I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Day 1: Latte and Eggs Royale at the Breakfast Club

Day 2: Cheddar cheese burger, strawberry milkshake and fries at Byron

Day 3: Ribena juice from Mulberry; Olive Capers pasta, latte and Focaccia at Princi; Tea and roadkill Mulberry cupcake

Day 4: Sushi boxset and Blueberry Granola Frozen Yoghurt from Itsu

Day 5: Vegetable dumpling Udon from Itsu (Noodling shot thanks to Kit!)

Day 6: Glamour x Krispy Kreme for Glamour Magazine 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (Photo thanks to Franciepants)

Making out with the doughnut, such a PG rated naughty pic that is.

BAH I give up. For days I’ve been trying to cook up another one of those ‘Special Edits‘ but I’ve got the biggest designer’s block that the Park & Cube bit is starting to make sense. So here’s the food I ate during fashion week, they deserve a bit of attention anyway, the Glamour x Krispy Kreme doughnuts especially. The lovely Abi arranged 4 boxes to be delivered and before it was released for distribution I’d already stuffed my trap with a dozen. I’m going to be so fat  *cue ‘oh no shini you’re not fat‘ comment. **cue ‘oh yes I am, I should’ve had 6 doughnuts, I should go hurt myself now‘ reply.

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  1. louise

    oh my gosh look at the food colouring on that muffin! ^^
    (my chinese mothers instinct rubbing off onto me! -must avoid e-numbers guilt)
    your food snaps are very lush! yum xxx

  2. oh my GAWD!!!!! Those krispy kreme donuts!!!! They look sooooooooo scrumptious! Thanks so much for the food pictures.

  3. A mixture of healthy and unhealthy-evil food products at LFW, my squished Mulberry cupcake ended up like yours which tumbled endlessly in my bag like a washing machine – long tumble wash in 40’c. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sample it cos I was unwell and gave it to Mademoiselle Alize hahaha.

  4. I love eggs benedict. Your food posts KILL all of mine. : )

  5. I adored these pictures! Especially the row of bottles with bendy straws. And those donuts look so yum!

  6. yey, food pictures <3

  7. Lol. I hear you, girlie. If it makes you feel any better, one of my junior designers brought in about 3 dozen homemade iced sugar cookies today – of which I happily consumed at least half. Winter’s fun because the pudge can be hidden behind layers, but I’m a little freaked out that spring’s just around the corner. Well, that, and diabetes. That freaks me out too. I like to think I’m simply keeping my pancreas on its toes, but I’m often told otherwise. =\

  8. All this food looks delicious. Just wondering how the fashion week people manage to stay so slim!

  9. my golly, this post has made me famished! lovely delish snaps!


  10. I have major food envy!!!! It all looks so good! Especially the sparkly donuts. I would be making out with them too!

  11. wow!! LFW has top it!!! suicidal cupcake ><
    I don't normally go crazy for donuts but these ones.well,,,,,,*salivating* I really have to ask!! Is that raspberry topping on top!

  12. That food looks so delicious!

    Beautiful photos!



  13. Whoa, those doughnuts look amazing, they look like hyper-real versions of themselves :) I want.


  14. yum yum yum yum yum

  15. incredible pictures! the colour of the donut glaze… wow. glad i just had a proper meal, otherwise i would go and get some donuts now (and we really don’t want that, cause we’re on a diet :( )

  16. we can have a donut and then continue on with the diet.

    Simple. x

  17. timmy

    you look so adorable sipping that noodle strand!

  18. I wouldn’t dare call you a fatty! (Unless of course all the food in this post was for you alone, all in one sitting… then I’d probably tell you to run a few laps.) Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts are my favorite – it’s probably for the best that there aren’t that many places to get them anymore, otherwise I’d be grilling up some Luther Burgers every weekend!

    Is that why the models at LFW were reportedly “healthier looking” than in NY or Paris? Must be those Krispy Kremes!

  19. Love, love, love, love, LOOOOOVEEE food photos and yours look so deliciously tasty I could lick my laptop screen. Mmmm…. tasty. So funny how you eat the most random things during FW…. I swear I was averaging a burger a day, and very little else. Except of course for the day I just ate a pint of milk and salt and vinegar crisps… I think if I did a post like this it would be so cringe and I might have a health intervention launched on me.

    Anyway. Beautiful photos. I especially like the roadkill cupcake.


  20. BHaahahaahh wow that was a little pukey – pint of milk and salt & vinegar crisps, almost sounds like ‘I dare you to eat this combination’ competition.
    MISS YOU x

  21. GET THOSE TOPSHOP SHOES. if we had topshop in seoul i would get them in a heartbeat, do you know how tall i would get in those suckers/???? i would be breathing different air for sure ;P
    get them SHINi!!!!! hehe

  22. 원하면 사서 보내줄수도 있는데 if you want! I think I’ll go try them on next time I’m in haha

  23. @Shini,
    Please go try them on and tell me your honest opinion on whether they are comfy or not. :) i’d really like to know.ooooooooh you’re tempting me!

  24. Hahah I’m super hungry right now


  25. Amy

    Looks soooooo good!


