I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

More photos here!
Wearing: Cardigan – Uniqlo, Shirt – Gmarket, Jeans – Courtesy of MiH for Liberty, Boots – DIY studded Vintage, Skirt – One of Susie’s leftovers that she just gave o_O <3

The yardsale was on fire on Sunday, what a blast! Who knew there was life before noon on Sundays? I arrived a bit late (fashionably retarded, that’s me) but there were already so many people loitering around the tables, eyeing each piece that came out of the seller’s suitcases. Some stuff didn’t even make it onto the table, I hear. My Chloé blouse was the first to go, and thus started the how to become a yardsale millionaire without addition skills. If you saw me pause before calling out the total price, that was me contemplating whether or not to use fingers. THATS WHY I STUDIED ART.
I also couldn’t help but overhear “Ann Demeulemeester… one pound…Preen…2 pounds…” over from Susie’s table and thought I must be hearing a collage of sounds jumbled up in a wrong order but it turns out her most her pricing was indeed £1!! And there I was, requesting £12 for a cashmere sweater that didn’t even have a brand tag. #ohtheshame.

Talented Vicky was our residential sketcher, as DSLRs are now so out of trend; she made her models stand in a pose while she sketched within a matter of minutes. Miss Frou Frou and I did the usual PDA – my love for her and her blog is beyond expression by ramble. Star blogger Alice was incidentally in town with her sister (blond hottie with polkadot skirt), and you won’t believe how tiny she is. Wrapping my hands around her waist (wait, more PDA here) was like grasping my thighs. Tom and his lady Worthington cordially paid us a visit (and ate all the wonderful Satay Chicken), as Ferry the Ferret changed outfits twice. Kit sold a pink porcelain pig cookie jar (to Susie, no other), and a mannequin torso (to…Susie), and later informed me she disinfected her coin pouch when she got home.

Thank you Susie for being such a gracious host, and Kit, Fiona, Zara, Nadia, Steve, John and Tommy for making this one heck of a party. I’ll be expecting another yardsale for third week of August 2011, 2012…infinity and beyond if you don’t mind please.

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  1. Want to go to this ” A Yard for Sale” !
    It’s a pity that I live in Hong Kong.

  2. Dahhhh Shini your post is sooooo funny.
    Yeah I had to disinfect my coin pouch cos it smelled abit, I never carry cash around you know ;P

  3. You took some awesome photos!

    I can’t quite believe the incredible prices that Susie was giving things away for! Seriously crazy prices. Gutted I couldn’t be there (shakes fist at dissertation/exams) but if there is another one some day, I’m not missing it!!!

  4. janet

    looks soo funnn
    I wish I can go.. or maybe have been to that kind of event :)
    inspiriing pictures.

  5. “Ann Demeulemeester… one pound…Preen…2 pounds…”?! Oh, that’s it. I’m moving from Melbourne *just* for the London yard sales! Rad post, <3 the pics x

  6. Your photos are always so lovely! Thats quite the gathering as well!

  7. Everyone is so gorgeous!! I wish I could’ve seen everything you ladies had! :D

    xoxo Allison of CurvyGirlChic


  8. What a genius collaboration!

  9. myaaaaaan I wish I could’ve gone. I definitely would’ve left with something! Seemed like so much fun :)

  10. Aww.. Wish I could have been there. xx

  11. Great photos as always, you really captured the spirit of the day. I saw that skirt you’re wearing and was intrigued but thought it was a top! Major oops…gutted I missed your Chloe blouse too.

  12. Oh how I wish I could have been there. But looks like it was a blast!


  13. ahhhhh…..looks like a dream! :)

  14. Looks amAZING!

  15. Great pics! It looks like you had fun!


  16. The ferret photo is adorable!

  17. Heya, was great to meet you on sunday, love love love the dior blazer you sold me, even my mum likes it which is saying something!

    Thanks again

  18. great pictures!!

    looks fantastic, and i love sussie buble’s outfit :)

  19. I wish I could be there. Especially at the Susie’s table! ;D

  20. love the shot of you and nadia being sketched. so sweet. it all looks fantastic. i think i’ve left about 10 comments on other people’s blogs about the event so i’ll leave it short and sweet. gorgeous photos. xx p.s. i have to say it again – sad to have missed it!

  21. This looks like it was such fun! I was devastated not to make it, but was holed up in Cambridge with a cold.

    Love all the pictures – especially the one of Vicky’s illustrations taped to the wall. I’m off to check her out more now!

    Miss B xx


  22. oh I miss flea markets!!!!


  23. I’m thinking next year I’ve gotta come earlier for the yard sale – I will be there at 10 sharp!

    And I look so tired!! Why?!


  24. @S, maybe because by then I’d been chattering on to you for about 2 hours?!

  25. @styleeast Hahah!!

  26. really great pics and so glad I finally got to meet you in person, it is so great to see the event throgh different lenses and different blogger points of view. xx

  27. Ah how I wish I could’ve made it (unfortunately I just had to live on the other side of the earth).. seems like so much fun! The little ferret is adorable…if it was for sale I think I would’ve brought it home with me haaa.

