes in black! arent they amazing?

    and by the way legings are NOT pants and no matter what reason you have been arrested hanging out with leggings-as-pants ladies is just plain wrong! :P

  31. your photos are so breathtaking!

  32. beautiful.. as always. and it’s nice to see a fashion blogger with a sense of modesty.

  33. pssshhhh who cares what youre wearing when you look good! so insanely envious of your hair right now

  34. I love these photos! the colors and atmosphere are wonderful!


  35. Dvrling you pull off the leggings & tights well! So much so I’m considering giving it a whirl. If they arrest you they’ll have to get me too, cause I love my leggings! Hey what brand and color is the polish you have on?


  36. you dress how you want to dress, you don’t have to explain yourself. As usual great pics, I love the flower on the hat ensemble best, with the the peek of your lovely hair. xx

  37. Love your shoes and leggins <3 also the shirt is pretty nice
    I really like your blog, and I have linked it.
    Will you support mine?


  38. Love this look. you look super cute and even if I had the authority to arrest you for a fashion crime there would be no need to.

    clothes are cute
    clothes are cute

  39. The leggings look cute with the shorts! You look so pretty here Shini, my favourite pic is the one of you sitting down!


  40. your outfit is really gorgeous! love the shoes!

  41. SK

    Whatever! You look adorable and your friend did such a great job with these photos! Fashion police can go away with their candy canes and fluffy handcuffs!

    PS your hair is so pretty! The perm loosened up perfectly.

  42. you look totally gorgeous in these shots. love all the little details… nail colours, twigs on the hat, leaf in hand…. your summer outfits are totally not boring. mine are boring man… nothing but jean shorts and my bloody cat print zara dress that i can’t stop wearing. i’ll visit you in jail and bring you more leggings for when yours wear out. xx

  43. i love your hat!
    and your pictures look like they could be in a magazine..i would read it


  44. jenn

    well, i think this looks great :)

  45. Love the hat and ‘silk thing’ LOL

  46. Oh this is a fantastic look! Forget the fashion police.

    Lydia xxx


  47. i love that you dress modestly shini!!! youre someone for girls to look up to!

  48. shini,just gorgeous. this is so different, and interesting to look at.
    this photos is insane

  49. I agree – can’t feel comfortable with bare legs under shorts (in the UK anyway, on hol anything goes!) – so always have tights or leggings under shorts or a mini. xx

  50. Looking fine Shini! And I must confess i’m of the tights-under-shorts breed too (only show miles of legs if it’s actually hot).

    I’m crazy about those shoes and nails, and I love how you’ve called the bolero ‘silk thing’ – hilarious!

    Miss B xx


  51. I love your hat and i think you outfit is so cute!
    Yes some may see leggings and shorts as a fashion faux pas but you def rocked it well!



  52. Love this outfit, expecially the thing from topshop! :)

  53. this is absolutely gorgeous! could i possibly post one of your outfits on my blog??

  54. I love all the outfitt !
    So good !

  55. Oh, Shini, quite simply put I think you and your blog are absolutely wonderful

  56. wowzer. you look amazing!!! i love the outfit Shini, something I’d totally wear!!!
    …you don’t want to be in Seoul right now, what you’re wearing….it would stick to you like second skin :P

  57. i love the ruffley blouse :) and the entire outfit as a matter of fact.

    nice to see you lovely lady… i feel like i haven’t been to your blog in a while …


  58. How awesome is that belt & hat? <3 Wish i could find shoes like that easily in here!

  59. Love that top so fancy..wanna it

  60. Leggings as pants I do occasionally, not caring if it’s a fashion sin. But leggings and shorts? Who decides these things and wth? What about leggings and short skirts – I don’t always feel the need to flash the public so leggings seem practical. Also it gets cold in the malls and the extra layer helps keep me warm. So again, wth?

  61. this is totally awwesome! I love this entire look so much, but especially I adore the top!

  62. Whenever I read your texts I always think “where does she get this from?!” You write so brilliantly funny.

    This outfit is flawless imo, so let the fashion police arrest me as well ;D Gorgeous photos as well. Glad to see you blog more often again :)

  63. Nina

    Ah I’ve been missing posts like these. Really, I love all your posts, but your outfits are always so inspiring! If there was a ”Buy Shini’s outfit’-button on your website, I’d definately use it. ;)

  64. Hi legs. I cannot bring myself to do shorts or short skirts sans tights so this ensemble in its entirety (hat, hair, alleyway, HELLO) has me grinning broadly and bouncing up and down slightly in my seat.

  65. i love those wedges :)

  66. i think this ensemble, including the leggings, is lovely! i like everything about this outfit, esp the fantastic silk shrug(?) jacket

  67. I always wear leggings with shorts. I didn’t realize that it was a fashion faux pas! Sheesh. Wear what you like, girlfriend. It’s working for you. :)

  68. I love leggings and shorts together, its leggings and skirts that I seem to have an issue with O.o
    Love the hat!

  69. stephani janet

    you look so gorgeous!
    love the top so much
    everything just perfect! :D
    heart ur nail colour <3


  70. very lovely shoes indeed

  71. I totally loved the leggings with shorts, I wasn’t even thinking about it as a faux pas until you brought it up… yeah, still love it!



  72. Such a great bag. Of all my designer bags, the funny thing is that I get the most compliments when I wear my Zara ones out.

  73. Very cute. Love that you’re not fond of “handing out lust on a plate.”

    Jennifer from oohfancythat.com

  74. sarah

    the lighting in the pics are so awesome!
    was this taken in the morning?

  75. i love the look. it is amazing!

  76. I am craving this entire look. The leggings & the boots especially. It’s so put together & just fantastic.

  77. I really like your leggings and shorts bit!