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The yarns were bought in December 2008 and hauled back and forth 5-6 times – to Warsaw, to  London – before I’d even done an arm’s length. To tell the truth, I stopped because I had no clue how to make the neckline and didn’t feel like finding out. Then that genius hit me as always…yeah…I found out that I’d knitted one side 1.5x larger in width. What an idiot. So I ended up knitting it longer in length to joining the two sides to make a shawl. Introducing, the new “circle scarf”, its versatility surprises me greatly.

I’ll upload the tutorial (not much of one btw) in mid September once the magazine I sent the DIY to is out.

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  1. That looks so cool! I’ve been thinking about starting some knitting projects but the problem is that I haven’t knitted since high school. Oops! So a DIY would be very much appreciated here. ;) I’ve also been wondering if it would be possible to achieve a similar look by using the crochet technique…?

  2. awesome!
    you are so beautiful ;)
    nice look

  3. Love the idea!and the colors of the wool! i was wondering what to do with a similar piece of knitting experiment i’ve started a log time ago too!!
    you always gives great ideas!

  4. wow
    thats amazing!
    i’ve totally forgotton how to knit, sadly, otherwise i would totally copy this (im being very honnest here)
    you could probably sell them and earn a nice amount of money?

  5. I love such ideas, you start an xyz to end up with something completely different.
    and the sweater is awsome :)

  6. I can’t believe you did this on your own!!! It looks really cool!!! You have talent! :)

  7. beautiful photos!

  8. that yarn is so gorgeous! I love the splash of colour.

  9. you really are amazing :D my mom taught me how to knit but I think I forgot..and I can only create uneven tightly knitted pieces of yarn.

  10. oh wow! that’s a really pretty shawl you knitted! I love the colours you used and the fact that you used giant needles to make the holes. I tried knitting once, but it turned out really badly. :(

    also, can’t wait to get my hands on those caramel t-bar heels when you finally open up shop again! :) they’ve been on hold for far too long.

  11. agatiszka

    Wow, you did it by yourself! Congrats!!

  12. Lin

    Love the colour combo! If I recall correctly, you did mention you’d finish this around August from your previous post.

    It’s gorgeous! Love your blog.

  13. m-m

    do you speak polish?

  14. Beautiful sweater!

  15. Still looks charming nonetheless. I think quick improvisations are a good knitting/DIY skill. Did you ever learn to crochet?

  16. No way…you knitted that? Ace. It would look equally as cool with little holes for your arms to poke through, so it could be warn as a waistcoat/vest. Bring on the Rodarte! x

    (love the blog….following now ;))

  17. baśka

    wow, zazdroszczę tej umiejętności :)

  18. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    oh those needles could go so fat?! i never knew. i love this piece of work. gorogeous colours.

  19. woooow so beautiful!

  20. I was just wondering recently whatever happened to this project! It’s looking lush! I had meant to start a similar project this summer but laziness got the better of me…

  21. highlight of the day

  22. gosh i wish i could knit.
    what a really nice idea and it’s turned out lovely.
    well done xx

  23. You are such a creative soul, I admire you :)

  24. Shini is this magazine based in Korea?? And were you one of 6 bloggers asked to do a DIY? If it’s the same one, I did one too!
    This is a wonderful scarf and I loom forward to the tutorial as I’d love to learn how to knit simple things like scarves.

  25. I LOOK forward no “loom” obviously!

  26. Love it, the colors are amazing! I so wish knew how to knit!

  27. oh you finally finished it! congrats, it looks beautiful. The colors are perfect (were they seperate balls or was it just one multicolor ball?)

  28. Omg. That is INCREDIBLE! Good job girl

  29. You are officially DIY Queen. Seriously. Love your preppy sweater as well xx

  30. I’d call it a happy accident! I love the colors you chose, and the looseness of the knitting.

  31. Wow, you did an AMAZING job. I’d totally buy this if I saw it in a store!

  32. you are so creative! beautiful colours too

  33. You knit?! I had no idea!
    I’ve been following this blog forever, and I’m so happy to hear that you knit. I’m obsessed with craft/diy, and love it when you do any sort of diy post.
    Can’t wait for the tutorial! What is the yarn? Did you do the coloring on your own?

  34. wow! that is beautiful- I can’t knit for my life!

  35. Moja mama zna sie na tym dzieki babci,wiec umie robic na drutach:)Piekny sweterek!

  36. XD
    I think you’re the most patient person I have ever.. known? read? whatever.
    all these DIYs… wow.

  37. Wow You can Knit, that’s awesome. Always wanted to learn.

  38. I absolutely love how that turned out.
    I wish I was more skilled when it comes to making and reconstructing my own clothing, but sewing machines and knitting seem to hate me. Thanks for the link btw!

  39. sooo pretty
    ur style awes me, seriously- skiills!!

  40. beautiful. i thought loose knit is easier to do, but looking at the 2nd pic i realize that the yarn is pretty thin and it wold have taken time with those fat needles to manage such a thin thread/yarn.

  41. really love tht knit it is so cute u are so creative and your website gives me lots of inspiration :D

  42. You did a great job regardless! love the colors and the open weave.


  43. you are such a talented fashionista.
    i love the asymmetrical shape!

    from zurich,

  44. this looks great! i can’t wait till you do the tutorial. i’m a knitting/crochet idiot. i tried knitting once and failed greatly. hopefully your tutorial will be easy enough for me to pick up this wonderful art.

  45. that knit is flawless. amazing. can’t wait for the diy post.

  46. such a delightful proxy for rodarte’s knits!

  47. love your interview on Sieg Magazine ;)


    I love this, just looks so rodarte – a jumper would have been neat to through over a shorts and over the knee high boots, all though Isee this working int he same vein too …

    Over the knees *sigh* I spotted some I wanted actually , but now I can’t afford them as I spent some DOLLAR last night on some new marni shoes, as I decided all of my current shoes are too ugly for NY fashion week. Blah. Now I will have open toe million pound shoes to trot around in winter. Yuck.

    Actually weren’t we supposed to be meeting up for a blogger bitch sesh? I’ve always wondered if you lived in london or not, it would be perfect if we could meet for LFW non?

    Anyway, Thus ends the essay – I really should consider emailing rather than commenting all this shizzle.


    MM x

  49. your blog is amazing! i love this creation you inspired me! :)

  50. i love your aesthetic!!!!

    i would L O V E if you checked out MY DESIGN BLOG:


  51. You can knit! Something else to add to your ongoing list of talents, girl!
    You’ll give the Rodarte girls a run for their money!
    I love that scarf! It so needs to get into my closet. Like now!
    You’re awesome <3

  52. That is one of the best DIYs I have seen in a long time. Well done!


  53. very cool.


  54. Claudette

    Wow. I have no idea how to knit, but after seeing this I have to give it a go!


  55. lusting for this – yes! pls. holding breath for the tutorial.

  56. i love th white sweater!


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