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I hope you don’t mind if I pause the fashion tape for a moment and ask for your attention to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I know you’re hearing it from everywhere, but I’m rather glad for that because this ain’t no Celine handbag plastered on every other blog/website/whathaveyou. This is a rug, yanked from under people’s feet and then confiscated and shredded. Please help in any way possible, be it in form of a prayer, donation or even physical help.

And if you’re asking how’s a prayer going to help – God heals and restores, what more can anyone ask for when everything’s broken?

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  1. I often hope that there are caring and conscious individuals in the fashion community, so thank you for your post :)

    Thinking of the people of Japan and hoping for the best.

  2. Shini, thank you for posting this. I will certainly keep Japan in my prayers. ♥

  3. I can’t begin to imagine what those people are going through, it makes me realise just how much I take for granted in this life.


  4. SO true, even the roof above our heads….

  5. Shini, my heart goes out to the quake victims in Japan ):

  6. This metaphor is so true, it’s crazy how unexpected some natural disasters can be.

  7. It’s really sad and I pray God will help and heal, even though all seems lost, having faith is enough for things to get better :(

  8. Kyu

    My condolences to the victims of the quake.

  9. So strange to dreamt about a flood in my house two nights before the Japan earthquake and Tsunami struck.

    Spent all day yesterday watching Sky News and emailing international PRs for call ins, it was stressful watching the footages whilst also stressing about getting my work done.

    My condolences are with the victims and families.

    Thank goodness for my model friend who had left Japan last week, I bet she’s thrilled to be back home she’s only 16.

  10. Very well said. My prayers are certainly with the people of Japan and everyone who has family and friends there. It truly is a devastating and humbling situation to watch unfold. xx

  11. Gosh, it is so terrible. My thoughts are definitely with those in Japan. x http://www.lostinthehaze.com

  12. G

    Why would ‘God’ cause such destruction in the first place?

  13. God created the whole universe and the laws of nature (Genesis 1:1). Most natural disasters are a result of these laws at work. Hurricanes, typhoons, and tornados are the results of divergent weather patterns colliding. Earthquakes are the result of the earth’s plate structure shifting. A tsunami is caused by an underwater earthquake. God doesn’t necessarily switch on a button and go ‘Japan, you’re next on the list of big booboo’. Also, the fall of humanity into sin (Original sin) had effects on everything, including the world we inhabit. Everything in creation is subject to “frustration” and “decay.” Sin is the ultimate cause of natural disasters just as it is the cause of death, disease, and suffering.
    If there’s good, there’s evil. There’s a heaven and a hell, there’s a God and there’s Satan. According to the bible, God permits Satan to ‘act’ because these ‘destructions’ and suffering has to happen for the prophesy to fulfil (Birthpains of a coming age Mark 13:8)

    On the other hand, natural disasters cause millions of people to reevaluate their priorities in life – people realize how tenuous their lives really are and how life can be taken away in an instant. So in the bigger picture, a natural disaster brings more people close to God and closer to eachother through aid and thoughts for one another. Would He prevent 1 million death to miss out on 1 billion to come closer to Him?
    (some tailored extracts from here)

  14. It is so terrible! And now with the coming threat of the nuclear plant! So scary! I can’t believe that I am actually going through with my daily things while there are so many people missing and lost. And when you see Japan on TV I feel so useless…

  15. gorgeous photographs as always, but such a scary thought :(


  16. Thanks for spreading the word! Hearing about the earthquake first thing in the morning from an old high school teacher who still resides there was not how I wanted to start my day. Thank goodness where my family was residing, it was far away from the epicenter. That said, what has happened is extremely terrible and I’m glad to know that at least one of the blogs that I’m following (yours) isn’t ignorant to such a terrible disaster.

    Be well.

    Patricia Ann

  17. anonymous

    thank you for posting this! i follow many fashion blogs and it was getting on my nerves that none of them was saying anything for Japan! they are keep posting for fashion like nothing happened!

  18. Recognition where it should be. You’re a darling.

  19. hey Shini!

    thank you so much for posting this.. watching the news on what is happening in Japan makes me so sad.. Especially if one has close friends living there.

