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A cynic’s winter tale

When it comes to the holidays I have a painfully pragmatic, almost sarcastic approach to things – this my agent Abi, AKA Captain Christmas, can attest to. Hubby and I don’t decorate the flat, usually until D-3, when we cave and decide to use the overgrown Aloe Vera plant as an evergreen substitute, on which we string up stale Ferro Rochers dug out from the pantry. (Half of which disappear mysteriously during the night, I may start believing in Santa after all.) (Why they are stale is also a good question.)

This year however, December started with a series of accidental celebration: a spare hour between meetings that was burned shuffling around the Somerset House skating rink, a sprinkle of marshmallows in my morning coffee which has now triggered a daily ritual (in my defence, they were calling my name), and decking the flat with winter flowers because nothing else was available at the flower market. By the end of week 1 I was shopping for wreaths, and as we draw near the end of week 2 I am now contemplating changing my voicemail recording to the tune of Little Drummer Boy and request that anyone wishing to leave a message needs to follow up with the second verse. (Maybe that’ll stop people from using the darned voicemail, once and for all. It’s actually a good tactic.)

All jewellery – Cartier ‘Juste un Clou


I jest. But there undoubtedly is a new-fangled (or at least re-fangled) buzz in the air, a sort of anticipation but perhaps also the joy of keeping oneself busy while the temperature drops and the days get darker by day. I decided to collaborate with Cartier again, to celebrate my accidental celebration, and also continue the story of their 2014 holiday campaign. I’ve always wanted to shoot the Juste un Clou range, and a bit of sparkle never hurt no cynic, last time I checked. And now, should a few leopard cubs knock down a few Cartier boxes from the clouds, it wouldn’t be met with a contemptuous meh, but at least a slightly better-decorated Aloe Vera tree and twelve, not nine, empty marshmallow bags in the trashcan.

Cape, blouse – Zara. Jeans – DL1961. Bag – Marni. All jewellery – Cartier



Turtleneck – Zara (similar). Skirt – Mango (similar). Earmuffs – Karl Donohughe via Harvey Nichols. Jewellery – Cartier


As usual, the topic returns to things that fall from the sky. Although, surely no fist is to be shaken to the clouds should it rain Cartier? Lemme think about it. No. No fist.

Stay tuned for Part Two, the morning of. In the meantime, I want to hear what colour your panties holiday decorations consist of.

In collaboation with Cartier. Art Direction – Park & Cube. Photography – KrisAtomic.





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  1. How good that you this year in time with all this holiday things :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
    International Giveaway: Christmas Surprise with Self Interest

  2. Both the clothes you are wearing and photos here are absolutely stunning ! Just marvelous !

    Charlie xx

  3. Yowl absolutely breathtaking and so feminine! You have so much class and style!


  4. Beautiful shots. Oh how I would love to have a Cartier bracelet for xmas…it will have to wait until the lottery win though.

    Tongabezi – Private Luxury on the Zambezi I

  5. I love the photos on the ice-skating ring with the red sweater and white skirt. Random fact: That nail bracelet reminds me of a bracelet Eric (from Shinhwa) wore in his last drama 연애의 발견. ^^

  6. lovely post! I love the combination of midi skirt with red sweater

  7. A lovely post capturing the scenes of winter in the city and one of my favorite brands. My Ballon Bleu is my day watch and I have a Santos Demoiselle for evening. The picture of the red box with a bow is making me hope there will be one for me under the tree this year!
    Accidental icon

  8. Saci

    Gorgeous photos, they actually make me want to take part in the Christmas festivities *shock horror shock*. Also, I love your makeup, the smokey eyes/orange-red lip combo is great!

  9. love the skating shots also captain christmas actually suits abi- its the perfect moniker !!!

  10. yes this is about cartier but I love your ear muffs

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  11. Stop looking so bloodly adorable in your pictures will you!! ;)


  12. Stop looking so bloodly adorable in your pictures will you!! ;)


  13. Ana

    I haven’t been to Somerset House this December as yet but their ice ring is always insanely glamorous! I think last years decorations were by Coach or perhaps it was Tiffany again? Either way, a visit is a must. I simply adore your bracelet. It has been on my wish list for a long time and I think it will stay there for even longer but at least girls can but dream :)

  14. Sweet photos!


  15. Gahh. This is so beautiful. I love the big chunky cream sweater paired with the gold jewelry. Really lovely Shini.

    I am so in love with Cartier’s bracelets. The one you’ve featured is gorgeous. I really want the bracelet that locks. I looked it up online because I was going to add it to my Christmas list but my jaw nearly smacked the floor when the price came up. 6,000 dollars! Mama mia. Sliiiiiightly out of my price range. Bummer.


