I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater – Gmarket, Skirt – Courtesy of Storets.com, Bag – Solar, Socks – Courtesy of AA, Shoes – Topshop, Belt – Vintage, Shoulder thing – DIY

Clockwise from top left: Cracked-sole Boots; Bag; Pleat Dress; Tiered Top; Trousers & leggings; Multi-buckle boots

Quick post before going back to squat in corner making last minute pricetags for tomorrow’s yard sale – apparently Kit and some others are making banners as well?? Are we doing elections or summink!? Eery feeling, this rush of confuzzled panic + ultra-sleepiness…

Some picks from the latest in Storets.com – they were so kind to send over a generous box a few months ago, it just took me ages to put up. Storets is like a condensed version of Gmarket, sans epileptic window fireworks and out-worldly shopping procedures, MAIS avec the usual too-pretty Korean models that make me cut their heads off as in above collage. SMUG. FACE. I has. HA!

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  1. Beautiful photos!

    i like the sweater!


  2. the electric bluee skirt is veryy eye-catching :DD


  3. ahh..the skirt is stunning :) You look gorgeous.

  4. Betty

    I love online shopping esp.from Korean websites but most of them require a citzenship number or a korean address to actually purchase from.. *sadface*
    Besides GMarket & Storets.com do you have any other page suggests that will ship internationally??


  5. Storets actually delivers overseas without all these! :D

  6. I love your skirt, you look so nice

    Mia Bbook

  7. sweet look=)


  8. Wow. The texture play is so unexpected and so cool.
    I love the palette too. You are amazing.

    Also, for those living in the USA (or have an address here) the GIVEAWAY closes soon for the gorgeous vintage inspired cocktail ring. It might just look amazing on your pretty hands ^_^
    …for free!

    The Girl at the Atelier’s Closet

  9. G-market usually lags my computer so much especially when I look at shoes because there are sooooo many pictures in one tab hehe.
    I like your skirt, and the other picks that you chose :)

  10. i love love love the micro pleats!


  11. I normally shop at Yesstyle.com, I think they stock the same stuff as Storets.com..no?!
    Gmarket is toooooo confusing for me.

    See you laterz!

  12. Yarrrh I’m sure they stock the same stuff, it’s same factory, different outlet sellers… Guess it’s all in the price difference huh hehaha
    Gmarket is confusing for me too, I dunno why they do it like that…meh,
    Hope you got home safe and resting gooooood! Greato job today, and thanks for looking after my stuff while I was gone-o!!!

  13. i love the color of your skirt and the mix of textures of the skirt and knit… gorgeous!


  14. Oooh lovely blouse there at the bottom. Very nice indeed x

  15. your fishtail braid is so lovely :) all the best for the yard sale!

  16. I am in Korea and the Storets site won’t come up for me? Any ideas? Any other ideas for shopping in Korea? I am from the States so a lot of clothes don’t fit me here! It’s been interesting trying to shop!

  17. Hiya, I wonder why it won’t open for you! The store is based in Korea but the audience is towards overseas customers (hence the English interface), so maybe they chose to have their servers in Europe or US, I dunno… in Korea hmm, I know there’s LOADS, but since I never shopped from Korea I only really know Gmarket! I’m sure you can do a Naver search though ;)!

  18. I am excited about the yard sale today! I hope to see many pretty banners hehe

    I love the blue pleats – you’ve introduced me to so many cool Korean stores.


  19. a love the top you are wearing, its really nice!

    xx http://thestylecat.blogspot.com

  20. I absolutely love that blue skirt – the colour, pleats, and breeziness of the fabric are just perfect. I just clicked through to Storets, thank you for a new shopping find!!


  21. i love your sweater.


  22. !

    I really like your look! That ‘shoulder thing’ makes it all looking like from some future manga or something alike. (I’m sure it’s stupid but that was my first thought when I saw it)

    :D :*

  23. yor skirt is gorgeous! suh a lovely shape and colour!
    Storets looks pretty cool, loving the blouse and boots, checking it out now! xx

  24. love the floaty skirt. i’ve got to get myself one of those!!! hopefully i can navigate the site… otherwise i will have to come looking for help! the textures in your outfit are so gorgeous. also, how are you always located in the MOST BEAUTIFUL location in London?! hmmmm??

    p.s. i hope today goes insanely well. beyond bummed to be sitting here inside (swoons at the blue sky) looking at my dull freaking butted political theory book. good luck!