    Terrible things are happening everywhere (lets not forget the issues in Libya..), but somehow they do bring us all together a little bit more. And we (living in unaffected places) realize how lucky we are…

    take care! xx

  20. You got me with the second text in the comments section. Our prayers go out to them. Every cloud has a silver lining. Good will come out of this although it’s so hard to see it right now
    Roamns 8:28 – Everything works out for the good glory of God for those who love Him.

  21. I’m glad you blogged about it.
    Somwtimes it seems as if fashion blogs are from another planet.

  22. I can’t imagine how it must be like right there right now. I can’t even handle watching the news or I’d get really emotional. It was so shocking to wake up one morning and every news and social media outlet was talking about what was happening. I couldn’t believe it.. I feel so useless right now..

  23. you’re one of the few bloggers who have reported these things from japan. the others
    really written about fashion. I think it’s embarrassing, ridiculous and superficial!

    you’re the best!

    pray for japan, please!

  24. Leire

    G, I really don’t know what you gain with a comment like that. You are missing the point of this post. I’m personally not religious at all but I respect people that are AND the fact of being atheist does not stop me from praying for all these people who are suffering…

  25. hope for the best and think about the japanese


  26. i know its so awful – i literally cannot tear myself away from the news xxxx

  27. shini, thank you so much for this post.
    sitting in tokyo i feel so useless, all i want is to help those worst affected, but for now volunteers would just get in the way while the government assesses the situation. i’m just sitting here watching the news, hearing the earthquake alarm go off every few minutes (usually hitting miyagi or fukushima where the power plant is)
    thank you so much for keeping everyone in mind, it’s the greatest comfort in the world to know that people care.

  28. I was just thinking about you actually, major comforted to know you’re well. Keep safe Nana.

  29. @Shini, thank you so much again. it warms my hearts that you have thought of me!
    and please, please don’t let people’s negative response get you down. i am not religious myself but i and os many people i know in japan (which is a very non-religious country) really do apreciate your prayers. even if people tell you prayer is meaningless, it does mean a lot to us that others are keeping us in their thoughts and hearts.
    you’re a wonderful person shini, don’t let anyone get you down!

  30. even if fashion is what is all about here, there are more important things that concern us.
    this is more about liife now, how it can jeopardise us all, to raise concerns about others…

  31. E

    i hope people don’t think praying is a sufficient form of sympathy…what a waste of time…can’t you see time is precious? its selfish. makes you believe that you have done something to help when its an insult to the people who have already lost their lives… ive lost alot of respect for you shini..i thought i could relate to you in more ways than just fashion..when i see what you wrote about god: “Would He prevent 1 million death to miss out on 1 billion to come closer to Him?” i thought man, its so twisted and backwards to try and rationalize this disaster into a game of how many people god can get on his side.. what a selfish way to think..

  32. passerby

    @E, isn’t it better to give prayers and thoughts, than do nothing at all. i don’t think anyone actually prays and then thinks ‘ok i’ve done my part i can go back to my life and not care about those in japan’.

    but if they do, i think it is their fault to even think that way, not shini’s for encouraging prayer. even though you think prayer is a ‘form of sympathy’, many christians know it is far more powerful than people like you would comprehend.

    also, the whole ‘preventing 1 million deaths to miss out 1 billion to come closer to Him’ is hardly selfish or rationalized. your argument is invalid unless you have experienced christianity in full force and can safely argue with evidence that it is selfish/rationalized. it is hardly a ‘game’ and there is a larger picture than what we all know here on earth.

    i feel like it’s so silly that so many people (like you) want to argue about how christianity is a farce but you don’t even have your facts right.

  33. Ella

    @passerby, i dont think you understand where im coming from. up until a few years ago i wanted to be like everyone else around me- christian. i used to hate my parents for not letting me have pretty rosary beads, get money, attention, pretty white dresses for christenings etc. as i got older i realised it was the power of conformity in society that led me as a child to resent not being part of that group..don’t get me wrong i was still being taught good from bad, right from wrong, respect for others etc BUT without any religious connotations attached. i was still forced to take up religious educations at my school, but i cared about that subject about just as much as the other christian kids, basically we liked to play outside or talk in class more than listen, but thats natural. what im trying to say is i feel like you can only see something for what it is by stepping outside the box and looking in, you (or i) would probably find it difficult to see the entire picture if we were brought up in “the box”..i feel like christians find it hard to see it from both sides because its ingrained in their thinking. whereas i have prayed, knelt at altars, donated to the church, read the bible in the past and had a moment of realisation that nothing deserves to be worshipped or held with such reverance, other than our earth and the good people on it.

