I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Pink lemonade, Pimms, fingerfood, champaigne, iced water, boys with 7/3 parted hair, pretty blonde… and why am I describing the photos?

Duke Meadows Tennis Club, W4

Oh the places I get to visit with this blog… I swear sooner or later I’ll be posting photos of a dog pound because, I don’t know, YSL decides to make collar tags out of melted Arty Oval Rings for animal hospice charity. Not that I’m complaining. Two sports I’ve always enjoyed playing since young were football (soccer) and tennis – now mere pockets of memory stored in butch thighs and arms, also all of which are now basically flubber. Now that the World Cup is entering real entertainment and Wimbledon’s just launched a few days ago, I can proudly raise this sign over my forehead in celebration of the double W.

Polo Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter of Wimbledon, outstretched their hands to a few (tennis, fashion) bloggers to sit in a live interactive virtual broadcast Tennis Clinic with Annabel Croft and Boris Becker. To be honest, I was intimidated by the atmosphere when I arrived in my crop-shirt and Fred Perry’s (invitation read ‘soft soled shoes’, frustrating demand for fashblogger), to find rich folks in summer blazers and smart day dresses. Even the kids were dressed as Ralphies. I gave my best shot at invisibility by seeming just too busy chomping down every piece of fingerfood to want to socialize.

I’d have requested an interview with Boris Becker, except, I am a fashion blogger and what would I ask, ‘What do you feel about your all-white combo today?’ Sorry for the disappointment.

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  1. Kyu

    I ABSOLUTELY love the humor in your writing. RL is personally my favorite clothing brand. <3

  2. i love watching tennis, and boris becker was always a favorite, especially on grass. unfortunately the only sport i was good at was running, for some reason i never did well with sports involving… balls.

    lovely outfit in the post below, by the way. i stopped caring about flashing skin since the temperatures refuse to go below 90F now. i blame BP for that…

  3. I love that lit babe..with navy blue gee so cuteeee..

  4. haha I suppose you were in an awkward spot. you did well in my book :D

  5. haha, this is awesome. i love that your posting more often… every morning i come to your blog and there is a new post. at first i was thinking… what on EARTH are these photos from?! and then i registered all the preppy hair and realized it must be ralph lauren. cool that you go to go… but doesn’t look like there was a whole lot of fashion to cover? i’m sure the food was insanely tasty though! xx

  6. Funny post. I thought you went to Wimbledon for the Ralphie’s event not in W4 LOL. Not so sure about the new outfits which doesn’t represent British tennis….it looked too american :S Wish you had stole their tennis ball as a souvenir ;D

  7. oooooooooh! i was thinking you were at wimbledon lol. but at a RL event, pretty cool! that little fella you managed to get a pic of is super cute!

  8. Wow it would be amazing to go there, but Style Slicker is right, it would be better if the outfits were more British looking.
    Great post by the way.

    Lydia xxx

  9. Your photos always turn out great and your writing, well, always makes me chuckle. That little guy is so cute.


  10. Ah, amazing!! At least you got to stare at some ralph boys and eat free food right?
    And, you look AMAZING in the below outfit post! Such a babe and I loveee the hat.
    I miss you, can we play soon?

  11. Pretty random event to get invited to! I am completely appreciating the parted hair, and the slickness of it all…and that little Ralph Lauren-ite boy!


  12. I love tennis ! It’s the chicer sport ever!

  13. Tiffany

    That boy is soooooo cute! Those cheeks!



  14. Looks gorgeous! And so terribly middle class :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  15. i’m going to echo kyu and say i absolutely love your writing, it’s witty and wonderful
    and your pictures are lovely – you manage to make even something simple like tennis balls look pretty!

  16. Your running commentry is hilarious- I like you :-)

    And you didn’t bring the boy in the centre home for me, why?


  17. Sorry dewd, couldn’t look him (or anyone else) in the eye, I was dressed as commoner, remember?

  18. Great pics – particularly love the one of the wee boy, so cute. I lived in Wimbedon Park for 3 years a few years back and never made it to the tennis – shameful really. Now I’m back in Glasgow it’s such a long trek. xx

  19. hehee long trek indeed ;)! You’re so right, the closer you live to something cool, the less chance you’ll visit it!

  20. new balls please!

  21. Looks interesting for people watching but I am guessing I would feel very uncomfortable here. I always tend to head for the food and champagne in such a situation. Not a big fan of RL or tennis though.

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