I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Dress – MGSM, Shoes – Casadei, Jacket – Burberry Brit, Rings – Sardo; Makeup by MAC Cosmetics

First StyleLab outfit of Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4Ever, featuring the worth of mother + brother + this London flat that I don’t even own in garments & accessories. Funny thing is it doesn’t even make you feel more glamorous or particularly important… anywho. At one point during the shoot there was a man with a puffy red jacket that kept peering through the opposite window of the car and the hubby finally yelled HOLY MOZZARELLA, MAN, WOULD YOU PLEASE MOVE at which point I yelled back at him BUT YOU TOLD ME NOT TO MOVE WHEN YOU’RE TAKING BAJILLION YEARS FOCUSING. And of course, while we were bickering the man eventually buggered off to take photos of a naked statue and chuck gelato at pigeons and such…

Thank you Yosi for your assistance and my dear hubby for helping with the photos.

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  1. you look beautiful!

  2. Love these images ~ Ravishing!

  3. ilaria

    Ruby woo looks great on you….

  4. You look beautiful!

    Cute story :)


  5. I love your photos, are the best of firenze for ever. A breath of fresh air!


  6. oh, and another super amazing fantastic leather jacket! lovely photos, too! enjoy florence!

  7. *Wolf whistles* Cool blogger, cool car, cool clothes…

    Ahem…beautiful photographs as per!

  8. june

    this lipstick suits you soo much

  9. Ola

    PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU TOOK THESE PHOTOS *.* as in the camera+lens+settings perhaps? it can be without the settings if its a top secret like the pizza hut crust. but the lens…. i cant stop scrolling up and down. seriously.

  10. Oh thank you! Most of it’s actually thanks to post-production, I used my usual 50mm lens! Settings…don’t really remember, every shot is different depending on the light available and such – would depend on which lens you’re using too!

  11. Wish there was a photo with the red-puffer-jacket-man. Haha.

  12. swoon. these pics are perfect. so so beaut


  13. These captures are so magical and spellbinding, it’s like you just stepped out of a wondrous fairy tale. The story behind these photos made me laugh, ah, the joys of married life. x


  14. Wow!!! What to say! Stunning as always and even more!!!

    xoxo from Rome

  15. I love the shot of your hand on the steering wheel.

  16. hahaha about the story of the man in red jacket! love the photos so magical!


  17. the pictures are absolutely amazing.

  18. These images are truly magical! Looks like a wonderful time :)



  19. These are such great pictures. I love them all, especially the bicycle shot!

  20. These images are the perfect complement for your outfit – the streets, vaguely utilitarian wood and tires of the car with the leather, the sumptuous red bits (car, velvet rope, and your lips and nails) and the soft, fluttery details – the birds from the bridge, the Christmas lights hanging in the street, your twinkly rings, and of course the dress. Gorgeous combinations, all! I read your blog all the time, but these images really stood out for me. (Apparently enough to inspire my shy self to comment, wow!)

    Thanks again for sharing your fabulous work!

  21. Why would he waste perfectly good gelato on pigeons!? That is the true crime of this tale.

    Ha ha, you look gorgeous though. I feel I must reiterate all thoughts concerning your resemblance to a doll. Gosh, your skin is so flawless it may as well be porcelain.

  22. really beautiful pictures,
    and you look wonderful ;)

  23. Marvellous photos!

  24. Magda

    I can’t stop looking at you. Gorgeous!

  25. So adorable!

  26. amazing photos! You look so beautiful


  27. When I visited Florence I felt completely in love with this city! On your photos it looks so magical! I wish to come back there one day!

  28. These photos are wonderful, you have a great blog! I like all the red accents in the photos…


  29. gorgeous photos as always !!

  30. lovely photos! so jealous of your trip.

  31. These photos are like out of a film still, so beautiful.


  32. Holy Mozzarella! X-D That sounds like it’s out of a cartoon. Haha. I’m going to start using it. At least the photos came out beautiful! I love them :D Especially the where you’re fixing your lipstick; that one’s adorable.

    Castle Fashion

  33. ha, your stories always make me laugh, the guy in the red puffa jacket :)

    & your photos continue to amaze me, no.s 1 & 4 are so beautiful in particular, they could be watercolour paintings from the early 20th century!

    looking forward to some London spring weather in a few months, i have a similar (but probably tons cheaper, haha!) brown leather jacket which is the perfect partner for many a summer dress..

