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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Chairs from Fashion for Home



Park-Cube_Working-from-home_005 Park-Cube_Working-from-home_006




Park-Cube_Working-from-home_010 Park-Cube_Working-from-home_012



Wearing: Cashmere sweater – Iris & Ink (exclusive to The OUTNET.COM). Check trousers – J Crew (via The OUTNET). Shoes – Tory Burch (via The Outnet). Necklace – Mikimoto. Rose-gold watch – Guess. Wrap-around bracelet – H&M. Boyfriend Jeans – ASOS. Booties – Alexander Wang (via The Outnet). Shirt – Uniqlo.

Welcome to my casa! my office! my casa! Oh, I don’t even know anymore. I’ve been freelancing ever since I was about 17, I have a feeling the Home/Office boundary never existed in the first place. I built websites in bed and they still ran fine, bed-bug free. In fact if I remember correctly, a part of this blog was built tangled in sheets – tell me, does it smell of Doritos/down feather when you access this site? It’s only quite recently that I felt the need to allocate a certain corner for ‘work’ purposes… I suspect it’s something to do with the rise of pinterest, or maybe the fact that I am always home working making sandwiches, not necessarily of the good-wife sort either. I’ve been renting this flat since my third year of uni, and throughout the years it has gone through many identity shifts. The trouble mainly being the fact that, while divided into two floors, the flat is technically a studio, so the foyer is our dining room, shoe-storage, and our living area. Upstairs, the desk is in the bedroom, which is also technically the closet as well. And regardless of how many corners I fill with IKEA Linnmons to ‘work on’, I’ve always managed to end up in bed. Or by the fridge, eating out raw dinner ingredients.

What I’m currently finding particularly useful, is to get up in the morning and slapping on a bit of BB-cream, and getting dressed as if going out, heels and all. Figures I’ll be sitting the whole day anyway. That way, when I pop out for snacks the local Turkish don’t remember me as that bum that has a serious TWIX addiction. These days I’ve been drawn to wearing more cashmere, perfectly delicate enough to avoid aggravating eczema, my current favourite being the Iris & Ink cashmere sweater (exclusive to THE OUTNET.COM). I’ve worn it to countless fantasy board meetings, and lunch dates with Mr fridge & Mrs oven.

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  1. Why haven’t I been invited over yet? I’d like to meet Mr Fridge x

  2. i am in love with your office!


  3. Camilla

    Ahh I love your house (and style)! I’m just really curious about where the small storage ladder in the first picture is from? I’ve been looking for something similar!

  4. Thank you, that was just a flower stand from eBay – something like this! http://ebay.eu/1a9QjjY

  5. Amazing space, that shoe storage is what I need right now. Consider it all pinned!

  6. Your place is as beautiful as your style, it totally represents you! Great post!


  7. So nice that you are sharing your house with us! I also like the fact that you are living in a studio and are not hiding it, as many people are ashamed to share anything that doesn’t look like “Mtv cribs”, if you know what I mean… While most of us, working hard are living in normal space, like you (and me). So I find it very nice to see someone sharing the reality, or at least your reality…

    Ps: Your studio looks gorgeous!


  8. Haha I so recognize this! I have a whole room that’s an office, and even I end up working in my bed from time to time. :) Your home/studio/sandwich factory looks lovely! x

  9. Well, if you’re looking for a roommate.. Haha ;-)
    What a wonderful home you have!


  10. ‘Dress up divinely when you’re going nowhere so you’re always ready for a grand invitation’ – Tippi Hedren

  11. Lovely lovely apartment! Amazing how a studio can be divided into a lot of small spaces, absolutely loved it (specialy the shoe closet! :D)

  12. Duck

    I’ve been waiting for a post-stomargeddon Instagram update of you lying under a giant pile of shoes…

  13. Your place looks so lovely! And you always make me laugh. I can especially relate to this since I’m currently in bed working. In my PJs. With crumbs on my face. I should probably follow your rule and get dressed as if going to work each morning as well.

    I love the photos. And I can’t wait for you to come back to Paris, or me to London so that we can catch up again :)

    xx Carin

  14. Love that shoe shelf!


  15. This is my favorite blog post of the day. Love it. Jealous of your amazing space and so funny! Sounds like its been a really great lifestyle. I hope to acheive something like that soon!



  16. I really like your home decoration, especially the bunting and the shoes!
    Mafalda ❤

  17. Gah, what a beautiful space! I love that you guys have so much natural light.

  18. your home looks fab! but I know exactly what u mean with working/living space. Since the first day at Central Saint Martins my flat turned into a fashion designer’s studio – sewing machine next to the bed included :)) it’s great though that the flat has 2 floors!

    xx, Sabinna
    Broken Cookies

  19. Really impressed what you did with such a relatively small space. And I love the ‘shoe wall’ :-). Makes me want redecorate my own London apartment and ‘home office’.

  20. amazing trousers!


  21. you have a beautiful home!
    which bb cream do you use cause your skin is flawless. <3

  22. oh goodness!! Can I please move in? I love a space that shares the personality and hobbies of a person, so it seems perfect. I’m the type of person who loves working from bed too… terrible habit. Could never write papers in uni or grad school from a desk.

  23. beautiful interior! i’ll never be able to keep my house looking so good haha


  24. What a lovely flat! The way you’ve decorated (white white white!) completely disguises the size – it looks huge! Beautiful jumper by the way xx

  25. I really like the way you organized your books by colour, it looks so neat! And the bunting is amazing, I need that too. Woman, your house really does feel pinterest-y!

