I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Jacket – Balmain, Dress as top – Alexander Wang, Clutch – Kurt Geiger, Purple waller – Mulberry

Ciao from Florence! Hailed butt, away from rainy wet miserable London mercifully, to spend a few days in the beautiful sunny city of Florence for Luisa Via Roma’s 4th edition of Firenze4Ever, dolled up in pink. Coming up: a LOT of clothes I can only afford if I sold my mother and brother (2 for 1?), enough pink to re-live your Barbie kidhood, and a gaggle of really great people who happen to be bloggers.

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  1. ohmygod you look amazing! i love that hint of bright lipstick peeping out from the punky black outfit. I love this!!

  2. Amazing jacket! Really different.

  3. jealous you are in florence. ps love the studded shoes. x


  4. great photographs and what looks like great fun. you always take the best pictures, i absolutely love! :)
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  5. great photos! makes me miss Florence!


  6. Ahhh so jealous! Enjoy…wish you lots of fun!



  7. those heels are to die for!! serious shoe porn

  8. LOVE the Mulberry wallet!

  9. stunning jacket, gorgeous texture!


  10. Those studded Louboutins have stolen my heart <3

  11. i love the pinkness of it all! and those shoooooooooes!


  12. I have stars in my eyes after seeing that beautiful Balmain jacket on you. And your captivating snapshots never cease to amaze me. x


  13. That jacket is so gorgeous. Beautiful photos, so jealous that you’re in Florence!



  14. woww love that jacket


  15. Ahh, Florence! Just got back from the best semester of my life there. Here’s a link to some of my recommendations for restaurants/sights. Go to La Giostra for dinner!! Have an amazing time. http://justcsm.tumblr.com/post/15212551882/the-insiders-guide-to-florence

  16. Ahh that was super useful, thank you!! Going again on the 18th so I’m so going to visit one of the dinner places :D

  17. Your camera is so amazing… I love those studded heels!

    XX Kathryn


  18. Ooo la la. This sounds and looks super lush. Hope you’re getting properly spoiled Shini. Can’t wait to see more. xx

  19. Face in your food! Hehe. The different facets of your jacket are quite nice and I especially like the way it reflects the light. I hope you’re having a lovely time in Florence, it’s great to hear that it’s such good weather there! Looking forward to seeing your future post(s) about your time there– gorgeous clothes and friendly bloggers is always good to see ^^ Have a good weekend!

  20. Wow your photography is flawless! Love the jacket as well! Gorgeous! :)

  21. wow, i was so surprised to read that the jacket is “balmain” – ’cause i thought i didn’t like balmain. what an amazing piece! you look absolutely stunning! enjoy florence!

  22. Lovely pictures! :)

  23. i LOVE this look!
    jacket looks amazing!
    and lovely photos!

    Fashion Philosophy

  24. Jenn

    Quality pictures. Very fashionable items.

    Jenn of Jenn’s shaved ice machine

  25. Beautiful photos. I love it. ^ ^

  26. Such lovely pictures.. and your jacket is AMAZING! :)
    I do love Firenze. I’ve been there for three times and almost live there.. It’s such a gorgeous place!

  27. Your photography keeps amazing me! Have fun!

  28. Beautiful photos!


  29. Pink rules (especially pink champagne)… Florence must be so much nicer now than in the summer heat. Enjoy, enjoy – and send us some rays of sunshine! CAN-NOT-WAIT for more photos. X

  30. ♡Very beautiful photos!!!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    www. welovefur.com

  31. Wowza, you look stuunning Shini. Do grin more often please!
    I love the salmon hairdo of the guy lying on the plate, le chic.
    Anyway, waiting for more photos from sunny Florence, have loads of fun! xx


  32. You look so pretty and happy & the outfit is awesome. I’m always so jealous of everything you get to do; travelling, the food, the clothing!

  33. ever elegant and chic.
    will be waiting for the next post!


  34. Looking so beautiful! I can’t believe you managed to make me like Balmain…

  35. Your images are always creative…no matter what the subject matter is i.e salmon and smiley face,ha!Love your look in the fourth image.

  36. Amazing shoes!


  37. Beautiful photos, as always!

  38. Oh my gosh, you look amazing. Love the red lippy! Those little envelope purses are so adorable.

  39. sometimes i am SO slow – i stared at the plate of food for like 5 seconds before it dawned upon me that there was a face; then when i did see it, i burst out laughing. thank you for making me laugh! :P

  40. those studded shoes are amazing! loving the smiley face in the food too (#iseefaces)

    Katie x

  41. i find it really calming that i’m not the only one playing with her food!

  42. Those studded shoes look to die for!


  43. b.eau.ti.fu.l.

  44. Face food :)
    I love/want your jacket & shoes.
    Great style!

  45. Lovely lovely blog.
    Your pictures are so nice(L)

  46. Such a great post. Like how you sum up your visit to Luisa Via Roma’s Pink Carpet. Can’t wait to be able see more reports about it on your blog.



  47. The shoes are incredible.

  48. I’m so in love with your photos babe, so glad I met you in Firenze!

  49. Looking lovely. That leather jacket is very nice. And i love the studded shoes, where are they from? x

  50. Thank you! Not mine, but it’s Christian Louboutin!

  51. @Shini, Cool. Ahh Louboutin, very nice, lucky you huh! Peace X

  52. Hah I’d be lucky if they were mine I guess! The StyleLab just means we borrow the pieces for a shoot ;)

  53. @Shini, Oh ok. he he. Still pretty cool for you tho. Take it easy shuga. X

  54. oh! adorable photo of you :D

  55. love these shots!

    Those shoes are to die for!

  56. omg! as always these photos are so nice! i love the food face too!
    it was so nice to hang out with you this weekend… i wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the pond! you are so much fun to hang out with. hope you had a lovely day and nice trip home!

  57. Lucky you! Enjoy the gorgeous weather and the beautiful clothes!

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  58. Jules

    You look amazing in the lipstick! and I will buy your mom, name your price- no one loves like a good Korean mom!

  59. Love the Geiger clutch.. just gorgeous!

  60. What a gorgeous Balmain jacket, love the way it shines!


  61. it must have been a very cool event with the most famous bloggers from around EU, right!? I am sure you had a lot of fun. I love your pictures so, soooo much, you are very talented. Please keep on blogging ;-)

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on the first Professional of Fashion’s interview on my blog! I’d love your comment on it.

  62. Just found your blog and it’s simply lovely! I love love love Firenze! The Balmain looks sick. Enjoy! xx Jess

  63. I don’t really get how you can take such amazing photos. It astounds me. :D

  64. […] used to, and loving, hotel breakfasts Chanel AW12 in Paris, still have a crush on that canary-yellow boy […]