    Katie x

  34. Whheehee for more stunning landscape shots!

  35. Your blog is so beautiful. (and user-friendly!) very cute story haha. Might I recommend these pumps for you…http://www.chineselaundry.com/keep-up

  36. The more tasty post about Florence these days. U made me miss Florence and the lazy morning I used to spend there! Simply lovely

  37. beautiful dress! love it with the leather jacket


  38. you look so beautiful!! cant believe i wasnt in florence when you were! will be flying back next monday! hope you enjoyed your stay! :)

  39. you look amazing..

  40. Wooooweeee Shini you look utterly delicious! Love the non-sheen red on your lips and that dress is gorgeous! Your hair has grown so much since your last cut 4 months ago.

    Dying for Bill’s.

  41. Hahahaha, holy mozzarella man…I encountered many-a-mozzarella man when I was in Rome…

  42. So beautiful! Everything…you, your clothes and the setting. Hubby did a wonderful job with the photos. I covet your starburst ring!

  43. love these crystal clear photos taken during the Firenze event!
    your mini-wagon car looks so adorably cute in PINK ~
    and yes, your lipstick blends perfectly with the red shoes and white dress. gorgeous cut =)

    Style Hostess

  44. STUNNERRR! and can I have your car please? Seriously lush colour! You are a very lucky lady missy! Xx

  45. I love Firenze, I’ve been there many years ago and I would like to go back soon!
    I like very much the outfit, the colour of the jacket is perfect and the ring is striking!!!

  46. amazing pics. and loving ur dress


  47. gorgeous shots look, wow



  48. amazing captures! love the pop of red!


  49. Stunning photos!

  50. Haha Shin, was the red puff jacket man by any chance wearing a blue beannie?
    I think I just found him in the 2nd photo, looking down at what’s possibly an imaginary pigeon!
    Feels like I just found where Wally is! Haha

    Lol, this story of u n ur hubby is so cute, and pics marvalous, as always~

  51. I just love these pictures! Actually not only these but all your photography! I def want a 50mm lens too!;)

  52. These photos are super amazing! You lucky girl!

  53. nathalia

    beautiful girl you look stunning! happy to see all the pictures

    Viaggio Della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  54. These posts from Firenze is my favorites so far. Magnificent.

  55. *gasp* these are beautiful! literally everything, you, the clothes, the scenery , the photos…..and the car is epic xx

  56. thank GOD you’re back with part 2. been waiting and refreshing like curazy.

    red lipstick FTW. <3

  57. John

    omg you betta workkkk

  58. oh,wow, lovely <3

  59. My God… I’m saving these on my desktop in a non-creepy, admiring the postcard-like quality of these beautiful photos kind of way. I would bet money on the first one being a watercolor piece.

  60. The first photograph is absolutely gorgeous– it feels so calming and almost like a painting. I like the pop of colour in your outfit from the vibrant red heels. Thanks for sharing these great photographs (they came out stunning!) and for sharing the little story; I love hearing your stories behind your photograph adventures!

  61. the hair! you look spectaculaaar shini!

  62. Eleanor van Overdijk

    Beautiful captures of you and Firenze; you go girl!

  63. this must have been one chic photoshoot! this vintage car was a nice touch :) Even if it didnt make you feel glamorous, you looked that way for sure :)

  64. That first shot looks like a painting. So beautiful.

    Loving red lipstick too. Perfect shade of red for you. :)

  65. Your photographs are just always outstanding, full of emotions. And see your aspect of things! You’re one of my fav’ blog!
    x Romi


  66. annoying guys in puffa jackets! freaking nice car though

  67. Shini, you quite simple look amazing – please wear that lipstick more often :) x

  68. you look awesome!! the photos are breathtaking.

  69. maite

    hi shini, what brand and shade of lipstick were you wearing here? love it!

  70. Your posts always make me giggle, but this one in particular made me “lol.” Holy mozzarella indeed.

  71. beautiful!

  72. Sally

    Beautiful Shini!

    Which lipstick is it?

    Looks so good w/ your skin.

    Xx Sally

  73. these pictures are beautiful and you look awesome in them!


  74. Amazing shots!

  75. Beautiful photos.

  76. Your dress is GORGEOUS!! I’m really enjoying your blog, it’s wonderful! All you’re pictures are so amazing! If you get a chance, I’d love it if you checked out my blog, it’s fairly new I just started it at the beginning of the month! Thanks :)

  77. That first photo is breathtaking…so gorgeous!! and you look beautiful and stunning, lovely make-up!

  78. eunshil

    hi! can I post any of your pictures on my blog with a full mention of the source ?

  79. @eunshil, sure thing, thank you for asking!

  80. ram

    립스틱색이 진짜이뻐요 와우 저건 맥인가요?

  81. 네 맥맞아요~

  82. GORGEOUS!!!! XO Rebecca


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