I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Leather Top – Vintage Topshop, Garter – Sonia Rykiel for H&M, Dress – Pearl Lowe for Peacocks (Take 10 Challenge Item), Black Vest – Gmarket, Shoes – Topshop thru ebay, Leather pants – ASOS, Watch – Casio via ASOS.

Moi, Adele (Molto Curiosa), Saskia (Not Just Medical), Sarah (We Shop Therefore We Are), Sherin (Hi Fashion), Sabine (Psynopsis), Vicki (Magpie Girl), Jen (A Little Bird Told Me), MJ (Dreaming Spires & Old Car Tyres), Nic (Vint Junky)

Our third instalment of the Take10 challenge, a 70’s purple dress from Peacocks… it just keeps getting better, doesn’t it. You can read that last bit normally or with sarcasm glasses on, I mean it in both ways. It’s a pretty thing, sheer and all, and it’s about 60% less raised-eyebrow than the black lace vest so it is indeed much better; but it’s just.so.purple.and.frilly.and.girly. I categorize purple with clowns and period pains – always there, smirking at your life. At least you get to beat a clown with a bat at your 12th birthday party and they forgive you because they’re paid by our mothers. You also get to beat your period pain with a bat, THE MIGHTY IBUPROFEN BAT. So give me a weapon to beat this dress up with. Sorry Peacocks, this is not personal –  just being a neurotic blogger with one too many ?? before getting dressed.

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Thank you piggy Ellen for the photos!

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  1. Oh my god, I love your look!

  2. I love your outfit it is stunning! Shoes are amazing

  3. nice outfit shiniiiiiiiiii :D
    Love the purple, and loving your red lipstick~ :) You actually suit red lippies very well.

  4. Such a perfect outfit!! Amazing photos. I love this post so much! <3


  5. WoW! The first two pictures are amazing! And I love how you styled this dress :)

  6. I don’t know, you’ve translated these period pain emotions into a dominatrix vibe… (beating clowns with bats and all, they deserve it, they are CREEPY)… which I LIKE! (my associations went along another line, but that will have to wait until tonight)

  7. ahhhhh shini this outfit is great – good to see all the take ten girls getting out there and looking gorgeous! The leather pants are killer too…



  8. You’ve put an amazing outfit together around the dress, Shini. You look stunning. The leather trousers look brilliant. xx

  9. you defınıtely styled thıs the best as you got rıd of most of the yucky purple…those shoes are gorgeous btw

  10. Well, purple is one of my favorite colors, and frilly/girly is my go-to look, haha! Love the way you’ve styled it, and that collage is awesome. x

  11. Personally, I think you took pernicious clowns and period pains and pulled out a positive purple outfit.

    Ah, alliteration. But yes, I like how you toughened it up, it plays so well against the sheer fabric. I also dig the Michael Jackson move in the second picture. :D

  12. Oh i love it and your shoes look like piano keys in the second pic.


  13. If I wore this shade, I’d look sick.As in literally quite ill! Lilac is the only purplish hue I can maybe take. You’ve rocked it out though, completely fantastic!

  14. love the way you wore the dress! its unique and stands out from the rest of the outfits shown on the mag=)


  15. I love the way you’ve styled this, I’d never have thought how to make such a girly dress so edgy!

    p.s. thanks for the comment on my Jarlo post, you’ve inspired me to hold a little blogger event…more to come….

    Becky x

  16. so beautifull dress! and love your shoes! :)

  17. you certainly made it look like something else. that leather piece you layered over it is so cool.

  18. Jasmin

    this look is amazing! LOVE!


  19. Yes, it’s frilly and purple, but the way you have styled it makes it a lot more “you”. I think it looks great :) Although I liked it more i the first photo as I thought it was a blouse! x

  20. Ahh at last, i’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what this leather gartered gorgeousness was!


  21. i am dying for those shoes
    and the way you styled that dress in my eyes is the most creative!

  22. the take10 campaign is brilliant; it makes me want to see more of it, if anything <3 & is it that you're super tall or that ceiling is super low?!

  23. loove your blog!
    love your outfits and photos :D

  24. amazing pics, love your style too!
    Great blog! <3


  25. nooo waaay SHini it looks great! But i like how you concealled the front frills to make it more you :)
    I like it worn with trousers – niicce..
    This si a really cool item i think tho, id wear it! And we;;.. Im very impressed by your magazine page ;) hehe

  26. Good styling job! This looks amazing. I never would have recognised it as the same dress Saskia wore (I met her and took the photo of her the day she wore it)! xx

  27. My goodness what is wrong with your body dude, your lower abdomen is always depressed.

    Love the purple dress!

  28. Dood what does that mean? :P My lower abdomen needs therapy?

  29. @Shini, To get rid of period pain dude.

  30. don’t have it dude :P

  31. yowza, shini, this looks incredible. peacocks dress made to look like a serious high fashion ensemble? only by you my love. you can transform anything. that leather top layer and suspenders are hotttttttt. love the first two shots. xx

  32. Eeeek! Your little feet look adorkable in picture #2! *le sigh

  33. Awesome !

  34. You did look amazing wearing this dress. You styled it really well, especially with the jeans and shoes.

  35. I love this look, it’s just perfect! oh… and awesome shoes!

  36. I have a similar relationship with purple. You made this dress look pretty bloody awesome though!

  37. I love how you can style up difficult items, yet still make them your own, whilst injecting a touch of ‘women’s troubles’ randomness into your posts. The use of leather is also highly commendable. Will definitely let you know when I’m back down in London, am thinking of a December meet-up somewhere!

  38. Funny, and slightly surreal…love it! Great outfit, too. Love how you’ve lessened th girliness of it.

  39. you did a good job, looks wicked with the leather

  40. loving this Peacocks dress…
    and associating it with leather, great initiative!

  41. That purple dress is absolutely adorable. I think it is my favorite piece in the whole Take 10!

  42. I just saw Sabine’s post on it: I can’t believe you were able to take that frilly purple dress and make it work like that. Actually of course I believe it. Sheer genius, pairing it wiith the leather vest, those Topshop sandals (I just saw someone @ Uniqlo with similar shoes and they were Dries van Noten) and those leather zip trousers.. and just that touch of stark red lipstick and a topknot. AMAZING.

    I do find this Take 10 thing fascinating, btw. ; )

  43. I honestly like your variation the best. VERY UNIQUE; I love it!