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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.






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So I was standing in the college shop trying to choose a pen, and I see these light green and dark green ink pens in the corner. So I think what kind of serious adult would need a light green pen? What would you possibly write with a green pen? Then I realise this whole artschool building probably does not contain one serious adult, so I went and bought it to draw leaves and trees ‘n shit.

So unmotivated lately.

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  1. ooh I love buying pens. I have so many in absurd colours (Muji, I miss you!). Being a serious adult is overrated. Better life skills include: being able to draw a rainbow with all the pens in your pencil case, able to kick off shoes dozens of meters whilst swinging on swings, taking a run and sliding at every long patch of ice you see, pushing shopping carts responsibly and when you go down an empty aisle totally giving it a big push and hopping on the back… wheee!

  2. God I obsess over pens too.
    I love pens. I had 100+ gelly rolls in highschool. addiction.

    This is one of my favorite outfits from you EVER ♥

  3. lol youre so funny. i go through random thought processes too. sighhhhhhh! love your jacket and oxfords<3

  4. hahah yes!! light up pens are da b0mb

  5. it might be the bad weather that’s making people so unmotivated. i hope the trees, leaves and shit lift you up a little though. :)

    love the pants. your diys are the only reason for my motivation this days. still searching for a victim bag.

  6. i meant these days. GOD!

  7. Aw. i hate being uninspired and unmotivated. one of the worst things. ever.

    on the brightside, you are dressed to kill! hot shoes, awesome jeans and all.

  8. Awesome. You pull this off so right.

  9. You have pretty eyes :) & I love them ripped jeans on you.

    Student store!!!!!! I keep telling myself, it’s sooner than you think :<

  10. but i love trees :)

  11. lol i love coloured pens..and actually i use a dark green muji pen all the time. I feel like buying coloured pen is such an asian thing haha like how I’m probably one of the only people in my year who still use a hardcase pencil case

  12. whoa, those jeans are cool

  13. You always have some of the best location pictures plus your outfits! It’s crazyyy! Love your jacket and jeans!

  14. I remember when I was in middle school it was the “in thing” for girls to have a zillion pens in every single color. My pencil case was massive.

  15. don’t be meh! colored pens owwwnnn black/blue pens hahahahha.
    i guess that kind of shows you how much of a ‘serious adult’ i am -__-
    actually, colored felt tips are EVEN BETTER.

  16. I always adore your outfits. From the scarves to the jacket to the pants to the SHOES!! Oh gosh. I need a pair like those.

    And pen shopping is so fun. =]

  17. Your pictures are always amazing (especially these ones).
    Who usually takes them? (just out of currriousty, haha)

    And yes green pens are probably the best to doodle leaves and all spring time things with.

  18. love the jeans! and haha, i agree with you about the pens. i have about 70 mugs of random writing utensils on my desk, none of which i could actually use in the real world…

  19. everyone seems to be feeling a bit blue these days :/
    At least your outfit is awesome? hehe.

    Oh I just did a studded DIY Balmain blazer post if you’re interested! I know you are really into studding too! Here’s the link:

  20. Haha. That’s like me when I went to get sharpies and I only wanted the black ones but the one where it had black, red, blue and green were cheaper. Being the asian I am, I went for that one. But I thought to myself when the hell am I ever gonig to use it? I think I drew trees,hearts and water with it. LOL

    I freaking love your pants and shoes. Serious. I am contemplating the slashed pants/jeans look. I dont think little 9th graders could handle my giantness AND crazy slash pants.

    x Natalie

  21. hahah hope you enjoyed drawing your trees leaves and shit :) love it.

    your jeans and scarf are awesome! looking great as always. also who do you get to take all your pics?!
    xxx LM

  22. My mum is 48 year old doctor, and she almost always uses a pink pen. She told me that she’s done it ever since her little sister gave her a pink pen and notepad one her 13th birthday.

  23. cant think of a green shit now, but I guess maybe after a tone of spinach…hmmm..
    I like you sense of humour and your DIY jeans! :)

  24. You just summed up every trip I make into an artshop…the uni one was especially damaging on the purse :)

  25. Aaah I love this outfit like very very very much. But I certainly write the same thing in all my comments, but still… I Love this one so much.

    I just hate green pens! They’re so useless, but I just realized that I had like 4 green pens in my stuffs and I can’t remember if I actually bought those. Seriously… Who buys green pens? (well I guess i really did… OMG)

    Thank you for my header (: I love it too much too.
    I don’t know if that model is polish. I haven’t heard of her before haha. I just liked the simplicity and the greatness of her outfit!

  26. Oh why so serious? Lovely outfit though…that light green pen thing sounds like something people frommy school would buy…me included..I keep hearing all this art stuff all the time, like print it two cms right and it will look 3D. I’m in high school with art emphasis…

  27. cool DIY jeans.

  28. Your slashed jeans looks amazing! Did you do a tutorial on that?

  29. Haha! Thanks for the giggle… I was reading your post and thought ‘hey, I’ve got a light and dark green pen!

    p.s. I was really surprised not many people knew of Muji on my blog post, I thought it was international!

  30. i’m loving those jeans

  31. I have a weakness for huge selection of writing utensils all displayed in one place–I always end up spending way more money than I should and am left with way more crap than I need. Ah well, such is life :-) Great jeans, by the way.

  32. i shredded some jeans a week ago only down to my knees. now i’m convinced i should’ve gone all the way down. hmmm where’s the scissors when you need them, dammit.

  33. uhh i feel the same. sooo unmotivated.
    anyway, the photos are great.
    love your shoes!


  34. hello gorgeous,
    i thought i was looking at a music video still or smtg. u look super cute with ur frowning/worrying face.
    btw, what camera do u/ or ur friend use?
    im in desperate need of an awesome camera

  35. love your pants!! I want to do the same with one pair of mine, but I’m afraid it won’t actually look good. well I like the way you did it, looks cooler than the ones from Topshop!!

  36. The jeans are fierce!! love em!

  37. loveee buying stationery (:
    especiallyyy at muji!

    ive been trying to hunt down a nice scarf like yours recently
    i love the one i have from h&m but it sheds like crazy and my lint roller is suffering dearly from it :(
    hopefully ill find one tomorroww

    still loving your blog posts! as usual!
    keep up the good work! (:

  38. Love your chunky scarf and slashed jeans!

    I enjoy gel/colored pens.. I like spicing up my life.

  39. i love your jeans and how you layered them. hm, sounds like an experiment for me. one can never be too old or serious for colored pens.

  40. The day I become too old to appreciate pretty pens will be the day I die. I actually can’t stop buying kooky little notebooks and the like. Your jeans are so awesome with that scarf-I need to do that DIY to my jeans WHY AM I SO LAZY?!

  41. i swear those are some sweet, sweet jeans!!!

  42. I’m excited that you have so many pen options! I’m in the market for a felt-tip light green pen, since I recently lost mine. I’m not an art student, so my excuse is that I prefer colorful notes.

    Like everybody else, I really like your jeans! It’s cool how the edges are so fuzzy and frayed — in that one picture of just your legs, it looks like they’re made of wool. So, when you wear those, do you have to double up on tights or are they surprisingly warm?

  43. Michelle

    You are seriously hilarious. Love your blog.