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The dark knight blossoms

When it comes to flower print anything I can’t help but see sad little faces on the petals and leaves dreading the slow, yet inevitable death courtesy of the blackest thumb of all land and time: mine. This is probably the reason why the new Kris Knight update of the Gucci Flora got me hooked in the first place, because if you look closely, underneath the sugar-sweet pastel canvas of the Resort 2015 collection, there is a shadow, and a bed of botanicals that blossom in the dark. Curious little herbs with tough roots and long vines that cast roofs over eight-legged creatures… there’s almost a rock’n’roll attitude in it all. The irony is sweet.

It’s begging for exploration, which is exactly what I wanted to do in this collaboration with Gucci’s hero holiday gifts.

In collaboation with Gucci. Photography: Shini Park & Brian Leavy.
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Shini Park


“My colour palette is inspired by the fact that I grew up in a bakery. I began tinting icing long before tinting paint…”
– Kris Knight


Jumpsuit – Next

Dress – Alexander mcQueen. Heels – Celine. Both via Harvey Nichols

And by the way, florals? For Christmas? Amusing, if not actually ground-breaking.

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Top – J W Anderson via Harvey Nichols | similar at Gucci. Suede skirt – Vintage (similar). Boots – Zara.

Flora Knight: the story

I love this video by Gucci, in conversation with Kris Knight on the story behind the Flora Knight blossoms. There’s something wildly satisfactory about seeing cake-icing pastel colours being used for painting. It takes a stronger man to resist temptation to shovel in a finger-full of paint while filling in a yellow dandelion.

Watch here

White trousers


In collaboation with Gucci. Photography: Shini Park & Brian Leavy. Art Direction & Graphic Design: Shini Park

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  1. gorgeous and unusual layout of this latest post..

    have always loved your blog!


  2. Been loving how typically feminine prints have been revamped with additional edge


  3. Dude your photoshopping skills are off the wall, when did you get around to being so good? Not to mention your clearly superior hair-styling skills. I guess what I’m trying to say is you gots MAD SKILLZ YO

  4. Kelly

    This has to be one of my favorite post from you. The Gucci is great, but I’m really loving the artistic design of this post. Great concept.

  5. NOR

    Where is that adorable pink coat from? Hoping it’s not Gucci :)….

  6. Impressive art direction as always, Shini!

    Stay fresh,

  7. Danielle


    *I actually own the pink backback though ;)

  8. Beautiful! http://www.thepaarblog.com/

  9. Love the one of you and the massive paintbrush! :)

  10. Wow! I am loving the layout of this so much! Looking gorgeous as usual!

  11. Wow! I am loving the layout of this so much! Looking gorgeous as usual!

  12. Oooh I love those bagpacks !


  13. Oh wow this is gorgeous!!

  14. miri

    So beautiful! I love this print!

  15. miri

    I love this print!

  16. Afsoun

    What a nice layout, really like the backpack.

  17. This looks amazing! I love the now where you stepped into the shoes!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  18. fantastic blogpost!!


  19. fantastic blogpost!!


  20. Wow this is an amazing post and the mise en scène is incredible.
    Great job !


  21. Gosh Shini, you are so clever with the layout of this! I can appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into this as it looks awesome. That pink backpack is the cutest!

  22. J’adore ! Tout est vraiment très beau.

  23. Love the entire layout!

  24. What a beautiful layout! Love the ‘Guccified’ spread.

  25. You really are the most innovative blogger and you amaze me everytime. I’m so in love with this Gucci post, that Gucci bag, and the pink blush coat is perfection!

    Love, Rachel

  26. OMG Shini this is all sorts of wonderful. I am blown away by your mad skills. Seriously this is so beautiful and clever in so many ways. Happy holidays precious lady xxx

  27. I love these Bamboo bags!! xx


  28. hmm I guess this post is okay.. ;)

    DUDE. This is why you’re one of the best, simple.

  29. I have no words, this post is beautiful x


  30. Loving that backpack!


  31. Very unique post layout! I’m not too big on floral prints in general, but leather backpacks.

  32. Jess

    This is amazing! what a cool blog post!!

  33. I come to your blog for your creativity and originality. this post is one of my favourite ones of late- thanks Shini!


  34. Sarah

    What beautiful floral designs! I’d totally wear that shirt with those shiny loafers. Tbh, the backpacks – if I’d just see them at the Gucci store I’d be like ”meh” but the way you present them here tunrs my gaze into that heart-shaped eyes emoji. Also love all outfits, especially the last one and the McQueen dress. Bravo!

  35. I can’t get over how you keep on producing more & more amazing content. Like, where is there to go from here? No idea but you’ll surely come up with something jaw dropping.
    & about the bag, won’t your black thumbs dirty the outside of the white bag anyway? It is a lovely bag though & I do love a grungy floral.


  36. is this editorial even real omg i love it so much! unni rocks! the backpack, i covet!

  37. Gorgeous backpack and love your arm coining out of the pocket. Brilliant!


  38. Amazing post, love the backpack!


  39. Amazing!! You’re always so imaginative, Shini. This may be my favorite post of yours yet!

    xx TheMinxBlog.com

  40. When you bring it, you BRING it! Love this post and what a gorgeous design!


  41. Gorgeous post, love it so much.

  42. The Miranda Priestly “quote” made me giggle ! I really love the Gucci bags !

    Charlie xx

  43. Amy

    As a long time reader and admirer of your blog I’ve never actually left a comment before but this post is so beautiful and well-designed that I had to let you know how amazing I think it is. Bravo! Can’t wait to see more from you :)

  44. love the creativity in the collage!

  45. Hi Shini!
    I was also very curious about your pink coat in this post.
    Kudos for the creativity behind this post.


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  47. SHINI this is incredible! Love it….

  48. You know about my over enthusiasm from twitter but girrrrrl you got skills.

    This post is incredible!

    A Forte For Fashion


  49. this is so incredibly beautiful!

    p.s. i need to know where your coat is from. NEED xx

  50. Thank you! The pink coat is from RED Valentino! x

  51. Ohhh! Thanks!
    No wonder it’s so beautiful!

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  53. Bursting with juices of creativity! Lovely.

  54. This is amazing!


  55. Love the white backpack
    Lots of love, xx

  56. Katrina

    Gosh, Shini, you are adorable. Look at that giant paint brush!! Girl, this layout is UH MA ZING. Hey, belated happy happy holidays!

  57. I absolutely LOVE this resort collection from Gucci! The prints are amazing.
    They remind me of a signature print from an artist called Josef Frank who also does amazing prints for upholsery.

    much love,


  58. such stunning shots, & such a beautiful piece of editorial love it.

    Mel x