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Lee Klabin Showroom in Shoreditch

Why did we ever ditch corsets? Oh right, because women started falling off high walls and into seas because corsets were too tight and then they ended up marrying pirates. Well I’m glad Lee Klabin is all about corsets and accentuating lady-lumps, because frankly I’ve had enough of designers designing for, basically, women with boy figures. (How many of them are there anyway?) I understand women started dressing like men to display a sense of equality and power, but if you really want power, you don’t join the team, you beat it. With ladylumps. OK that was graphic, sorry. I was awed by how Lee Klabin seemed to dominate the board, with corset designs ranging from light angelic pieces to dark warrioresque. My personal favourites though, were the ones jersey – the one fabric you don’t expect structure from.

Thank you Desiree for inviting me down & showing me around!

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  1. Yoshi

    This is fascinating… I love the dress in the fourth picture. Actually everything looks pretty great.

  2. love how the shop looks
    and those dresses are amazing!

  3. Oh my, I love these photos! These feminine looks are gorgeous. I really like that white dress, it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. Oh, they’re so pretty! And you can tell how much work has been put into these clothes.

  5. They’re amazing! Love them


  6. I’m not really found of corsets (well, I’m one of those with boy figures) but the grey jacket you’re wearing is simply amazing !

  7. I meant I’m not really fond of corsets … sorry !

  8. a corset is my best friend, let alone they have made it lnto outerwear, the way the light is streaming throguh that dress is lovely

  9. I love the way they’ve set up the interior of the store. nice.
    great architecture in the clothes as well.

  10. I’m so in love with your pictures and with your blog!
    You’re style is sooo inspiring!

  11. the structure in these pieces are phenominal!

  12. I’ve always had a weird obsession with corsets, which I think is why Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. That and the candy. I love the modern take on them here. Now that I’m actually in the UK I might be able to actually visit some of the places you write about here!

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  14. Great. Now I can’t shake the mental image of someone getting pummeled by breasts. (A concept for which, I am sure, porn exists.)

  15. am so agreeing with you!
    Corsets are back! yay!

  16. A lot of those pieces reminded me of deep-sea squid…I wonder if that’s a bad thing?

    Hurrah for corsets!! Even though I do have a slightly boyish figure…a corset could probably help with that. :D


  17. What a beautiful shop and those clothes are absolutely amazing!!




  18. Oh, I love images of sheer cloth in windows. The soft light. It makes me want to melt.

  19. i love how almost every piece has a bustier

  20. Hahaha “ladylumps”! I am one of those girls with a prepubescent boy body and I still love corsets! These are stunning and I love all of them! In particular, I like the tweed-looking one with leather, and also the cup detailing on the first one (perfect!). To a certain extent I appreciate androgyny in fashion, but I always love when designers play up curves and other things that separate women from men.

  21. This is pretty refreshing. I love how you scout for goodies and photograph them perfectly. The bustier dresses are smashing!

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  23. what a beautiful designer

    the puffy shoulders together with the structured corsets are great!!


  24. omg these are sooo beautiful! the dresses.. the shirt, everything. lee klabin. need to save that in my bookmarks. wow wow wow <3

    am I right? or did I get confused with another movie? hmm

  26. the clothes are amazing i especially love the grey and black dresses.

  27. dear ms ‘parkowski’

    love these structured outfits, you look so cute! Hope you didn’t feel too rubbish from the strawberry tequila last night….



  28. Not at all, came home and plonked straight to bed, happy sleeping.
    Hope to see you soon, it was so fun the other night

  29. I’m in love with the white dress, I am dreaming of the day it comes to me on its white horse.

  30. oh that’s funny, i just discovered Lee Klabin and visited the showroom last week too ! I love the clothes so much, it’s really beautiful !

  31. omg! when i’m older, i want to have something like that! ♥♥

    Greetings from Little Miss Curious from Slovakia! :)

  32. Wow I adore these clothes

  33. Wow the shapes of these clothes are so gorgeous!! xx

  34. i love all those clothes, especially the grey one.

  35. in love with all the pieces; the dresses are marvelous!
    also, your outfit is amazing; in love with your style!

  36. Wow, the dress in the fourth picture is insane! I love the dress in the fourth picture, the mix of textures + the design is really interesting. Some of these dresses are actually a bit scary, the black one reminds me a little of Batman. What a beautiful little showroom…