  16. Such an incredible post x


  17. Sarah

    Aawww these pictures are so beautiful – I got goose-bumps! As for Christmas deco, we only have some lights up in our front garden because most of our neighbours do too and we like to jump on the bandwagon. And oh, white ;). Have a Merry little Christmas!

  18. Totally get you with jumping on the bandwagon, basically the bane of December for me now! x

  19. Bare legged whilst ice skating… You are a force to be reckoned with!


  20. Everything about this post is pretty, your outfits are amazing, the jewelry is gorgeous and your writing makes me love you and your blog even more!

    Love, Rachel

  21. love this red sweater


  22. Amazing shots as per usual. So lucky to collaborate with Cartier. The next piece of fine jewellery on my list is definitely a Juste un Clou. Also, DL1961 denim is the absolute best!!


  23. Such beautiful pictures. Lovely red top and white skirt. Absolutely gorgeous


  24. You look gorgeous skating! I am always afraid to go. The last time I went I nearly cried because I was too afraid to fall. Yeah, not that much of a daredevil.


  25. Merry Christmas Shini! Xoxo

  26. The Cartier jewelry is so elegant! And your earmuffs look uber warm <3


  27. The Cartier jewelry is so elegant! And your earmuffs look uber warm <3


  28. so pretty!!


  29. So much luurrrrve

  30. nunu

    incredible pictures. you are so beautiful ;)
    If you want come to visit the new post on my fashion blog, here: http://honeyandcotton.org/random-photo-instagram/
    Kiss from Italy.

  31. Love your outfit! The ice skating background looks amazing!

    Merry Christmas <3


  32. I love this post. I’m feeling festive this year too, despite being crazy busy, and it’s taken me somewhat by surprise. Also, you look very graceful on the ice rink. Seriously jealous of you for that right now…

    Charlotte xx

  33. Such beautiful photos!


  34. You seriously have the most beautiful images! Gorgeous!

    x Luciana

  35. It has put me in such a festive mood. Love the earmuffs!

  36. Gorgeousssssx

  37. miri

    Beyond beautiful! Love the bracelet from Cartier- it looks amazing on you!
    Have a great week!


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  39. I’m originally from Finland so I love skating… For the Christmas decorations though, I’ve gone for lots of green, white candles and some pink baubles in the Christmas tree! Miisa x

  40. Very chic outfits xo I really like all of those pictures! They look great <3


  41. Beautiful photos. I love the traditional red and white ensemble for the winter holidays. Makes me want to get a full skirt now!


  42. Beautiful pictures! love both outfits. And that’s an amazing wreath that you chose in the end:)))


  43. Again pure perfection.

    Fabulous 30s

  44. I deeply, and sincerely love every picture that you take. You are very talented.

    a lot of admiration,



  45. I deeply, and sincerely love every picture that you take. You are very talented.

    a lot of admiration,


  46. You have such style, Shini! In your personal tastes and art direction – as well as, always, your writing. LOVED this post.

  47. The cape is stunning, the skating outfit too. Love the wreath in the last photo. I am getting into the holidays now too!


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  49. Love your words and pics, as always! You’re perfect image for Cartier. Happy holiday!

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  51. […] of Christmas Day, crisp winter breeze cutting through a crack in the window letting this cynic-turned-Christmas-Elf know that the breakfast she’s about to wake up to is extra special. Nevermind the gifts, for […]

  52. Incredible close ups
    Lots of love, xx

  53. Every picture looks so pretty! The amount of effort put into everything is to be applauded for~


  54. Livia

    Its so fab, i never really see the real juste un clou, so i want to ask, is in the circle marked cartier or inside the ring? ( if you know what i mean) thanks for answering this

  55. Julia

    Oh you always make my day better! You + the color red = elevated mood! Cheers.

  56. These pictures are really special. I don’t understand how you look so graceful on the ice rink, even if I’m standing still I have this air about me of someone inches away from falling over! xx


  57. nice cape and turtleneck ,very upscale and trendy.

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