I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Blazer Monton | Sweater Zara | Top Dorothy Perkins | Jeans H&M
Shoes Gmarket | Bag Solar

I’ve been going au natural nails for the past week, and I must say, it feels liberating to be free of muck chemicals on the tips of my appendages. I could actually hear the nails breathing (asthmatic huffpuffs) and every day I would make them all stand straight so I can mark their height on the adjoining fleshwall with a sharpie. Oh my babies are growing so fast.


Waiting for 2 boxes of stuff I bought from a Korean online store – well let me say, by now I forgot what I bought.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I still have 5 more days of it now. MUSHAHSHAHAHSH.

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  1. Haha, I love how you wrote this!! Really liking the wash of your jeans, too!

  2. Lovely outfit! The shoes are my fave

  3. lovely jeans and shoes!


  4. i love your oxfords. and had to laugh at the (asthmatic huffpuffs) part. hahaa =)

  5. aww cute shoes!! and those zipper top thingie is really awesome tucked into your jeans

  6. I love those jeans! And what a funny post!

  7. I feel naked without nail polish. lol. I need to let my nails breathe too! GAH!
    Great post :)

  8. Shini! you look great! i love your shoes – they are perfect with those jeans

  9. i like your layering :D and the light(ing) in these photos are so pretty! btw that little guy on your bag is so cute. just you know…dangling :D

  10. shini, you never cease to be amazing.

    and your little bag accessory is so asian but so cute and i love it

    and your blog title brought a big goofy smile to my face :D


  11. pretty outfit ^^
    love the jeans and the shoes : )

  12. The second picture is absolutely gorgeous! Those shoes are killer! Love the outfit! xxoxoxo

  13. wow, i love your pictures, and AMAZING shoes, i must say..

  14. Cool!!!I like it:)Great post!

  15. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous photos x

  16. I really like the light in these pictures. Gorgeous, as well as your outfit :)

  17. I love the jeans and the shoes! :)xx

  18. you lucky thang. i love those shoes!

  19. lol! you make me laugh!
    you have a sense of humor.

    shinh, i always love the quality of your photos.
    your shoes are so nice and can’t wait to see what you bought from online store.


  20. Can I have the link to the Korean Online site? Is it Yesstyle, or no?

    Also, your imagery is some seriously great writing.

  21. May I ask where you bought the bag?
    Is this brand (Solar) available online?

  22. Really like those shoes!!

  23. i love your outfit….great jeans and shoes:)
    love your blog so much!!!

  24. al

    i love everything about this!
    i have the same top too, i like how you layered it :)

  25. Ahhh the movement photograph, blew my socks off. You are such a beauty! And dayummm, I need me them shoez.

    x x x

  26. That walking shot of you is amazing!

  27. Effortlessly cool! Love it
    You can do no wrong!

  28. um. hi the shoes. orgasmic.

  29. Love the light in these pictures.


  30. hhahaha, this made me laugh. you are too funny. i love the light in these pictures, btw who takes them? :)

  31. i cant believe those jeans are from h&m.. i really like them! =D
    great outfit ^^

  32. Dear Shini,
    thanks a lot for leaving a comment on my blog about the bag!
    I’m currently on a mad hunt for the perfect everyday bag – so time-consuming…
    Best wishes from Berlin

  33. oh how i would die to have a british accent. seriously, is there a school for that?
    i think ellen needs to have a guest appearance on the blog.

    love the jeans and the shoes.

  34. Fantastic light! Where was that? x x

  35. Maeko: The link is gmarket.co.kr, but it’s way too hard to navigate around methinks! There is an English version of it, but it kinda sux, I’ve taken a look at it :(
    Alize: OHh somewhere around Embankment! Such an London banky area, loved it :D Sun is great these days huh, pity it rained today, maybe rained for more sun ;)

  36. I love your zipper top, it reminds me of my AA leotard! It looks so great with the acid wash jeans and your gorrrrgeous shoesies :)

  37. What lovely photos!


  38. I’m jealous about the Korean store stuffs. There’s this site I want to buy from, but I can’t read ANY of it. :(

  39. The jeans very much compliment the shoes. Or is it the other way around…lol…I’m a fan is what im trying to say ^-^

  40. there are two things very awesome in this post: THE PHOTOGRAPHY AND THOSE EFFING HOT JEANS!

    major lovage♥
    i love how the sun just trickles in the secind pic:)

  41. omg, after all this time i finally figured out who u remind me of. irina lazaraneau (sp?), the model. finally…it’s been bugging me! haha

  42. Anne Sofie

    Who is the photographer and which camera is used?

  43. wow you could be mistaken as Yoon Eun Hye!!

  44. your headline made me giggle for 5 minutes straight. im easily amused.

  45. hahaha You and your nails…
    I go for natural nails these days too… They suddenly got so healthy. I think they were just getting asmathic as yours!

    Your shoes are so cool. And gaaah I want your hair! They’re so long and look kind of shiny and healthy. I’m crying!

  46. Great photos! It’s always bizarre when I take off my nail polish, but I’ll admit it feels good. Who knew red wasn’t their natural color?

  47. James

    wow what a amazing sunrise photo-shot. You outfit is perfect. Those heels are so cool.Love the color of jeans. please come and check this out http://www.pedisource.com