  26. Wauw I am in love with your office and .. your shoes !!

  27. So many wonderfully quirky details. Gorgeous. Thanks for letting us take a peek!

  28. After seeing your book, movie and shoe collections, I adore you that much more!! I am super guilty of working from bed too. I’ve tried to change my ways but so far haven’t found the right approach…

  29. Your space looks wonderful, sounds like you’ve been there a while and managed to make it into a proper place. You wouldn’t believe how basic/small/old time mine is.

    Buckets & Spades

  30. It’s so interesting to finally see your space! I love it.

  31. Have you heard of Topical Steroid Withdrawal? (TSW) I’ve recently come to the other side of it myself… Seems that I have been addicted to cortisone for years. Had eczema since I was small, and it would come and go during periods of stress. The evil cream would abate if for a moment, but would always come back, a little worse each time. There are doctors in Japan and one pioneer in L.A. who are advocating for people to stop using it, as it ultimately changes your skin’s ability to heal itself. If you google it, there are hundreds of people going through TSW, are blogging about it, and have come to the other side, finally rid of eczema.

    Doctors need to stop plying cortisone on everyone, without ethically advising them of the negative side effects!

    Thanks for being real about what you’re going through :)

  32. totally pinterest material! hahaha aside of that, your flat looks some sorta dreamy. still searching for one though. hope i could find one like yours. ooh i squint your pre-wedding pic!

  33. anita

    Oh my! How many shoes it’s like a dream

  34. Love the pants! Your pictures are amazing and love the shoe collections. mywhiteT.com

  35. Your home is beautiful ;)

  36. I love your home!! I love that most of it is white and that it lets in so much light, the bunting is such a sweet touch XX

  37. Very funny – thank you! Can I ask how on earth you manage to keep your… Hmmm extensive, shoe collection dust free? It’s open storage isn’t it?

  38. I do this thing where I get dressed like a french maid and dust it allllll down with unicorn feathers every few months!

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  40. Gorgeous space Shini! I imagined myself living in your flat while reading this. Oh how I miss living in bigger spaces. And I can’t wait wandering in the streets of London during Christmas week, I’ve taken some notes of the local places on your blog. x

  41. Kristen

    I absolutely love your place! You have a lot a lot of shoes (around 30, I counted). And your outfit is awesome, I need those boots (and those jeans and your sweater and kind of everything)

  42. ayy_ayy


    My homy-comfy-white-clean-simple dream home. And you make me more envy with that. Maybe you should add interior design freelancer on your cv. :D

  43. This is so beautiful. There is something so calm and relaxing about such a beautiful, characteristic home. great article!!


  44. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love your casual comfortable style!

  45. MJ

    hey, where you bought this amazing table?

  46. Heya, the table is actually a door that I bought off eBay, I got this man to make a big door for me, and we put it on two trestles from IKEA!

  47. MJ

    @Shini, I thought so! Great idea! I’ll steal your concept. :-) (I hope that I can. )

    Have nice day! :-)

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  49. AMAZING! Your place is stunning, beautiful and nicely decorated! It looks like a great place to work and live in :D x http://drawnandsewed.blogspot.com

  50. What a beautiful space!! I love it.
    It can be so tough getting dressed in the mornings when you’re working from home – I usually default to my sweatpants… I’ll try and make more of an effort from now on.

  51. Oh shoes heaven :)))) Great CASA!!!! :)


  52. 1. Your place is amazing

    2. The tiger-cup is amazing.

    3. Lost. Amazing. We love you a little bit more!


  53. What a lovely home. And lovely shoes. And lovely you. I like looking at these types of homes, and taking a peek of what bloggers are wearing, but yours is the first home/apt/flat that I want to actually inhabit and your style is too great.

  54. gorgeous outfits love the first one. And i have to say that is the CORRECT way to display/have your shoes! Id love to display all mine as pieces of art on random shelfs :)

    Hayley xx

  55. Woah, amazing space, amazing books, closet everything! I would “Pin” all these photos to my dream home! Well done!

  56. Every time I come to your blog I’m amazed by something and today it is how awesome you look while working at home! I have cute clothes that I wear around the house when I work from home but nothing at all like that.

    I don’t wear shoes in my home so that wouldn’t work for me but I never think of putting on actual pants, I always have on comfy yoga pants of something like that. And I only wear lipstick if I leave the house. Do you put on perfume as well? You rock.

  57. Oh, Shini. Every time I see your gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous self and gorgeous life, I think, “Ahh! Perfection! So unattainable! So glamorous!”

    And then I read your accompanying text and think, “Oh, nope. Never mind. Super glamorous and amazing, but so human and relatable.”

    You’re magical in that way.

  58. Oh, I love your shoe rack….

  59. you have a lot of interesting ideas and i love your pretty tastes, thank you

  60. Ha! Your post is hilarious – and I love that cashmere on you. Your home “office” is adorable, and defs pinterest-worthy.

    Oh, and I just followed you on bloglovin’.

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent DIY: DIY Lucite Perfume Clutch
    Recent post: Camo & Love, Preview

  61. It’s really impressive, you have so much taste ! Everything amaze me !!

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  64. Yeah, I am definitely going to take my time looking for a flat that is not only cheap but in such a state where I can let my personality shine through. I love the snippets of your place you’ve shared. They are quite inspiring :) Cannot wait for my inner interior designer to go beast mode on Pinterest and in Ikea when I finally settle on a decent place to live soon.

    Mo x

    P.S. How many DVDs do you have now? Your collection here looks impressive already haha

  65. […] recently moved out of our duplex studio loft flat in an attempt to grow up, where – if you remember – we had a wall of shoes next to the dining table, sofas next to that, and an open kitchen […]

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