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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Coat Zara Scarf Urban Outfitters Pants All Saints Shoes Topshop
Bag DIY Studded Vintage Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays

Random boy jumped into my sacred outfit shoot. In two years’ time he will see this post over his girlfriend’s shoulders and say hey that’s me and they’ll get into a fight about why he was with another girl.

The jeans are actually light blue with curry stain-like yellow spots in places as part of the design. No wonder I picked it up from All Saints for £17. Noone picks up anything from AllSaints for that price.

Dramatic excuses like my boiler turned into a hunky man so I had to go on emergency caribbean cruise.

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  1. I loveee that sweater!!! It looks so cozy! And as for a dramatic excuse…I had womanly troubles?! It works on most male professors! :-)

  2. jean

    LOVE the studded bag and scarf! and as for dramatic excuses…. food poisoning perhaps?

  3. This outfit is perfect! Love the sweet scarf and shoes mixed with the edgy bag. Lol about the random boy. Y’all look great in that photo!

  4. hahaha, so funny, he’s a cute boy too. i love the bokeh in the background, looking soo good as usual, cool pants:)

  5. hahahahahaha you crack me up. If there were ever blogger awards like high school year books, you’d get the one for class comedian ;)

  6. just wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog, Shini. keep up the great work!

    oh, and that aztec scarf is insane xD

  7. that boy looks like a girl. but that would be really funny if that did happen

  8. I love your pictures !


  9. You make me laugh, thank you :) And you look very cute!

  10. i “missed” math class the other morning, and actually told my teacher “i forgot we had class, i thought it was recess!” she broke down and cried. nah. JOKE. she just rolled her eyes. =D

  11. Haha for the random dude creeping away. Those shoes are so freakin’ awesome, my heel collection is so pathetic. I need some “heel” basics…these would be perfect. ;-)

  12. Wow. He looks very…no masculine for a boy. Thought he was a girl at first. It is just me or does he resemble Ellen DeGeneres? Yay for night photos!

  13. hahaha i love the random boy mess (:

    have i ever told you that you have the most wonderful taste in shoes?
    too bad im not your size :(

  14. dramatic excuse? just rewatch that friends episode where joey can’t lie, and he uses raccoons in every lie he tries to tell. hehe :D i like your teh strap shoes!!

  15. OMG, your scarf is amazing! as for dramatic excuse…i received an email that i was the only living heir of a millionaire in nigeria so i went to go claim my money?

  16. You pull of this Zara coat so well off. I tried it on but I truly look like a dwarf ;) Great outfit.

  17. love that outfit. i had a laugh when i saw the last pic. he’s a rosy cheeked bugger isn’t he?

  18. haha, how cute that your photographer caught that moment .
    i thought he was a girl at first too. pretty photos – i love the lighting .

  19. this bag is getting on my nerves..
    I cant find a bag good enough to copy your DIY idea :p

    oh, and I live south of Poland [Pszczyna] – a town with craziest name for foreigners :p

  20. hi love, i gave you an award on my blog! come check it out.
    and are you sure that’s a boy? it looks kinda like a girl! hahahahah i feel bad if it really is a box =x


  21. hahahah i meant a boy, not a box.

  22. Hahahha the picture with the boy ::D made my day

  23. i thought it was a girl too. haha. but yes he will regret that once his soon to be girlfriend sees this in the future.
    love your pants. too bad i can’t see the curry stains.

  24. ohhh I like the scarf, adds an ethno touch to your outfit!!
    as for an excuse, what about: “I had a flooding in my appartment and had to safe all my clothes…” ;)

  25. hahahahaha that’s really funny!! you look great though ;)

  26. HAHAHHAAHS! i liked the entry a lot :D
    and and your heels are so lovely. I love how you use your DIY studded bag so often cause its so AWSOME!
    love, victoria

  27. You should tell your teacher that you fell asleep and for some odd reason, couldn’t wake up. Lame, I know. Funny thing is that for the past two weeks one of my teachers has cancelled because she got food poisoning then she attended a conference. Now she has pneumonia, so she doesn’t know if we’re gonna have class tonight. Haha. I secretly hope she stays home.

  28. Haha it’s hilarious that that guy jumped into your photo. Do you normally get your friend to take your photo for you though or do you self-time it? Perhaps he really will see himself (maybe even tomorrow!) if his girlfriend’s an avid reader hahaha. X) Hmm how about you’ve just been told you’re the princess of Geneva and you have to return there to assume the throne? Ahh lame ;p

  29. :D hehe thats funny! I love your caption about the random boy. I am in love with your shoes, they are amazing, I think it really goes with your outfit :)


  30. “He” really looks like a girl :)

  31. I went into the refrigerator and found some spoiled milk so I went to toss it but then I tripped on my shoes and the milk splattered all over my AllSaints jeans so I had to go to the cleaners to remove the yellow stains but instead all I found was a boy (who incidentally looks like a girl) who offered to clean them for me, but jetted off with them so I had to chase him down. I mean they’re AllSaints! But then I tripped on my shoes again and broke my big toe, so now I’m all jacked up on Vicodin and I can’t go to class.

  32. Post Script: love the scarf, shirt, jeans, jacket and most of all SHOES.

  33. I love your jeans rolled up with those cute heels! :)

    And man, that guy is really girly looking. Haha.

    x Natalie

  34. I think that it’s actually pretty cool that someone jumped into your photo.
    I’m sure he wouldn’t expect to find his face someday on the internet haha.
    Your shoes are the cutest things!

  35. I’m loving random boy.

    The night shots are so LUSH. ♥

  36. gorgeous scarf darling!!!!

  37. haha, too funny about random guy (totally thought it was a girl)!
    these pics. make me soooooooo miss london!


  38. Awww that’s so cute! haha. You always dress impeccibly!

    x x x

  39. Ana Rita

    You look lovely and your shoes are gorgeous but I just can’t stand those stickers! Keep the excelent blog ;)