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Philip Lim LIngerie & SS11

Wang’s Pastels (down)

Aaand Marant strikes again

Favourites at KCD Pressday SS12

I may report trend like BBC weather forecast the next 24 hours (a slot machine of weather icons running on 50p coins, more like) but it sure looks like a pastels trend gale is brewing in the horizon. Not that I should mind much, everytime I spill my face-mattifying loose powder on my lap I become a pastel monster anyway, might as well be trendy this time round. I will get those Marant sneakers though, so hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide your husband.

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  1. I love your photos! SO inspiring!

  2. i love them too :)

  3. Gorgeous choises, gorgeous photos


  4. I really love the lingerie!

  5. That shirt is so nice. AH!

  6. those white shoes….i’m dying they’re gorgeous! this post makes me excited for a pastel spring xoxo


  7. That’s a really lovely collared shirt! I quite like how the two colours fade into each other and that there are hints of a dark teal in it. Sounds like the next time you spill your powder on yourself, it won’t look so accidental (: Have a great rest of the week!

  8. I’m quite excited to start wearing pastels! Despite the weather I’m feeling summery already. Love the Philip Lim underwear x


  9. *jaw hits floor*

    Too. Gorgeous. Need me them sneakers.


  10. love the phillip lim shirt, its a bit like a posh tie-die,


  11. pastel is gna be such a go go for ss12 ….. isabel marant’s got his trainers right … too damn right !!



  12. I’m pretty stoked that pastels are on the horizon, needing some color in my wardrobe. And you are going to look so insanely cool in those sneakers. x


  13. those wang shoes! holey moley…..!

    Emily xo
    Moloko & Honey

  14. oh wow, that ombre phillip lim silk blouse is sooo beautiful. um hide my wallet or else i’d have NO restraint..

  15. oh wow, that ombre phillip lim silk blouse is sooo beautiful. um hide my wallet or else i’d have NO restraint..

  16. lovely pieces!


  17. Everything is so gorgeous in this post, especially the shirt! You should definitely get those sneakers, they’re lovely.

    Carmen Ri.

  18. Loving the ending of your post haha
    and the photos are as amazing as always


  19. sarah

    Those shoes are so adorable :)

  20. Really? Pastels again? I wish I could see some more colours, I think we are going on and off pastels. Nothing against them, but colours are more fun.

    Great sneakers.

  21. That ombre blouse is so pretty! Love the pastel colors :)

  22. I really enjoyed going through your photos – they’re so inspiring and mind-bogglingly lovely. Thanks for the pick-me-up!

    x Minty

  23. Haha those sneakers are awesome and I am so looking forward to pastels. Thankfully I am a bit tanned so it blends in but I am sure yo’ll rock it :)


  24. capturing my favorite looks and designers. when doesn’t marant strike? the all black sneakers were the best investment i ever made. i love those shoes.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  25. loving ♥


  26. Lovely green pair of shoes!!! I need it!!

  27. Can’t wait to see how you would wear the Marant sneakers!

  28. I like the sweater Wang pastel!

  29. Helen

    hahahehe funnyyyyy
    the heels are gorgeous!

  30. Nice lingerie!!!
    I love all the shoes on the post!!

  31. pretty lingerie!

  32. I wish pastels looked good on me… unfortunately I cannot abuse them as I look like a ghost if I wear them! Love both heeled shoes!

  33. ARHHHH these are to DIE for!!!!! My 2 fav brands! Lim and Wang!!

  34. a-m-a-zing! all of it. but i already have a serious crush on this particular version of the marant-sneaker. and the wang-tee. an the lim-shoe. well, well, well ….

  35. I love the sneakers, they are awesome!

  36. i love all these pastels, especially the snake skin wedges


  37. beautiful photos!

    Fashion Philosophy

  38. HIDE YO KIDZ, HIDE YO WIVEZ! always nice to see some bed intruder appreciation.

  39. AHH I’m loving everything!!

  40. Perfect colours!! They are so peacefully…love your post!

  41. beautiful pictures! those white PL shoes… think i want them. still not sure about the marants though.

  42. All pieces are gorgeous !

  43. your photos are so amazing as always! lately i have been obsessing about pastel palettes and want to wear nothing else! i love those snakeskin heels!


  44. ags

    ‘so hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide your husband.’ hahaha, hilarious ! : )

  45. Absolutely love the crip colors and the texture of the shoes!


  46. Girl, I just found your blog and I must say – I totally love you.

  47. NEEEEEEED those green Wang heels! So so cool.

  48. Mathilde

    Do you have any idea where i can buy the ombre phillip lim silk blouse online? A link perhaps? Or maybe you could just tell me the name of the model, i can’t seem to find it nowhere. Thanks! M

  49. Beautiful photography. what kind of camera do you use? I am new to your blog but absolutely love it. Those Seafoam colour shoes are gorgeous and match with the boardwalk in the previous blog. what beautiful images that inspire me!
    please follow me at my blog http://www.fashionisabitch.wordpress.com

    Thanks ,

  50. I am crazy over the Philip Lim 3.1 lingerie and that awesome shirt… I hope you don’t mind me using a few of the pictures from your blog!

  51. All of those shoes are amazing. And yes please, I’ll take a slinky pair of that lingerie!


  52. sooo beautiful

    visit my blog


  53. I adore your choices!

    Ceecee’s Inspirations Blog

  54. These pastels really get me into spring! Another 3 months to go I suppose. I rrreally like the blouse tho.

  55. I love the colours of the clothes. So beautiful.

    XX Teresa

  56. Ohhh, I’m loving pastels!


  57. I love the sandals! They are so pretty especially the green one.

  58. Love your photos… :)


  59. Pita

    All the pieces look lovely :)

    Romwe giveaway $20 – http://midafternoonlush.blogspot.com/2012/01/giveaway-romwe-20-voucher.html

  60. Absolutely beautiful pictures. in the first shot you have captured the delicate-ness of the underwear so well. Love!
    Love your blog!!!

    SSS xx

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  62. I lol’ed at the ‘bed intruder’ song reference! ;)

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