  26. Amazing!! I know this isn’t the usual but having these shots of your food isn’t a bad idea. Loved the variety and those doughnuts seriously look amazing! Looks like happy eating:)


  27. All this food looks amazing! Sometimes when I go to events the food reeks of ‘cheap catered bought in shrimp and dip’ but this looks thoughtfully and elegantly prepared. (You obviously go to some more high class (and budget) events than me!)


  28. Haha none of these were prepared by the BFC, we went out and did the food hunt ourselves outside Somerset House – I doubt they’d even feed us ‘cheap catered bought in shrimp and dip’ for bloggers at fashion week. xx

  29. This food looks so yummy! Those krispy kremes for the Glamour party are so pretty. The eggs benedict looks DELICIOUS. thank you for sharing, I love these photographs.


  30. the donut looks so good!


  31. these food shoots looks amazing! and delicious! esp the donuts, like they’re wearing lipgloss :)

  32. Shini that is hilarious! And it’s so true: what Jen said, too – it’s like with jet lag, fashion week: our inner clock is so messed up.. I can remember times (last fw, i think) where I’d just be standing in the M&S by the Covent Garden tube trying to think what can I eat.. this time we got lucky, I happened to be with friends at the times that the food came out in the press room, and one of the shows actually gave away LAUDEREE MACARONS.. I can see a lot of time/effort went into this post, and it’s brilliant.

    It’s funny that it’s Glamour that did the donuts thing.. I’ll tell you about it someday. They’re good friends, basically. xo

  33. Those Glamour x Krispy Kreme donuts scare me a little (well, more than a little) – the glaze looks like nail polish! The other foods look delicious though :)

  34. Haha aren’t they scary, they’re meant to look like lipgloss… was ubersticky like lipgloss too!

  35. my first thought was what food at Fashion week? you obviously ddi the sensible thing and made time to make some pit stops between shows. I made to sure to go to Nandos a couple of times

    I think it was the saturday I went to Greggs, and I distinctly remeber heads turning as I walked in to the courtyard as I enjoyed my hot pastie, I think i actually saw poeple drooling

  36. lol….everything looks visually-tastic….wonder how those ribena juice tastes like..hahha…*drools*
    but the doughnuts looks like they have lipgloss on them…well..guessing by the last pic..must be worth making out with..:D
    And if i haven’t said this before..i love your hair….what do you do to it..?!…

  37. WHAT. those doughnuts look so darn fake.. yet so yummy! these pictures.. gahh. I could stare at them forever. Have you heard about Jamie Beck? hey sometimes still use films and it makes the picture look half picture half film. It’s so awesome! I had to dedicate a blogpost about his photography.

  38. I’m hungry because of you! Delicious!


  39. Mmm Shini! This all looks amazing and it’s making me hungry, I Love The Breakfast Club but I live so close to it it’s dangeous… and Princi is my fav soho stop, never been to itsu though but by the look of that veg dumpling udon I have a feeling that it wont be that way for much longer! Photos are gogeous as usual and you look cute, no f word involved xx

  40. just enjoy those lovely bits and pieces. maybe they are that sugary, just look like it.
    maybe you are not even liable to get fat

  41. everything looks so delicious!


  42. Oh my, deliciousness! Next FW I am eating out with you since you clearly know all of the places to visit :) They are look so incredible, it’s impossible to have a favorite!


  43. I’m glad you posted a photo of The Breakfast Club – I’ve been meaning to go there forever and this had kicked me into motion! Must-go-now.

    I tried one of the Glamour krispy kreme donuts last week and was felt so ill! So bad, yet so gooood :) NHG x


  44. Best. Post. Ever. The doughnuts. Oh, the doughnuts! Everything looks so fresh and delicious. Nom. x

  45. Did you say food? Food…? At LFW?! Does not compute! It all looks super yummy, especially those eggs, mmmm x

  46. Mmm they all look so yummy!

  47. Oh no!! That poor cupcake… The red frosting makes it look like such a brutal fall… But the doughnuts look amaaaazing!

  48. This post made me so damn hungry! The eggs royal & the noodles look so good!

  49. Okay, so how many people here like Ribena? I’m convinced the whole “blackcurrant love” thing is a UK thang…

    /kind-of off-topic comment

  50. @Moni, Oh, my main point about the Ribena was that I got excited, thinking it was grape soda (possibly the best beverage ever), then I read the caption and was CRUSHED. :P

  51. Erm I toootally second that, that bottle didn’t look like Ribena, that’s one reason I drank it. Wouldn’t have picked it up 1) if I wasn’t starving 2) if I didn’t run in heels from the station 3) if I knew it was Ribena hahaa

  52. rafael

    it was nice … very nice …

  53. wow, this is my kind of post! those doughnuts looks rediculously good. xx

  54. alice

    You should do more food posts! I’m glad you eat (and eat well, by the looks of it). Also, you always have the cutest little text blurbs under your pictures. The other blogs usually say something trite, but yours are endearing!

  55. Nom…I really want the eggs & salmon.
    You always have the best photos!

  56. My god. Those glittery glazed doughnuts!! Ahh!

  57. Those donuts looks so magical!


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  59. 6 doughnuts won’t make u fat shini.. Those colorful things make me want to bite them all.. :9
    The last picture can be the cutest doughnuts advertisement.. lol

  60. it looks so delicious!
    your shots are incredible <3

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