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J JS Lee AW11 @ LFW, Presentation photos courtesy of LondonFashionWeek.co.uk

Hands down best bag of fashion month, no!? The backpack… wait, is that right? I feel like ‘backpack’ should suggest the waft of rotting sandwich from under a copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird while leftover spitwads pickle other neglected lunches… I disgress. Personally, the bag (comes in stone, caramel and black) was the highlight of Jackie JS Lee‘s AW11, a cherry on top an already amazeballs collection. I thought her last season was worth a serenade but this season I find myself swept off my feet. Wee.

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  1. Whoa…..really beautiful bag, the noisette color + the gold are a stunning combination. Love your blog.


  2. I gasped when I saw the first picture – absolutely love it.

    hehe And I like that you got the chance to model one yourself

  3. yeah definitely the best bag! love it so


  4. I think I swoon of the clutch handle alone! I am obsessed with floral shoes and leather backbacks/satchels lately so this post hit the spot. Thanks Shini for constantly being an inspiration.

  5. Is it a backpack or a shoulderbag? If its a backpack, won’t it jump against your behind(!) when you walk?? I love the shoes though, they look comfortable despite their height!

  6. You know, when I tried it on it stuck on my behind so well, I think it could’ve been the sidestraps that held it down, love it. I think it could be a back-briefcase haha

  7. ho ho ho that backpack is just soo good. made a mental note to check out what JS Lee has for us this season a few weeks ago, hadn’t got round to it, and I look here, Voila!…. ok there’s a puddle of drool on my keyboard now…

  8. The photos are gorgeous Shini. I love this collection as well…. the quite minimal designs but with a slightly distorted feel. One of my favourite looks was that grey dress with the pearl belt… so beautiful. xx

  9. Owwh was that pearl? I wouldn’t know because I was late for this show and missed it BEeehehe.

  10. I didn’t know this brand, it sounds beautiful! thank you ^-^


  11. Beautiful shoes- I have some similiar to that in my ‘i like your bun hun’ post.


  12. Hmmm I wouldn’t call it a backpack, erm a ‘briefpack’?

  13. Or backbrief!

  14. @Shini,

    Sounds like an underpant for men Lol.

  15. I want to make pictures like you do. Not really getting there though. :<
    Spot on as usual.

  16. Weirdly awesome bag – I have no idea how wearable it would be. Kind of looks like it would flap off the backs of my legs with every step…


  17. wowee…..the bag…the shoes…everything looks mighty fine…well of course..the clothes don’t attract me much…..anywho…the bag sure is a biig deal…:D

  18. Those bags are incredible.

  19. what a great collection. the bags and shoes are gorgeous. i love it!


  20. Such an amazing photographs.. I really love the collections specially the backbrief :)

  21. I love this backpack!


  22. Jenny

    Wow that bag is awesome, do you know where we could find it?
    Loving your blog btw :)

  23. Thank you! I think Harrods is so far her only stockist, I’ll shoot her an email to ask!

  24. Oh wow. That neutral coat with the bag … absolutely gorgeous! I love the silhouettes in this collection. They manage to be modest, chic and on trend, all at the same time!

  25. Great bag !

  26. great collection! and as always, great pictures :)


  27. i definitely want to get myself a leather or suede backpack..they’re so cute for the summer! x

  28. i’m loving all this leather. x

  29. Awesome bag!!!

  30. I absolutely adore the first bag! Words can’t describe! x http://www.lostinthehaze.com

  31. That bag is SO fantastic. Looks like it would fit a laptop too, which is a plus. Then again, I would be too afraid of ruining it’s beauty by putting a beast of a laptop in it anyway…

  32. The lapel on that jacket is so cool. I totally love contrasting tones like that.

  33. i completely agree, these kind of details are making a garment so much more attractive.

    hope you have a great weekend, shini!
    by the way, i think it is time for a little update, so look out for the little carrier pigeon during the following days.

  34. Theresa

    To Kill a Mockingbird.

  35. Thanks. Funny it’s taken this long for someone to point that out.

  36. the colours are beautiful! The way you take photos are so unique and I love what you’re wearing Shini :D