  25. You better spent the day writing a lot! The sale was fantastic, really missed you there! So many came, Saskia, Jen, Fiona, Jackie… ach, that dissertation better rock ;)
    btw that backdrop was surprise when I got home, it was somewhere really dirty ish looking in Soho and I thought it’d look crap in photos but ended up pretty cool…I guess don’t underestimate the power of soho :P Hope you’re well!!

  26. Hope the sale went well!! Great pictures as usual, and that sweater is pretty much rockin’ but you already knew that ;)

  27. i want your knit sweater !!!

  28. love the thick knit sweater

  29. love your sweater!

  30. amazing pics!


  31. You look really good! I really like your skirt


  32. perfect outfit!


  33. Hey Shini! Thanks for sharing all these! I’m very glad to find out this store! Bu I wonder -really- how is the quality, especially the shoes’, cause I’ve made some online shopping from Korea and China and well, the quality was very bad but The prices are all right, I’m planning to buy some, but I’m worried about the quality, what do you think? Thanks!

  34. Hmmm it’s a hit & miss really, for example there are shoes I bought from Gmarket that I don’t wear again, but there’s a pair I keep wearing and wearing… I think you really need to look how the man-made leather folds in some of the photos. I’d get the first shoes on the top left, but probably not the bottom right because of how the material looks. Also, I wouldn’t generally get thin-heels for cheap because they tend to be really weak & wobbly! Wedges & thicker heels are finee though… Hope that helps!

  35. @Shini, Yes, absolutely helpful, thank you! I really like the bottom right but I was worried about the material… Thanks a lot!

  36. Love the DIY shoulder accent – you are so talented! How funny, I was just checking out Storets.

    xx Amy

  37. ahw you look great, these shots are amazing!



  38. I just had to repeat what I told you earlier which is that I LOVE THIS SKIRT. Lovely to see you. Saskia and I are on a mission to arrange an afternoon-tea related meet-up soon….watch this space x

  39. i know what you mean about the “ahem” creative collage technique, do the same thing myself!


  40. Love your sweater, and the contrast it offers for the skirt. You look incredible, as always!


  41. Hooray for pleats and knits!!

  42. Love the super-pleats in your skirt. Cutting off models’ heads – hee hee! :)

  43. You look beautiful! xoxo


    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  44. i love how the skirt flares out at the end, really makes the outfit.xx

  45. This is why I love your blog; I would never come up with a way to wear that skirt myself and would end up keeping it in my closet forever for it’s gorgeous color.

    May I ask what street in London were the pictures taken? I can barely read “W1” and am smitten by the building in the background (2nd pic).

  46. I’m really glad you left your head on! (and hope this doesn’t mean you think you don’t fit into the category of beautiful model) – Love the blue pleated skirt with the sweater – and very much the pictures!

  47. you’re totally right. they’re WAY too pretty and skinny and wth where do they come from?! 참 한국에서 내가 자랐으면 어떻게 생겼을까 궁금해할정도로~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  48. oh i missed reading your blog for a few mos!
    i did get my bestie addicted so that makes up for it i guess
    love that i come and see all the shoe posts- you always comvince me to get the same pair
    thats some skill LOL
    love the tight pleats on your skirt.. :)

  49. God how I want to shop at this Gmarket!!

    Love Grace.

  50. suzie

    shini… we got same oriental eyes.

    though i dont leave msg often, just love visiting ur blog every other day =)

  51. Loving the shoulder diy thing!! and totally gutted i missed the yard sale…

  52. Oh my I LOVE your outfit here. I’ve been dreaming of long skirts and nubby sweaters recently and your outfit is the dream realized. Saw Susie’s post on the yard sale – looks like SO much fun, how I wish I could have been there for it, maybe next time! xx

  53. lovely outfit & photos <3

  54. stunning skirt! I love the bold color!

  55. Y’know… this outfit is my idea of perfect. I saw a pleated skirt last week in Portobello and decided not to buy it because at £25 I thought I was being ripped off (Cheap ass right?). BIG MISTAKE.

    You are a doll. x

  56. Super sweater!

  57. Love the photos, love the picture with the white bag. Pleat dress is stunning.

  58. Amazing sweater!

    <3 Kelly