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ÖÖ: Was it a Dream? 94 Berwick Street; 14-24 September

I may have butchered the Estonian language with that title, ‘ÖÖ‘ actually translates to night. Isn’t it funny, to me it looks like two wide-open eyes with eyelashes . Then again I accept that Korean might look like wheels and boxes to others: 완전미안… I disgress. Ellen and I were fabric shopping on Berwick street and happened to come across this exhibition – a pop-up concept store named ‘ÖÖ: Was it a Dream?‘, exhibiting work from six nordic countries as part of the Icon Design Trail. I was lured in by that characteristic Nordic ambience – that particular mood which an image of steaming blood on fresh-fallen snow might induce, this unsettling vision amidst a static-calmkind of like a dream. Each piece had that ever-so-slight tilt in the balance of simple vs. minimal that made me feel slightly uneasy, but eventually I had to give in to its charismatic way of expressing so much with so little.

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  1. wow, amazing stuff!

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  3. ME WANT!!! everything. especially that cuff made from Faux-lex (get it, like Rolex?!! i’m so smrt) watch bands.

  4. Amazing!!
    And that ‘s nice you talked about estonian in your post (I’m from estonia)

  5. loving the sweater with the fields and the blue sky!!!
    just perfect!

  6. Necklace in the first photo is amazing! Interesting where it’s from would definitely like to know!!! Love it! Crave it!

  7. M

    @Ginta, http://www.tanelveenre.com/page.php?pgID=c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b&lang=est

  8. @M, THANK YOU!

  9. M

    hey, my homecountry! Öö indeed!

  10. Wow! What really extraordinary pieces these are!

  11. beautiful stuff. the last pic is great!

  12. oh! how dreamy! love the cream sweater!!!


  13. haha… öö over here in hungary equals “eeer”… but anyways, these are beautiful! most especially the necklace, the quilted vest and the knit cardigan.

  14. beautiful pictures!
    the sweater with the sky looks like a drawing but it’s cute!

  15. This is amazing! You always stumble upon the most interesting places.. thank you for sharing!


  16. that slashed leather piece – 2nd picture – is great.
    who exactly makes it – any online retailers?

  17. Let me find out! :D

  18. Ah, got a reply! The designers are Vilsbol de Arce and you can find stockists here!

  19. glo

    wheels and boxes. 진짜그러네…

  20. Oh my! I need that landscape sweater dress, what’s the brand?

  21. That’s the thing, I didn’t take note of a lot of the pieces – I’ve asked Keskula, will get back to you as soon as they reply ;)!

  22. @Shini, alrighty! thanks ^ ^

  23. Got it, The designer is called Fam Irvoll and she’s from Norway! :D

  24. ispiring stuff
    i like especially this black cropped top with two squares and “watch” bracelete

    thanks for sharing!

  25. the multi ‘watch strap’ conception is so clever.

  26. I love it! That blue jumper is just adorable :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  27. Öööööhhh… (which would be German for ‘Hmmmmmm’, well nearly)… This is some interesting knitwear, but what fascinates me most is the cosy, comfortable corset.

  28. The most colorful piece is a favorite of mine.

  29. Amazing pieces!!! Adore the colorful sweater!!!!

    Got some spare time? Check me out at…

    NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

  30. oh snap, I was on berwick street this saturday too… left slightly disappointed as the fabric I’ve fallen in love with is £90/m! somehow I missed this gem though, when does it finish?

  31. great stuff


  32. Wow, where do you live that has amazing little exhibits like this?! I love that blue skies sweater, so adorable and a really interesting concept. A true granny sweater done cute…


  33. that is just happiness packaged in a sweater: the cloud + poppies!

  34. hahaha that’s funny. i never thought ÖÖ looks like eyes. but that’s probably because we use tem in our language too. and korean does look like wheels and boxes :) very inspiring photos!!

  35. Amanda

    Theres a Korean restaurant near my house that we call “house face ten” because thats what the characters look like. I need to find out what its actually called…haha

  36. Oooo! indeed… love that jumper. Lovely blog by the way!

  37. i love those white sweater pieces. warm and unique. so cool

  38. i always feel your blog is super fun. this post is brilliant again. speak for myself i wanna buy the oversize blue sweater for sure