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Wax-coated jacket that memorizes every crease

Braille studios in Dalston

I remember, this was the day I was contemplating being subhuman and staying in bed with dirty hair instead of going out to visit Ben & Sam of Braille. Time and time again I keep having to remind myself that this blog is not a platform where I report on the latest collection of brands, and especially not menswear because don’t we all just pretend to have boyfriends to cover up the fact that we’re social outcasts? Ok maybe that’s just me. Also frankly, I don’t get paid skittles to spend hours travelling to press events and then struggling to write things up.
But whad’ya know, I visited Braille that day and I had to eat my words. I realised that, even if I were to visit a studio producing hacksaws and lawnmowers, if it told a good visual story it’d be worth ‘reporting’ on. This is indeed Braille’s AW11, but this is also the birthplace of the collection, where Ben & Sam painstakingly sewed on each button and produced the pieces without the help of any interns – reason why they named the collection ‘Our Damn Hands‘.

Thank you Michael from SpotComms for arranging this all.

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  1. love this store. it’s absolutely amazing, the clothing is so YOU.
    i love the wax jacket… too cool


  2. Haha is it really ME?

  3. @Shini,
    teeheh , at least i think so! i love the simplicity with the little but statement details :]

  4. great colors in these photos. glad you decided to get out of bed that day ;)


  5. The photography is beautiful, so much story to tell.
    Their studio looks familiar, are they based near Laburnum St?

  6. These clothes are amazing- and agree-very you! I love the simplicity of the lines and the authenticity in the design. It is also refreshing to see designers who are willing to get their hands dirty and put in the hard work into the output rather than leave it to others. I bet you’re happy you got out of bed that day! :)

  7. Wowzers, I can’t imagine doing that all by hand! No wonder they named it that. That wax-coated jacket is intriguing… I like the idea of clothes keeping track on the wearers history. And, of course, LOVE the photos, you have such an eye for the interesting details.


  8. Get off your keester! We need you to brighten our day with your sharp words and cool pictures.
    Hope that was enough motivation..Tough love.
    Check out my YouTube channel for some rad DIYs!


  9. I love these images, and the clothing looks pretty nice, too. I wouldn’t mind living amongst delicious fruits and handmade clothing in a gorgeous loft, but alas…

    I have a question though. You seem to indicate in the writing that this is menswear, but when I scrolled through the images I didn’t get that impression. Especially the green blazer, the teal duffel coat, and navy blazer… all seemed femme to me. I know these days gender in clothing matters less (well, for women at least), but it does still matter for thinking about fit and actually ever wearing certain things.

    In any case, these are geographically and likely monetarily out of my reach. But I very much like the navy coat with brass ring closures and the waxed jacket. I wonder how the shoulders would fit?

  10. Your blog is always such an inspiration :)

    I hope you do this for a long time to come

  11. I’d love to see your take on hacksaw and lawnmower production. Lol. That would make my day. I’d also love to steal your eye for detail. You certainly always know how to paint a pretty picture.

  12. this is so amazing!

  13. they really have an amazing place!!!really really love it

  14. I don’t mind what you post about…even if it’s not DIY…your photos are something to be appreciated and as long as you keep posting beautiful images I’ll be happy.

    This studio looks amazing and makes me super jealous. Except I would have cats in mine :)

  15. great blog! love these pics and your writing x

  16. i loved this post. your images are beautiful and your writing made me smile. and any designer who can make a wrinkled shirt look chic is worth a look-see in my book.

  17. Is it bad that I really don’t even care what you post on because I just love your photos so much? Eeeek… ok, don’t take that literally… but your content is always so interesting Shini – whether it’s showcasing food, a menswear collection, or your own outfits.

    I love this post by the way and I love that it’s called House of Braille because literally it is in their house! The first shot looking into the kitchen is awesome.

    Also, that teal duffle coat is freaking amazing. Seriously, how much does this stuff retail for?? I want to get that for Fred… my not make believe husband… and then I want to steal it and wear it all the time.


  18. love this post


  19. i love the doggies and space. so cute love it.


  20. This is so stunning! Beautifully told by your pictures also, I’m so glad you dragged yourself out of bed, haha.
    It’s great to hear about other designers starting out the hard way, passion is everything.

  21. I really like the idea of ‘remembering’ the creases instead of ironing away all trace of them. Usually shirts try too hard to look immaculate but this is the perfect combination!
    Thanks for sharing! (I might get one for myself…:D)


  22. I like to look at menswear collections quite alot actually, truth be told i don’t know much about them but if the clothes are good and the models wearing them even better ;P who is complaining? Lol.
    P.S DOGGIE!!!!! :)

  23. Always go for a visit, those are some great pics! x

  24. i wish there was such place in warsaw. my boyfriend is so picky about clothes! and the wax-coated shirt is amazing. I’d love to wear one myself.

  25. Melissa

    Beautiful photos, i love the clothing.


  26. Luckily for us readers you got out and could shot this magnificent pictures. Great place.

  27. oh my…. i love the doggies! x

  28. didn’t notice the clothes… the BOYS and the DOGS though!

  29. very nice indeed, this looks like my kind of place. the dogs don’t hurt it either

  30. Ah menswear, I cherish thee…

    Just a heads up: your link to SpotComms is broken–you forgot the http:// part!

  31. Aych thanks soo much!

  32. russ kientsch

    great photo story – well done!

  33. Hahahaha I loved this post! I completely understand the boyfriend excuse, they are really convenient. Thanks for going out anyway though, I really love these photos!

    It might be menswear, but I would love to wear any of these items — right now especially the raincoat, since it’s rather rainy out right now.

  34. Good to see that it’s not just me who has a pet on their lap when working on the computer… In my case my cat is like my blogging assistant, unfortunately he can’t confirm my invitations or do copyediting… He prefers to sit on my lap whenever I’m eating in his presence as well, so there is always the imidiate possibility of furry breakfasts and dinners!

  35. I love these pieces!

    Especially that emerald green coat!

    And the wax jacket is fascinating!

    Fox Whiskers

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  38. I will not stop till that duffel is mine!!!!