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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Really, with studding DIY, all you need is imagination or inspiration. Hey, you don’t need anyone’s instructions to figure out how to stud the hell out of every inanimate object.

Some ideas



Images from E L L E R Y (thanks Alli!)

Check out the great DIY for the Studded Balmain Blazer done by the stylish Gennie from Maison des Rêveries. Love her blog, although most of the time I come out sobbing because of all the food and Chloés she dangles…


(Images from Maison des Rêveries)

Knit dress DIY Inspiration



Vagabond NYC 80s Cream Fishnet (through Kingdom of Style)


Missoni Fall 2009 (images from Style.com)


Rodarte Spring 2009 (images from Style.com)

Such a perfect layering garment that would add instant texture and shape. I’ve never actually knitted clothes before so I’m getting ready for hours of frustration and potential stabbing of self with knitting needle.

Finally the weekend. Have a great one!

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  1. gah. love that arm bracelet over the sleeve thing. so amazonian chic. and love the studded ankles and chianed glasses, so hot.

    dont have any idea at the moment, shini, but if someone can come up with studded DIY, its you! youre the queen of studs! haha…

  2. Missoni Fall ’09 was EPIC! I wanted all of it!
    Oh, and I love your blog.


  3. Alli

    They are from E L L E R Y.


  4. thats just legendary!!!
    love love love love it all!!!


  5. i need more studs and knits in my life. i also love love loved the missoni collection.

  6. you are completely right, I stud everything all the time. It’s easy and easy to figure out.

  7. thank you for visiting my blog! i really enjoy yours. that diy studded blazer from maison des reveries is lovely isn’t it.

  8. Her glasses are so weirdd. I don’t know If I like them or not actually…
    It just looks heavy and bend her head forward.
    Anywayysss. I liker her pants. I love studs!
    They’re like the best diys ever because you can create fabulous things really fast and easily… Knitting is super super super long and requires a certain knack. huh

  9. don’t worry yourself to much knitting.
    my “lil baby” sister stabbed me once with a knitting needle (longg story) but it really doesn’t hurt that much…
    i still bare the scars

    and great post

  10. gah that studded skirt is too fab. must try this one.

  11. Thanks for the comment! Have you seen I copied your idea of the Alexander Wang shorts in my blog?? of course I included a link to your post!!
    There is a militar jacket in H&M that I´ve been wanting to buy so I can add some of the ornaments around the button holes, as in the Balmain Jackets your know?? I´ll let you know if i do it!!


  12. i could never ever find studs though :( the ones sold here are small and boring…!


  13. The first two pictures are really inspiring. Your blog is awesome! Linked you :)

  14. I love love love the first outfit!!!

  15. studders anonymous.
    i will be the founding member. i continue to be obsessed.

    these photos are amazing!
    presently studding my nautical striped tee w/ matte gold round beauties.
    photos to come asap.

    happy, happy weekend girl!
    good luck with needles…..can’t wait to see your creations.

  16. I love the studded skirt!!! Next DIY?

  17. studding something seems like too much work. i’d rather bitch about how awesome other people’s (your) DIYs are and stare at them for 13 minutes straight, then move on with my life having accepted that i have no such patience or talent.

    yes, Maison des Rêveries is pretty much awesome, but really horrible for my self esteem. those new york fashionistas. let me tell you! it’s like they have infinite wads of cash stashed away in some secret mattresses on bedford avenue. feel completely unworthy of their presence. having said that, i want all of her clothes and food. now.

  18. haha i really need to get off my lazy ass and just go crazy with studs. that blazer and the skirt looks CRAZYYYYY. and holy crap, those sunglasses, they look so sick, but i have a sinking feeling in my stomach that it prob only works on the ever-so-elusive 5’11”, stick-thin supermodels. and oh man, i need the entire missoni collection in my life like NOW.

  19. man I really wanna learn how to knit!!!!!! But I think I’d have zero patience with it and probably get super frustrated if it’s not turning out how I want it to.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  20. I’m glad you specified “inanimate objects”… Somebody’s probably ready to stud their chihuahua by now.

  21. studded blazer is an amazing idea! I am going to do that as soon as I find some pyramid studs/toughen up blisters on my fingers

  22. i likey those black studded pants!! and all the layering that’s going on with missoni is impressive, no? hehehehe.
    i realize all my stupid talk about keyboard shortcuts seems even more stupid cause we use different platforms :(

  23. lovely inspiration!! thanks so much!

  24. The studded jacket is so cool + Balmainesque!

  25. i am obsessed with that studded skirt :) I have so many DIY projects to do though and so little time :/ I wish I could make Meeko do all of my projects for me! A little DIY doggie sweatshop lol!!

  26. Great inspiration! I love all these outfits… That beige knit dress is certainly something to think about. I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays now ;p I think with more time on my hands lots of DIY projects are actually possible. I feel guilty now (during the school term) thinking every minute about fashion when I should be concentrating on schoolwork (as all my other insanely hardworking classmates are doing) sob sob. Good luck with the knitting! Hope you emerge relatively unscathed.

    Haha about your comment on a previous post… of course I read your posts! But I guess maybe you come across some readers who don’t really read and just focus on the photos? ;p I’m guilty of that sometimes too… but i guess it only gets really obvious if the text is on something serious like ‘i’m having a bad day’ and then the comment left by some non-reading reader goes ‘i love those shoes!’…

  27. Goodness I’m definitely inspired! Especially with the DIY studded jacket. She did a killer job!

  28. i am definelty going to try these!

  29. same, i really want to though now. i wonder how they got it to look so loose and have large gaps in everything? idk i love it though

  30. i simply cannot get over how absolutely marvelous this whole studded look is!


  31. you may be convincing me on this studding thing. although secretly I still think it’s best left to girls. On them it seems coquettish I think if I studded something of mine I’d look like a punky liberace…

  32. that knit dress is so fab. you could wear it even when it warms up!

  33. you’re so creative! that blazer is fab!! love love your blog