I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Pink Carpet Party

[Rings shot] Toolsis Cocktail Ring via Boticca; True Birds Leaf Ring, Courtney Kaye Cocktail Ring,  Michelle Oh Twig Solitaire Ring via Boticca; [Outfit on stairs] Zara Coat; Uniqlo Top & Trousers, Sam Edelman Booties; Kurt Geiger Clutch;  [Outfit ‘red Jeans’] Goldsign Jeans, Coach Bag, Zara Hat, Topshop Boots;

Taking into account that my social skills resemble that of a blind hamster… oh that reminds me, my neighbour now purposefully avoids me after the few occasions I couldn’t grow a pair (of melons, what are you thinking) to say ‘hi’ in the narrow corridor so each time I pretended to be temporarily blind and deaf before shuffling past. Ah, there’s also that time I was giving a uni presentation and thanks to my scrambled nerves (or deadly toxins from the product design studios, not certain) I was known to speak in tongues. (and thus helped the overly abstract project to be even more convincing! (not really)) Anyhow, taking ALL THAT into account and looking back, an event like Firenze4Ever seems sadly not my cup of tea. Granted, I had fun with the girls and a blast trekking Florence with the hubby, but when you put too many world-famous bloggers in one room it’s inevitable that those lesser known (and socially awkward) will eventually end up benchwarming in the sidelines. It reminded me a bit of highschool with all the cliques and gossips, so the hubby and I did what we did best back then, slipped away unnoticed and made out in the bike shed…

Thank you Luisa Via Roma for the invitation & hubby for the photos

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  1. This dog is Matilda ? Blondesalad dog ?

  2. Yarp that’s Matilda!

  3. Again beautiful images is it bad that I’m drawn to the sweet treats more than any other,ha!



  4. Ah Shini, you will forever be my most popular nerd (I don’t even want to imagine how I’d feel in the midst of ‘power bloggers’) – and it’s wonderful to see Florence through your eyes. X

  5. …mmh, I probably wanted to say ‘most favourite nerd’. Oh well.

  6. You make moments so spectacular. Glad you had your hubby to be your partner in crime, I would have probably have escaped to a bike shed as well…x


  7. I adore people with social skills resembling those of a blind hamster, they make me look so sociable! wanna hang out?

    p.s. these events make me cringe. I mean, if they ever invite me (yeah right), I’ll go, but I won’t enjoy it, so ha. I bet you were among the most normal people there. (don’t be offended, I mean that as a compliment.)

  8. Ah wow what a perfect post. Firenze looks so beautiful!


  9. I know the feeling… I love blogging and I might come off as very outgoing one-on-one, but put me in a room of wonderful people and I transform into a stuttering wall flower, completely insecure.

    Your blog, pictures and text is just wonderful! Love every bit of it! Hope you had a good time in Florence in spite of everything. :)

  10. I’m not too sociable ether, so cheers :)

  11. gorgeous pictures :)

    I bet it can be an intimidating environment.

  12. Your blog is so unique and special, and in many ways superior to these “world famous bloggers”, it’s a shame you felt a draft of cliqueness. I mean, I can definitely understand (oh, how I can relate to…) your social awkwardness, but at least you went and had your own brand of fun!

  13. Shini, huge respect for being so honest, I’d propably feel exactly the same way if I was invited, but I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to say it. PS Pics from the previous post are soo absolutely amazing!

  14. I love the story these photos create in my head. It’s very romantic and makes me wish I could be there.


  15. cc

    Your photos are by far the best coverage of this event I have seen. I would opt for those gorgeous looking ice-creams over a room of airkissing bloggers any day! Your glimpses of the city are mouthwatering.. I’m saving for a ticket to Florence right away.

  16. Dan

    Shin, why do you think you got invited among those ‘world-famous bloggers’ in the first place? :-) It’s because YOU are one too. There’s no reason for you to feel like a benchwarmer at all, because for so many spectators out there–especially your fans–you’re a starter and they want their star player to show some swagger. Look at the longevity of life.. Are you going to warm the bench for the rest of your life or are you gonna do something about it? I think I know the answer already. ;-)

  17. Amazing pics!

  18. Beautiful!


  19. Shini these are STUNNING!

    I hope you had a wonderful time, socially awkward or not :)


  20. Aaww, that’s exactly how I would be in that sort of situation. I’m pretty awkward in social situations too so I don’t blame you for slipping away. Great pictures btw.
    Strut Mode

  21. Wow I love that you are so honest about the cliques, I can only imagine! My friend was there representing Clash and I can’t wait to get all the goss from her! At least you got to go and take such pretty photos and got to spend time with your hubby.
    See you at fashion week!

