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Jacket Gmarket.co.kr | Shirt Muji | Bag DIY Studded Vintage |
Leggings Zara | Shoes Chloé | Scarf Vintage

Air hostess colours today, not sure which airline. A bit of pre-2005 Korean Air with a hint of Lufthansa maybe…





Beautiful Evening dress by Christian Lacroix 1996



Fashion room, outside the Tsars exhibition

The V&A is so inspiring, it’s a crime that I live in London and don’t visit the place more often.

The Tsars collection is fantastic – did you know most royal coronation suits and uniforms were designed by the Tsars themselves? Jeez they have good taste, they should’ve done fashion design instead of country design. We all saw how that was a failure. kidding. Well you must agree at least Nicholas II in the end…

Pity they don’t allow photography in the paid exhibitions.
(It ends on the 29th March, so anyone in London, I recommend a visit!)

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    those chloe boots are so rad! i really love them in yellow, love how you work that with red, amazing! and i love clothing musems, There the Canadian Costume Museum downtown, in my city. I really oughta visit it more often too:)

  2. Stunning photographs! Are your Chloe’s new? I’ve been staring at some Marni’s for the last 2 hrs, wondering if I should buy..

  3. looks delicious. no camera allowed? this is why you sneak in your phone camera and pretend to be chatting with someone while you’re snapping pictures. this does NOT work quite as well if you forget to turn off flash. ahem.

  4. This is gorgeous!! I love the exhibition!! These aren’t your photos? Shows how great DSLRs are!!

  5. love the shoes!!!
    omg if I ever went back to London I would be content with JUST going to the V&A and skipping all the shopping.

  6. i love your outfit
    the pops of color are amazing :)
    been a silent reader of your blog for some time
    you’re always so well dressed!

  7. Hahaha I seriously love your title’s for each post! They are so original! And I love the pops of color both your shoes and scarf bring to the outfit! Well done, yet again!

  8. love it. love the scarf and the shoes. i’m a BIG scarf drapey fan. these costumes are so beautiful. the amount of work that used to go into clothing back then it’s so strange that when everything was done by hand it was always so elaborate and intricate. now that it’s all machine made it’s so simple and plain (for the most part)

  9. oh and i forgot to add, your photographs look stunning!

  10. Ugh, Chloes. I will swim from Honolulu to England and steal them off your feet.

  11. your photos are AMAZING, and those yellow shoes look sooo good on you !

  12. you just killed me. seriously. those shoes. omg. and that lacoix dress. have i mentioned how much i’m obSESSED with sequins? haha your air hostess joke:)

  13. i absolutely adore your shoes!

  14. yellow is the best. that scarf is the best.

    ps. is it true that ‘pudding’ in England refers to dessert?

  15. off topic, but i love the new logo.

    how many years have you been studying design?

  16. I love reading your posts, they’re great way to start my day. I love your shoes! I’d never consider wearing that color for myself but you make it look so cool. That exhibition looks awesome, thank you for the gorgeous pictures! xxoxoxo

  17. Ah, I adored the Victoria&Albert museum when I was in London. It’s a shame I don’t have something like that near me. I would visit ever week.. :) And I think your outfit is fantastic. Perfect museum wear!
    xo, Kate

  18. I’m SO mad I never made it to the Victoria And Albert museum when I was in london. And these teasers of the Czarist fashion have just got me drooling…I’m sort of obsessed with all things Russian.

    And the Chloe booties look sick on you. I got kind of tired of seeing them around, but in yellow, they look fresh!

  19. the shoes are awesome!
    i always love your photos, they’re all so clear and crisp, i bet your camera lense is great :)

  20. LOVE the Chloe shoes!! and the leggins look pretty cool, I have to go check Zara!xx

  21. Woow.These shoes are so great!
    And I thought these leggings were skinnies.They look great. I love their color.
    & I’m so amazed by these dresses.

  22. i really like your blog and your style so stunning… and the shoes are great. xoxo

  23. i love the yellow and red colorcombi! you pull it of very well.. =)
    ps; that Christian Lacroix dress is very beautiful!

  24. best boots ever!!!!


  25. Ana Rita

    omG, you look gorgeous!! Love the air and the whole outfit, very good! (btw… I want that scarf!!!!!!!) :D

  26. Nice scarf!! and I will be late for the exhibition!!

  27. I love the colors! I bought a pair of mustard sandals, I thought it was a beautiful color. Happy to see you’ve got a pair of your own.
    The Lacroix evening dress is divine.

  28. I love your outfit! Those shoes are so cute. And that is a really great exhibition!

  29. I love russian-tsar influenced stuff. Very bling bling, although with style.

  30. I absolutely love your shoes today !

  31. I went to this exhibition a couple of months ago. Totally breath taking. I could spend all day in the V&A. LOVE THE COLOURS OF YOUR OUTFIT. Major capitals for enthusiasm.

    x x x

  32. I like all the color that is sneaking into your outfits lately, GORGEOUS.

  33. I live down the road from the national museum and to be honest, I hardly go.

    But I managed to turn up twice for the V&A art deco exhibit that had shown when it was in town.

  34. I also meant to say that you’re lucky you can take photos of the exhibit.

    I was too scared to because of all the security.

  35. Hah only because it was allowed in that room! The Tsar exhibition had strict no camera security though :'(

  36. @ Shini – Yeah I use Fuji Sensia slide film and cross-process….amazing but pricey to have them developed, will try the velvia/provia films. Just checked the label of the red bowler hat it’s by the Christy’s…same hat as yours LOL.

  37. these images are so fabulous!

  38. and loving your boots (wow!) and the red scarf adds such a great pop of colour too :)

  39. i love the Chloe shoe.

  40. i love your combination of colors :).

  41. I love your yellow chloe shoes! stunning!

  42. I love the outfit you’re wearing! The pop of yellow of the Chloé boots are perfect :) Wish I had a trip to London in time to see the exhibitions, aww.. Well, good thing you took these beautiful photos at least, thank you!!

    A wonderful Sunday to you:)


  43. Love those Chloé shoes. They are amazing! Whenever I go to London I want to get down to the V&A desperately but alas I am always with people who couldn’t care less at looking a clothes etc haha


  44. Great pictures!
    That exhibition looks so fun, I want to visit it too!

  45. Beautiful shoes to wear to what looks like a great exhibition!

  46. Oh, I loooved that exhibition too, I stayed for ages in front of the navy mao-collar jackets, I wanted them! and the buttons, oh the buttons!! I did sketches instead of pictures! ;)
    Bisous Miss! x x

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