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Chanel SS14, Paris

Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_02 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_03


Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_05 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_06




Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_10 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_11


Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_13 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_14



Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_16 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_17


Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_19 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_20






Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_26 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_27




Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_31 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_32


Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_34 Park-and-Cube_Chanel-SS14_35


Paris, October 2013. Photos & Editing by Park & Cube. Le obviously.

Can we please just pause for a moment and ponder the man with the lone sunflower stalk? I was running ten minutes late and was trotting up a side road to the Grand Palais when I spotted him, leaning on a rake, looking with complete indifference. I stopped and watched him for a while, it was like an abstract performance; and what did the sunflower mean?

The invitation read Chanel Art… and unmistakeably the entire set was decked out in Karl’s faux art pieces: a bucket of bag chain, brightly painted canvases (canvasi?), a giant No.5 robot… The Grand Palais was transformed into a theme park of sorts, and the guests queued for their turn on the ‘rides’, for a #selfie with the art pieces. In fact, it wouldn’t have been surprising if it was possible to collect your photos at the end of the show.

The collection too was an explosion of textures, shapes and colour: pink nylon strips masterfully woven into the bouclé, two-sided mega bibs, paint-palette eye makeup, graffiti’d boy bags… and towards the end, a celebration of the medium, a tipping out of the craft drawer, so to speak – smeared-charcoal skirts, spray-paint stencilled backpacks adorned with colourful ropes… piled on all together of course, Chanel-style. There was no hidden philosophy in the title, it was, quite delightfully, a play with ideas that typically are associated with ‘Art’: galleries, paintings, 3D installations, fabric scraps, paint palette, art school, portfolio. All connected with a bit of Chanel magic and Karl fun – performed at the end by the man himself, who bounced the entire length of the Grand Palais and back, blowing kisses at the audience. I guess I went in expecting a quiz of abstract artistic expression, or a grand nod to some moment in art history, but came out reminiscing my peachy art-school days. I saw the sunflower again on my way out and it was just a happy sunflower. Nothing C’est nes pas un sunflower to it at all.

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  1. Very nice! Even that spilling of blood (I mean juice) looked as if it was meant to be there.

    Wish I was invited – all the spilling I do (since I’m the queen of clumsy) would finally have its place in the world. hahaha

  2. I like the gallery concept which is perfect for the collection!

  3. Not too keen on that stuff, too cold and soulless for me…
    Mafalda ❤

  4. Danielle

    Incredible shots..

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. beautiful photography Shini!

  7. Looks like quite an event. Some gorgeous shots

  8. Ah CHANEL! Wonderful!


  9. Textures and colors galore! I l’m loving the edgy, spunk feel with classic materials. I actually thought the gardens keeper and the sunflower WAS in fact part of the Chanel fashion story. Maybe it’s a sign? x

  10. This show is always the best, by far!


  11. Is it just the perspective, or is sunflower rake man a TINY HUMAN?

  12. so perfect!

    xoxo from rome

  13. Kristen

    that jay z was a nice touch

  14. These photos are so beautiful and vibrant! I enjoyed looking at them. x


  15. The more I look at these photos, the more I absolutely love this collection, the colour, the artwork, the sunflower man!! Beautiful..

    Bumble Speaks

  16. Héloïse

    That spilt drink picture is just great, talk about an explosion of art! (The collection however is in my opinion useless, sorry).

  17. what an amazing catwalk! I loved it, bright colour everywhere! Can’t go wrong with bold colour in my opinion

    Hayley xx

  18. fantastic details!


  19. Amazing show and amazing pictures. Love Chanel!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  20. I had already seen the pictures of the fashion show, but not is this perspective and I love it!!! :)


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  23. ooooh, these photos are so so amazing <3

  24. Love these shots!


  25. Splendid pictures and love the quirky artifacts that are so ‘Karl’!


  26. So envious! It must be so fun to go see these amazing shows- although a little hard on the feet, non?
    Great photographs, as always.

  27. There. Are. No. Words.

    Wait, okay, there are. Your fashion week photos are undoubtedly the best in the business Shini. Seriously, they are unreal. It looks like you’ve got three different people shooting from different angles and location. You’ve captured such beautiful and honest moments (love the spilt drink on the floor!). I wasn’t a crazy fan of this collection as a whole but the concept and setting is incredible. I also really like the closeup shots more than the looks as a whole. Brilliant post! xx

  28. Świetny pokaz! Bardzo lubię połączenie mody ze sztuką!: ) A i podobają mi się kadry zdjęć: ) Pozdrawiam:)

  29. These photos are so, so beautiful. The whole show looked incredible – the music, the clothes, the location…. definitely one of my favourites! Xx


  30. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Great fashions pictures!

  31. Sarah Nizomi

    god, the gallery and those clothes, perfection of art! Very inspiring shots

  32. I adore these fantastic and colorful shots, great content, thanks a lot for the update

  33. Channel is so popular and I can’t help loving it.

  34. Love the high quality photos. Just found this site today! I will be returning x

  35. I wish to attend an event like this someday!