  22. Oh Shini I love how honest you are. Miguel and I did the same when we went to Milan last year. Benchwarmers fo’ lyfe xx

  23. Hai Faaiiiive! Miss you, see you soon?

  24. Oh Shini, absolutely love these Firenze posts (and not just because you’re wearing fancy clothes worth the equivalent of a small nation’s GDP). You look just so, so gorgeous!

    Briony xx

  25. Lovely photos ! Firenze seems like so much fun !


  26. your pictures are gorgeous!!

  27. Love the painted gown. You had such a great time

  28. I don’t usually read all the blogs I follow (just look at the pretty pictures) but I always look forward to reading your posts. They never fail to make me quite literally laugh out loud. You’re fab and love your blunt honesty!

  29. Well you have clearly utilized your time benchwarming as I follow most of those famous blogs and found your photos to be the most captivating.

  30. great photos. florence is such a great city to be in!


  31. I love your pictures! And your candid honesty :) To a lot of us, your pictures are the best. Reading your blog is always a pleasure.

  32. Joc

    Such dreamy photographs.. to escape with your husband is not so bad either ;)

  33. Rebecca

    I love reading your posts! And of course, the photos are amazing!

  34. um.. i can’t imagine that you are one of the lesser known bloggers out there! urs was one of the first blogs i ever started following


    i hope you had a blast even if it did feel awkward :)

  35. LOL, I get what you mean but you can’t be as bad as I am. Anyways, I’m in love with those green heels. wow!

  36. I really know you what you mean about socially awkward situations… loving the travel photos as usual, by the way!

  37. i love different you photos are from the other bloggers !!! i like it better than the rest … :) x x


  38. I definitely like your take on Firenze4ever better than most others. Your pictures have much more beauty than just dressing up in designer gears that no one can afford anyway. (to me this kinda defeats the original purpose of blogging…) I have often wondered about the ‘big bloggers’ if they are actually friends or is it all fake? Anyways, I enjoy your honesty and as always, your blog!

    V x

  39. Aww Shini you’re so cute. There’s always a place for you in London (we went for Mexicana tonight and missed you and Kit) haha.


  40. Amazing pictures!

  41. I love love love the second photograph <3 The bridge truly looks endless!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  42. Aiya! This type of extravaganza-hierachy event is defo socially awkward for new silent lambs…easy to kill off. The glitz, glamour and drama reminds me of the 80s tv series ‘Dallas’.

    At least you and your hubby have experienced a great (awkward) time, afterall you are who you are….don’t change when you’re famous, you are FAMOUS!!!!


  43. stunning details!


  44. you always are traveling to the most fabulous places and doing the most fabulous things. i love it.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  45. beautiful photos!


  46. No, that’s why your blog is one of my favourites! You are indeed a famous blogger, but you don’t seem wrapped up in the cliques that accompany the whole thing. I guess it’s only natural I’m drawn to blogs with a writer to whom I can relate… I can’t even identify half of my neighbors. During class presentations I get nervous and start talking conversationally (all while tripping over my words, of course) to myself. I know the comparison is probably a terrible one, but I felt out place at whichever LFW shows I attended (during which I saw you but was too afraid to say hello) because I’m truly awful at networking and had moved to London not even three weeks earlier thus had no company. Not to offend any of the other bloggers, but you just seem so much less pretentious and more real. It’s nice.

  47. Bridg

    Always love your photos – another great post! Florence looks amazing… I can understand your feeling, but it is great seeing the event through your eyes – you document things quite differently which is refreshing! :) Keep up the great work!


  48. Bibi

    Maybe it’s your Koreanness that prevents you from needless social niceties in the apartment lift and lobby. I live in Seoul and love watching the neighbours in my building. If I ever find myself in the lift, the awkward silence is palpable. The other person stands so close to the door that their nose is nearly touching or they pretend to use their phone (which doesn’t have reception in the lift). Once a girl actually had to get off on the SAME floor as me and her apartment door is opposite mine, so she ran out of the lift to get there and get inside before we avoided that awkward walk up the corridor together. So funny. But also really strange!