  34. passerby


    what I am saying is that outside of this world that we know now, there is an even bigger picture.

    i don’t want to seem to be one of those annoying religious people shoving my beliefs down your throat but i know God is real. I have done my own part on questioning my beliefs, have read countless arguments, etc. but i have seen him work miracles in my life, in the lives of many that i cannot ignore Him. i know i can’t rationalize my faith, but faith is just that, it doesn’t need rationalization because it is /faith/.

    even though you may seem to have seen both sides, i don’t think you have. kneeling at altars, donating to the church, reading the bible… these things hardly makes you a christian because i don’t think you have experienced how God works/experienced his love.

    i only know of people who stop being christians because their faith is not strong enough. if you were once a full fledged christian but decided not to believe anymore because of [issues] then i have nothing to say, but i have never come across a strong christian that stopped believing. this is why i think your argument is invalid.

    that being said, i’m not going to comment on this anymore. this post was about Japan originally. and as many other people are, i feel saddened by what has happened too.

  35. We all need to take a moment to reflect on how fragile life is and how much is NOT within our control. Thanks for this post!

  36. Meg

    It’s good to see recognition for Japan but bringing religion into it and tenuous arguments for why natural disasters happen really sticks in my throat.

    Praying won’t hold back tides or stop the earth shaking, it is futile. And using such events as an excuse to preach is pretty bad taste.

  37. @Meg, you didn’t have to comment on this… it’s just what she believes-she’s not using it to preach at all, that’s just how you’re receiving it.
    did she focus on religion and God the entire post? no!


  38. The praying is not to hold back tides or stop the earth from shaking. It’s for the affected so they can hold fast and have strength to last through it all, and for emotional and physical relief during recovery.

    Christianity is not my religion, it’s my identity. If there’s none of that in my own blog, then it’s not really my own blog, now is it.
    Also, G asked, I answered with what I believe in. Didn’t post this to shove theology down anyone’s throat.

  39. Sarah

    @Shini, well said :)
    i have so much respect that you are so strong and voice your thoughts and beliefs without fear. You definitely have a right to say these things and people better deal with it. The world doesn’t revolve around them. This is your blog and it may be a pleasure for us to read, but in the end, it’s for yourself.

    people can be so defensive when it comes to religion.

    my thoughts go to japan<3

  40. shini, THANK YOU
    so much for doing this post (i just did one too) and shifting towards current and events and things that are MUCH more important than fashion.
    a lot of my friends have friends/family that have been evacuated in japan, and i’ve been praying for God to keep them strong and safe.


  41. You are one of the few blogers that writes about this!
    In times like this I think it’s important to stop with whatever you’re doing and think for a second.
    I’m in Japan right now and is completely devestated by the situation in the north.
    It helps to know that so many people are thinking of everyone over here and wants to help!

  42. tom tuttle from tacoma

    God heals and restores, what more can anyone ask for when everything’s broken? – amen. He really does.

    Leire – sorry to single you out. i believe G’s question is a question i would ask whether or not i believe in a God. perhaps he/she’s curious? is it a crime to want to have answers to difficult questions?

  43. tom tuttle from tacoma

    aplogies – i meant is it wrong to ask difficult questions such as this. i recall the times when i’d question Him why He’d let certain things happen to me. i didn’t know this God very well then. even followers would always face this struggle when they try to make sense of their personal tragedies, what more for one who doesn’t know this God of the bible?

  44. Yah you’re completely right. It’s hard for me to even grasp why He’d let a visa not work out let alone have thousands die in a disaster. It must be hard for non-believers to grasp and even accept that these be truth. I actually appreciate the questions and challenging, curiosity doesn’t kill in this case.

