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Lion knucklebiter & Deer Rings from La Dama online Boutique | Minuature animals

Apologies for the server downtime last night, I only stopped peddling for a few minutes and the generator stopped working… really gotta hire someone else to do that, who’s gonna feed the cows if I’m peddling all day?

The rings were found in my new favourite online boutique La Dama. I’m determined to have a zoo on my fingers soon, or a farm, whichever really. So far I’ve got an octopus ring and an obnoxious kitty (or was it a panther) ring and it’s not likely they’ll reproduce anytime soon… We need to adopt. (We the fingers)

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  1. I have had my eye on that ring for ages! A bit too expensive for me unfortunately:(

  2. I like it!
    Thank you.

  3. Love it. Just stumbled on your blog. I like your humor. ^^

  4. This post is hilarious! cool rings…

  5. What a beautiful ring the deer one is!

  6. I am tempted to start a one-time blogger of the day award and give it you for making me chuckle. You are adorable. And I love this shop! Thanks for sharing.

    Love Grace.

  7. feisty lion!

  8. wow, the rins are amazing!

  9. love the animals. and that ring is way too cool. i want want want

  10. love for the ring

  11. ooooh i love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the deer one is really cool but at first i thought that the lion was a huge fish head. oops

  12. omg, greatest pictures ever.

    love the ring!

  13. loooveee those digby and iona rings. I bought the octopus one for gennie on her birthday too!!

  14. haha, this is just great..wouldn’t mind a zoo of ten different arts on my fingers either!

  15. how beautiful and unique
    i love it, sooo serene and peaceful!

  16. I like the deer … but I think I might poke my eye out..

  17. can’t believe those are all rings. and i always say that there’s nothing like too many rings!
    Here’s to an animal farm, gorgeous girl!

  18. Those plastic animals are all rings?? Wow. If so, I definitely have a polar bear that needs to be made into a ring. :P

  19. OOOoh no, just the two in the second picture are rings, although I’d love to see pig rings like that…

  20. ha, you’re too awesome. i was thinking about putting the blog photos on my server, but i’m way too out of shape to do the peddling. it will never work out.

    it’s not likely the kitty and octopus will reproduce. land and ocean? they are worlds (or fingers) apart. be the brangelina of the animal ring world. :P

  21. Oh I love the deer ring!

    The plastic animals are awesome. Do they belong to you? Where did you get them from?!

  22. OMFG THAT LITTLE PIG IS JUST TOO MUCH I THINK I MIGHT HAVE A HEARATTACK….uh okay maybe I love pigs just a leeeeeeeeeeedle too much heahehea. I’ve been searching for a piggie ring that is perfect for me but I’ve still yet to find one…or i mean find one that isn’t a GAJILLION dollahz

  23. okay NGL, I just made that animal pic my desktop background. lol. a lil pixelated but i love it :D

  24. Ooo I love the rings!!! :D