  49. from one blind hamster to another *highfive, I feel ya!* I’m much more outgoing and “social” via e-mail, text and messaging than in real-life. I can say so much more through writing than through actual vocal communication. The social butterfly is in there somewhere, but it just doesn’t want to show itself in front of a live audience like ever. I take foreverrrr to warm up.
    With that said, I love reading your entries! You write in such a cute, funny, hilarious, modern and genuine kind of way. whoa there, I think that sentence there needs another adjective. At least the hubz was there to keep you company :) otherwise you just might have had to force yourself upon other people. awkward! ;p
    I can totally see the disjunct between the way you write and how you are in real life, but that’s what makes you interesting and different. LOVES IT and YOU!

  50. Your photograps are outstanding! There’s not any blog who offers as great pictures as you offer!! If I’ll never collaborate with some gallery (it’s one of my dreams) I’ll report your works! By now I just check them with very open eyes! <3

  51. Ps: the hat in the first picture is “Roma” by Max&CO. feat Borsalino? I love it :D check here: http://www.fashiolista.com/my_style/list/110998/ :)

  52. @Costanza Saglio, It’s just Zara but that Max&Co one is realy lovely!

  53. @Shini, I’ve not bought the Max&Co one because too expensive, I’ll check zara! Thank you!! :) :) You looks lovely as always dear!! Cheers! C.

  54. Shini! oh this photo diary is lovable!!
    especially when the “Pink Party” starts. hehe^^
    great crystal-clear photos (again~) and Matilda is so cuteeee <3
    rumi looks full of splendor in that floral dress btw :D

    Style Hostess

  55. oh shini, i feel you! :S
    You sound like you’re having a blast there though, make sure you stuff yourself with pastaaaaaaaa! :)

  56. Love your honesty. Beautiful shots too.

  57. P

    Shini! Where is your watch from? I love it!!

  58. Love that you’re willing to talk openly about being so shy, I totally relate! Your photos are amazing, I especially love the red lippy.


  59. Shini, your photos are spectacular – as always.
    Thank you for showing that taking GREAT photos matters in a blog…too many people can’t do it!
    I am a big fan!


  60. I cant get enough of your photos! Ever! this ring in the last photo is wonderful…

  61. Carola

    I’m in love with your pictures. ever since.

    Vienna Wedekind

  62. shini i love that first photo of you! dang your hubby can take a sweet picture!!
    let’s hang out one sunday– are you in town? x

  63. adore <3

  64. Beautiful !
    The white dress is incredible.

  65. first of all, i’m reeeearry happy you posted pt 3 so quickly.
    second, even if you were benchwarming, you were most probably not a wallflower.
    third, making out with the husband is always a good plan.

  66. Haha, know that feeling… You look divine anyway.

  67. She’s so cute !

  68. Ana Ilka

    I can relate, but it’s ironic ’cause your blog is way better and a lot more interesting than some, or dare I say MOST of those other better known blogs. Yours is one of the few in which I actually want to read what you have to say rather than just looking at the pictures.

    Anywho, ‘yay’ to all people who lack social skills!

  69. The picture of the river and houses is amazing! just no wordds to express, and I love also the one with Chiara’s dog and Rumi Neely!

    x Romi


  70. pato_l

    una de las cuidades más lindas del mundo.
    Fotos bellisimas!!!!!!

  71. ha haa you’re so funny :D

  72. annali

    irrespective, i love your blog, style, writing, makes me laugh and wanna start a blog so thank you from a newbie who hardly ever comments.

  73. It’s scandalous how much I like indulging in your blog, it’s just so clever and beautiful.

  74. Eleanor van Overdijk

    Shini, you are just too amazing for words. Your insight, intelligence, creativity and individuality put you at the top; always remember that. As Dan commented, that’s why you were invited. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for being a truly bright spot in my day! Love ya girl!

  75. gosh, sounds rather intimidating! some of the bigger blogs i just adore, but their personalities wear a bit thin (constantly referring to their “fans” etc). you have it all- the wit, intelligence, style & i truly think your photos top some of the more popular blogs, the light that you capture is just beautiful. Keep it up!

    Katie x

  76. Fantastic photos! You’ve captured such spectacular sceneries.


  77. Meant to post my site but I copied & pasted your site to another window & forgot that I did & I thought I copied my own site, sorry! :)


  78. you have no idea how hopeful reading this made me about shy bloggers existing. not that i would have thought to hear it coming from you actually, because you’re gorgeous as is your style and your photos…much better than the “power bloggers” if i’m allowed to say that…thanks for your unique humour and ever inspiring posts and for giving a shy little girl some hope :)


  79. Lia

    Your photos are amazing, you always look spectacular, you eat ice cream, you don’t constantly name drop… Ie, yours is my favorite fashion blog. Your writing is also fantastic, which usually isn’t the case with most blogs, strangely.