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  28. these are such fantastic photos! i wish i had been there! :-(
    looks like it was a lot of fun and had some great finds!


  29. I hope in the future to be in England or somewhere close when this goes down.

  30. Great photos! If you were ANYWHERE near me, I would have gone not only to browse the clothes, but also to meet all of you! What a great idea. Also, I’m now following Frou Frouu! You’re right, her blog is fab.


  31. This is the kind of yard sale I dare not even dream about. Trade lives?

  32. Marvellous photos – especially love the ones of Vic sitting on the ground sketching. And Ferry the ferret of course, what a cutie!

    As for the one of me, I’m obviously making some sort of important point and god bless the lovely Saskia for putting up with me wittering on!!

    Great day and a rip-roaring success – another one soon please?! x

  33. Ahhh Shini your camera skillz! My photos will look nothing like this :) I do have a video taken by my sister which has a shot of Fi doing a little dance so when I finally get round to posting about this then I will definitely have to include that.

    Couldn’t believe Susie’s pricing either :) The girl knows the thrillllllll of a good bargain and was lovely enough to give all her customers that thrill on the day! I bought a (genuine) little gucci over-the-body bag from her for a tenner… Guilty pleasures.

    I can’t wait a whole year for the next one! We should do one every season change :) Winter spring summer fall.

    Was lovely to see you again, hope we meet again soon! Are you still in W4?


  34. Gosh, you and your excellent coverage/ images/ general stuff. Pfft.

    I obviously have an exceedingly interesting camera.

  35. Didn’t even realise both the shots of you you’re looking into your camera, WHAT’S IN THERE NADIA? no, my fault, should’ve picked better picccss.. Can’t wait for yours muehhehe <3

  36. First, I’m mortified that you were late and it was MY fault (and how gracious you were about it) and since we couldn’t be there, stupidly, thank you for taking the time to put this excellent post together. It’s incredible how many people I know and LIKE in these shots!

    Totally black and blue from kicking myself.

  37. i am so so sad i missed this it would have been great to see all the bloggers i admire! unfortunately a yard sale doesnt really justify a dash over the continent at last minute…

  38. I love all these photos!

  39. I’m so unbelievably gutted that I missed this, looks like it was such a fun day. And also, how adorable is that ferret? May have had to have kidnapped it – so perhaps its lucky I wasn’t there… no way am I missing the next one, thats for sure!

  40. This was such a good idea for an event, from all the photos I’ve seen it looked like a great day, I wish I could have been there – especially to have a sketch drawn of myself by Vicky, I love her drawing style. Maybe I’ll get to be at the next one – it looked like such a success, i’m sure there’ll be so many more! I would love to get my hands on some other bloggers amazing clothes and try some of that chicken satay! I hope that ferret would be there too! x

  41. This looks like so much fun, wishing I was there! And those illustrations are ever so lovely! I found you via Sarah Klassen–she has the best taste, and of course I’m loving your blog!

    xo Mary Jo

  42. Ooh ferry came too! :D I’ll have to make sure I’m in London the third week of august 2011,2012 etc. so I can come haha! Seems like such a fun day :)!

  43. this is my favourite blog so far, how could I have missed out on all this… added you to my blogluvin so I don’t miss a single update. Shame I missed the yardsale.

    Dena x

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  45. great stuff!!! i would die to be there

  46. me encantan todas las fotos! que envidia! yo tambien quiero estar alli!!:)

  47. Hey Missy, I love that magical (from the land of magical clothes) Jean Paul Gaultier inspired corsetry ‘thingy’ around your torso- how did I fail to spot that?


  48. Haha I bought the Chloé shirt (love it!) and Chloé-esq shoes. Was quite shocked to see the picture of me on here when I didn’t realise you were taking the photo haha!Sorry for lingering round your table like a creep – I loved your stuff! See you next year maybe!

  49. Heheh I took your photo, and stared a you a bit at the yardsale (you didn’t notice, phew) and SWORE I knew you from somewhere! It bugged me for hours, thanks for identifying yourself! ;)

  50. @Shini, Hahah really? I only know you from reading your blog although it’s possible you’ve seen me in London somewhere? And I think your staring cancels out my hanging round at your table so I don’t need to feel bad about that anymore haha :p

  51. Hmm I think I might’ve seen a photo of you in a blogger meet…possibly with Rebecca from The Clothes Horse? I’m just guessing here hehe

  52. @Shini – Nope, I’ve never been to a blogger meet. Maybe I just look like someone else?! I guess we’ll never know haha. Do let me know if you ever remember :p

  53. Oh this photos are so precious!! This was such a good idea and you guys should definitely continue with these. Maybe someday I can make it out for one. There’s nothing better than bloggers and their readers coming together in the name of clothes and style!

  54. Fabulous pictures. I’m definitely wishing I’d come along now instead of going to the pub and stuffing my face with a sizeable roast dinner. That’ll teach me.

  55. what a stylish yard sale :)

  56. Great pictures, would love to be there. Looked so much fun.

  57. wow such awesome

  58. look fun..i want to go here either