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Dial down the platforms few notches maybe. Arg the straps and buckles are so sexy.

Hmm I always wonder what hardcore goths think of us sissy fashion nutters. Not sure if I want to ask though.

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  1. hi shinh!
    thank you soo much for the sweet comments.
    you’re so sweet.
    yes, myself and mr. freddy go out with the same style of outfit…
    ..and everybody tells me how cute of mr. freddy.

    btw, i saw those shoes online.
    so sorry i forgot the name of the website.
    i just typed PLEASER SHOES using the search engine.


  2. Oh I LIKE them.
    I could never go full goth in high school because my mom wouldn’t approve of any platform purchases. safety pins in ears and black makeup however – she was ok with.

  3. gawd, the sole is so thick! i like the knee high style!


  4. holy crap. i don’t think you’d be able to lift your legs to walk!


  5. They probably think we’re sissy fashion nutters.

    Goth night is my favourite club night in Vancouver. It’s so fun to people watch. Everyone’s dressed up. One time I actually ended up squealing and asking a girl where her PVC bubble skirt was from. I’m such a fangirl…

  6. Wow. Fantastic to look at but um… wow. I don’t think I could. I actually think Rumi at fashiontoast has those shoes…

  7. i bet goths think that fashion bloggers are wonderful human beings who dance with magical unicorns and eat rainbows. either that or they are planning a nuclear holocaust to obliterate you guys. the vote is still out on that one.

  8. i’ve always admired shoes like this, but i think they’re just for show.

  9. ha yeah i have a pair of platform boots
    they’re the demonia transformer 803s
    same height, but a lower shaft length and comes with interchangeable leather flame patches
    yeah gotta love tacky flames

    i’m thinking hardcore goths aren’t too happy with the punk jizz on the runway but things pass

  10. I asked. And they were more enthralled with the fact that I had naturally pale skin to care. Also, they were Asiaphiles. I think I picked the wrong ones to talk to.

  11. Amy

    These are great! Fashiontoast wears these too.

  12. oh Lord. those are great shoes! oh I wish I could own them . :(
    anyway, nice blog here.
    i love the way you explain things. interested! :D
    please visit mine, would be so happy to meet you there. :)

  13. hahahaha.
    I ‘m not sure about asking either :D

  14. If you mistake us for goths when we are metallers, we would say that you are posers and would smash your faces in :D

    Actual goths would just be sad about it. Or make you bleed – now that’s dark.

    But that’s just stereotyping. Honestly – if we are both tr00 and kvlt we will probably not care that much. It’s just a trend, it’ll die out soon enough and metal will go back to being for the uncool/fat/south american kids.

    Having said that – I think some people really would smash your faces in :D

  15. Hard to say, they probably don’t like as a fashion phenomena…but then again they don’t really judge what anyone is wearing. I happen to really like goth music and go to goth clubs but I’m not all hardcore. I don’t dress in corsets and tulle skirts, I dress in what I usually wear (black) and I’ve been just fine. I think it’s cool to go there and show that you can like goth music and clubs without dressing up in a total uniform. Just like they did in the 80’s/90’s.

  16. Wow, not really my style but definitely like those buckles! xoxox

  17. cool! i am so into the 1st shoes. the straps are def very hot.
    I saw the girl at Luxaire wear them and it looks so cool.
    how fun would it be to tromp around town and towering people and kind of know how basketball players feel. i’m sure its a different world above 6 inches.

  18. It would be fun to wear them one they just to see people staring at them lol but yes, for everyday wearing the platform has to be smaller!!

  19. MYL

    I think you are better than that. Seriously, these shoes are so not attractive… they are only attractive because the whole goth and rock look is in right now. I think your current style is great and to have an innate style… you don’t need any platform or buckles. To me… I think they will be a baggage for you. When I first saw Rumi wearing it… I was thinking WTF is that? Even the hottest model might not be able to carry it out. Think twice before you buy it… but still I suggest not. Oh by the way, the photos are well taken. And fantastic DIY items. xx

  20. MYL: Nah, I won’t buy them, it’s completely not my style. They’re just very appealing. to the eyes. Blood and gore appeals to me too, so you get my gist. ;)

  21. I looked at ones JUST like these in Camden yesterday. I wanted them so bad, the goths were looking at me with a look in their eye of, ‘WTF’. haha. They were £150 though! SO not in my budget.

    x x x

  22. can one run in those shoes??

  23. Hehe good question! The only place I know that sell those types of footwear is a shop that also sell a lot of books about witchcraft ;P I still think you have to have quite a bit of egde to wear something like that.

  24. Wow those shoes are amazing. I agree maybe a flat sole would be better?

    The buckles are love though


  25. Katana

    Oh oh oh! i am a regular at the Vancouver Goth Night- aka Sanctuary

    We love fashion just as much as you do! It’s just our timeless classic wardrobe staples are… a little different. But there’s inspiration everywhere, and we’re all silly fashion nutters of one kind or another.

  26. I think fashion is meant to be shared, no? They are totally sexy, doesn’t matter which side of the fashion tracks you come from :)

  27. love love love xx

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