  45. Leire

    @tom tuttle from tacoma, yeah sorry of course it is good to question and talk about these things its just that I was angry that all around tumblr other blogs etc the conversation has shifted from helping japan and supporting them to dont-tell-me-to-pray-im-an-atheist. I know its not the case here, so apologies :)

  46. Sam

    You’re one of a few fashion bloggers that actually writes about this grievous disaster. I live in Thailand and Japan is like my neighbouring countries so yeah I care for them very much too. We have gone through this kind of catastrophe once in 2004. The cut was deep and the wound was hard to heal. It will take time but soon enough I hope they will be okay again. My deepest condolences to Japan and her people and my heart goes out to all the victims and survivors there.

  47. Susan

    Last night i had a really similar conversation with my friends at a party about how each and everyone of us are on this earth because we are fighting God’s battle. God doesn’t cause all these disasters but he lets Satan do his thing because he knows that in the end people will draw closer to him and in the midst of trouble people can see His love through our kindness in wanting to help one another. Living in Australia with all the flash floods and also hearing about earthquakes in New Zealand, we all give a helping hand whether it’s just a small donation, going over there and helping rebuild buildings or simply just listening to their stories. Actions speak louder than words. There are a lot of things that we don’t know as to why God would even do that but in the end we just have to trust Him.

  48. Totally agreed with you … you last quote is beautiful and so true… this is the perfect opportunity to get closer to God. In his hand are our life, and there’s nothing else to do than trust HIM
    Viaggio Della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  49. Friday and Saturday were very nerve wrecking as I have friends and friends’ families in Japan. I have sent many a prayer to Japan and i am glad my friends are okay.

  50. Shini, I am just so glad you mention God in your post. This make your post so much more real. As of being real is no longer appreciated these days much.
    Amen for calling out prayers of intercession!

  51. Lets hope everything would get back to normal soon. I cannot believe what the people must be going through, it’s terrible. We really need to help them

  52. I’m all ears when it comes to Japan. My friend yu was in Tokyo at that time. The news is quite misleading and we all thought she was in great danger, which was not very true for Tokyo. What happened in Miyagi is unbelievable, though. I’m with them in my thoughts.

  53. So true, Shini. I can’t imagine what they are going through, but my thoughts are with them all the time. Thank you for making this beautiful post.

  54. Shini,

    Thank you for your posting.
    I want to say thank you on behalf of all Japanese.

    from Tokyo

  55. Shini – I hope you never stop being so open about your beliefs and who you are. I doubt you ever even stop and recognize your own strength and bravery in doing so. Bravo.

    My prayers are certainly with Japan.

  56. Ella

    @passerby, i absolutely agree that there is a much wider universe out there. things we have never imagined.. i have had intense moments in my life where i feel as though if i were religious i would most definately attribute these moments to the workings of god. in many ways i have grown past that way of thinking-that is, not trying to find a reason for everything. i have to disagree that a mere “non-believer” like me is any less of a spiritual(non religious) being and that they cannot possibly comprehend the power of god. in some ways i suppose christianity is a metaphor, but i don’t think everyone realises that its not to be taken in a literal way. i respect that you have questioned your religion. its all you can ask of people. my thoughts are with Japan.

  57. God sure does heal and restore – My prayers go out to Japan x

  58. It’s such terrible news, I was so shock when heared how many people died…. I’m really so sorry for them, and thanks God some of my friend and their family are ok….. I’m praying for Japanese people and I hope that all devil’s tsunami will swiped away from beautiful country of Geisha, the traditional Japanese breakfast, Japanese art, the strong unusual city Tokyo and some others.
    Hold on, be strong!

    With love from Armenia.

  59. perspective. thanks for posting this and for being bold.

  60. People, let’s join forces and stand in solidarity with Japan and the Japanese people. Kudos for this post Shini x

  61. This is a really late comment, but I just wanted to say thanks for this post! Haunting image xx

  62. xenia

    “And if you’re asking how’s a prayer going to help – God heals and restores, what more can anyone ask for when everything’s broken?”

    i love that.

    As i survey beloved people and family issues in my life … i see brokenness in theirs and my life. And i am praying because i too have faith in God’s healing and restoration. Healing is coming to my family and i must continue to wait on God’s perfect timing. Your words reminded me of Isaiah 61 where it prophesies of Jesus coming to heal the brokenhearted. And He has begun.

    So with Japan!

    Blessings on you. and i am amazed with all the gifts and talent God has given you expressed in your blog, photography and in your etsy shop!