    Anyway your social awkwardness makes you even more like able. You may be gorgeous and dressed to the nines but you’re a real person. And so many communities ( I am a poet and it is a bit similar in terms of networking, ass kissing and hierarchies) do not seek to portray themselves as being actual people.

    In desperate situations, a cocktail should ease that blind hamster syndrome… Does for me anyway

  80. Awe, I’d say that all of the sight-seeing adventures seemed much more fun than the event itself. That’s so sweet that you’re honest about it (but I think your personality is quite lovely regardless of any social mishaps!) The seventh photograph seems so reminiscent of a postcard– if I receive something with that on it’s cover in the mail, I’d want to visit that place right away! Have a great end to your week, Shini xx

  81. Mmmm… Those ice cream cones make me crave ice cream even thoug it’s only 10 am in the morning. So much for healthy new year’s resolutions!

    And as for standing at the sidelines, I have noticed that all the best parties sort of tend to happen on the sideline (maybe because all the most interesting weird people are there, haha) so in my opinion the sidelines is absolutely the place to be!


  82. Now wanting that pizza and that ice cream and to walk around Firenze in those green shoes!!!

  83. You take the best photography! These are so beautiful! And now I want pink hair!
    p.s. I voted for you in the company blog awards!

  84. wow,the photos are absolutely amazing,breathtaking!i’m really glad i’ve discovered your blog,it’s really inspiring!

  85. Joanna

    Sorry to bother you with my question, but how do you make those tags appear on the photos? Thank you in advance for the answer.

  86. Oh I make them in Photoshop into the photo and the code them in as a roll-over in WordPress! If you know howw to work HTML/CSS then there’s also a plugin called ‘Image Mouseover’ in WordPress if you want to check that out. Hope that helped!

  87. Joanna

    @Shini, Thank you very much, I will work on it. Greetings from Poland!

  88. Amazing photos! Italy looks so lovely xx

  89. you had to be pround to be different from them. we love you because you are not like them.
    from italy with xxx

  90. Beautiful pictures! I love your rings


  91. That white maxi dress is gorgeous! I love the cocktail rings too. The pizza and gelato look amazing and are making me quite hungry at the moment!


  92. Um, can I just say that you are awesome? I love your photos of Florence and it’s awesome that your hubby got to go with you so you didn’t have to feel so awkward among other bloggers. I think that’s so endearing- especially as you’re obviously classed as a power blogger toooo!

  93. you’re amaze girl and love your honesty! as much as i would love an opportunity like this i’d probs hate it too. who wants to feel like they’re in shity ol’ high school again… X

  94. Wonderful pictures ♥

  95. Aww Shini. I’m always gasping when I enter your blog. It’s so good both in content, picture quality an design. No wonder you’ve come as far as a blogger. Look at you – going on all these amazing trips and events. I’m very proud of you, hon.

  96. wow, beautiful photographs! your outfits look great too, i love a bit of kurt geiger (i blogged about one of their bracelets this morning!)
    peace and love


  97. beautiful pics!!!

  98. Oh, Shini-poo. Love your honesty about the clique-i-ness… was wondering what it was like after seeing group shots popping up on a slew of ‘world famous blogs.’ Personally I’d take you slopped in the corner over that lot anytime… wait… that came out wrong.

    Beautiful photos by the way. You’re looking quite the bohemian tomboy in these shots . Maybe it’s an aversion to all the pink tinted glamour? xx

  99. Beautiful pictures!!!
    And I like how honestly you write about that blogger event! (I mean us bloggers who nobody knows, we have to rely on what we’re told about how great or otherwise such an event is.)
    I might follow you.

  100. Ok. Ridiculously cool. Love your work babe!

  101. Julia

    What Sabine said! I need some giggles with my fashion, thank you for never disappointing.

  102. wow, these pictures are gorgeous~


  103. Bella Firenze! My favourite city in the world! Beautiful beautiful pictures!



  104. Alexa

    Ah!! thats rumi neely!!! so cool!

  105. maybe that’s why you’re my favorite blogger. oh, and i think you’re one of the funniest persons alive. true story.

  106. That’s probably why I love your blog more than all of those other Firenze4Ever invitees together. :)




  108. The True VBird leaf ring looks simply amazing. I’m discovering this brand and love it. This post is amazing :) <3

  109. […] shoe-wall out of IKEA laundry-room shelves after finding a hobbit living in the mountain of shoes Navigating in Florence with hubby at Firenze4Ever, mostly following trail of mozzarella […]