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Samsung Wave II, courtesy of Spreading Jam & Samsung

Shots from London Underground, LFW, home, home 2 (Warsaw), Freemasons’ Hall, Next HQ, airport, Topshop… etc

I think the reason I agreed to take part in the Samsung Now Project was predominantly the fact that the Wave II phone spoke Korean – what a novelty it was to be able to type in Korean to my friends (by friends I mean ramen bowls with eyes drawn on)…  later when I read the small print I noticed keywords like facebook, filters and competition… aych, them speedbumps are never visible at first glance. But alas, the only ‘speedbumps’ I let get in my way were my boobs while squeezing under the BFC camera at the PPQ show. For the past 2 months I’ve been putting the Canon to bed early and going out with the Wave II to snap some ‘Now‘ moments. Then I’d come home, jazz it up with a filter equivalent of rabid racoons (Cute in essence, BUT VISUALLY SO WRONG) and putting it up on their Facebook gallery.

I think I was also meant to let you know the submission was open to everyone and 50 winners would have their photo displayed in the Design Museum, and the top 25 were to win handsets… but I think there was some selective reading on my part.  No, this post is just severely delayed, you can see by the fact the amount of time passed for me to have caught shots from the air, from underground, from London, from Warsaw, from a fashion show, from a spaghettihouse… a week more and I would have managed to capture a shot from inside the British embassy in Warsaw. An arrest might’ve been the highlight of the week.

Unfortunately the competition is now closed, sorry :(
Also, bit of an irony that this Samsung Wave II post landed on top of the tsunami post, uncomfortable occasion to find a pun…

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  1. Adele

    For reals? You took these on a phone? We can all learn from this… you can take good shots on anything.
    How does texting in Korean work? Ramen with eyes sounds so enchanting/confusing. I don’t blame you for jumping at the chance to play with a shiny toy.

  2. Great photos. I use my iPhone to take all of my photos right now, but yours are much better! I love technology stuff and will be checking out the Wave soon!

  3. Love the suitcase/shoes pic!


  4. gorgeous pictures!

  5. really great photos!

  6. wow, these were taken with this phone? It´s amazing, bcs I have Samsung S8500 Wave and it doesn´t take pretty photos like yours. Well, maybe there´s something wrogn with my hands :D

  7. If ALL the pictures in this particular post were taken with the phone, then the 1st one has to be an in-sheep-tion! How did you manage to incept your phone with the idea of taking a picture of you using your phone? Woooah!

    Other than that – to all the people who think your phone pics are not as good as these: spend 2h editing them in Photoshop and they’ll end up being decent enough, trust me. That’s what these photos were though!

  8. I only sharpened and adjusted levels :(

  9. Beautiful pics!!!


  10. amazing photographs. so much depth. so beautiful. thank you for sharing these.


  11. You’re such a DELAYER, always have been hahaha.
    Love the shot of two woks with the chef’s motion blur, a good blue.
    I look like a widow peering through a window, or waiting for someone….a lover.

  12. Kinda look like you’re spying on those two down on the street… evil mistress

  13. Love the photos!

    i have a new outfitpost
    maybe you can check it out?

    xo model from holland

    everyday a new post.

  14. So thankful Jackie found my Wave II in her brothers car… forever more she will be secretly referred to as my hero. Seriously love the photo quality on this phone. Really gorgeous shots Shini. So sad you wont be there next week for the exhibition! :( xx

  15. i think i was a bit of a scoundrel with my level of commitment to this samsung thing… it came at a really bad time for me.
    on another note… U R SO PSYCH(ot)IC omg Rog. Rog is well nice & I am sad that you are trapped in Oslo.
    My slippers are called Corbin and Harold.

  16. Dood me too, bad time, the whole visa shebang time… that’s my excuse for everything actually.

    AIN’T I PSYCHIC, now my fee please for calling out the dead for le prophesy. Corbin and Harold U SURE? not Jeff and Frances?
    Shanks x

  17. is that Vapiano I see?:) pasta pesto?

  18. Goooood eye! Nah, my regular is Spaghetti Arrabiata ;)

  19. love, love, love your picts!!xxb