I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.









My favourite froyo in London, Tutti Frutti in Covent Garden


Military Navy Coat – Zara. Grey JeansUrban Outfitters. Waffle-knit Sweater – COS. Structured shirt – Zara. Shoes – Kurt Geiger Ella. Snakeskin Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs. Cheeeers Kit for the shots!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, and while I know that if I just carried on like this only a small percentage of you who have mastered the skill of reading will be privvy to this information, but I’m just going to need a bit more audience for this one. CATS CATS CATS BOOBS WEINERSCHNITZEL BIGGER BOOBS CATS BACON. There. Welcome, ten new members of the reading club! Back to what I was going to say – believe it or not, I have an ‘editorial schedule’ for this blog. You’re meant to be seeing posts every two days, three if delayed but no longer than that. Yeah but your blog is like Skyping with grandma in Tibet is what you’re saying, and I get it, I go quiet for so long you wonder if I died at the end of the line, or I give out an incoherent cackle at one go…  and I smell of goat urine, I get it. The secret I wanted to share, is that it takes FOREVER to write this blurb and usually the prime cause of post congestion. I have plenty of photographic content, but words don’t come easy. In my defense I wrote my last semi-decent essay six years ago in highschool (dissertation? that thing in art school I wrote in blood?) and my vocabulary basket (made in Tibet) is leaking words. I know I never write anything profane or philosophical, in fact these blurbs should essentially be put in the same category as the noise that modems used to make back in the early days, but I guess the problem arises mainly from the fact that I really am not interested in writing about the outfit above… there’s only so much I can tell you about grey jeans. I plan to wear this next week, what do I say THEN? So there’s that’s the secret, I’m an idiot. Shini had an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station… and wore white shoes in January. Raise the roof.

You couldn’t SEO this blog even if you tried.

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  1. lena

    i stopped blogging because i couldn’t fill out the box at the bottom to my satisfaction and then went into a state of blog-cation for like a year and the longer i waited the harder it got.

    sometimes it’s okay to just get a coke at the gas station. and it’s always okay to wear white shoes.

  2. Oh god this made me chuckle, loving the white shoes so much that I only slightly sympathise with how absolutely freezing your feet must have been.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  3. Dannielle

    You’re right, your blurb mostly has nothing to do with the pics above but it is defo one of the prime things that make me come here.. The small talk my friend! You should be a rapper or somethin! :D

  4. Seraphina

    Shini you are so precious hahah…and you always make me crave the food that you post.

  5. I love this. This is exactly how I feel… all the time.

  6. clean and adorable!


  7. I really love all the neutrals in this look, especially the snakeskin handbag. Your shoes are to die for! Love your blog by the way :)



  8. Oh Shini, wonderful!! Spot on as usual and I’m pretty sure you’re one of the wittiest person on the whole internet (I imagine the internet as a school class fyi) :D Keep it up girl!

  9. Hahahaha, Shini, I love this, and your ability to be so god darn honest with your readers. Sometimes I struggle with what to write too, (no, that’s a lie, I struggle ALL the time,) but I’ve also found that the blurb part of a post is what gives the post all it’s texture and depth. I don’t want to sound boring, but it’s really how I feel, and your writing is honestly the reason why I check this blog, RELIGIOUSLY!

  10. Gotta applaud you again for another brilliant post. You always make me laugh!! Still not as much as the one where you implicated that your mom was a tiger mother… so.. CATS BOOBS BACON CROISSANT!

  11. Oh god, I face the same result from the opposite side of the problem. I have too many words swirling in my head, getting all claustrophobic fighting for the final say, and it takes forever to get a paragraph down. I wind up losing posts (even though I have the pictures for them) because of the frustration that is organizing my thoughts to the point of relevancy.

    But then I read this article from The Oatmeal, and felt better.



  12. Oh my god love those shoes. KIDDING CATS BOOBS BACON KIDDING, I always read your blurbs. And then as I proceed to leave a comment in response to said blurb, I scroll through a series of ‘omg cute shoes/ jacket/ hair/ breast’ … and wonder if any of said readers can actually read.
    Love you, love your brain.


  13. lovely images again, always good ^_^

  14. First of all I love the outfit and of course the photos, they always saying a lot so you don’t have to comment them. Second thing this what you wrote under the photos cracked me up;) love the sense of humor. have a good night:) x

  15. i always read your little blurbs and i found this one particularly funny.

    oh and CATS AND BOOBS

  16. LOL…well, I, for one, am looking forward to both your photos and your words. Even when they don’t make much sense. So here’s to boobs, cats and weiner schnitzels…

  17. Love that coat!

  18. I think you play to your strengths, your photographic content is consistently amazing!

  19. Lidia

    What I love most about your blog is that I’m just as excited to see your pictures as I am to read what you wrote. I usually admire your pictures, read, then stare at your pictures some more. It just goes on like that haha. What I’m trying to say is that your posts are totally worth the wait!

  20. but i avidly read through every one of your posts because of your snarky and hilarious copy. now you let us in on your little secret it makes me appreciate your writing style more – a little mind rambling, a lot of esoteric references that i enjoy. i have the opposite blogger struggle – editing photos. it seems like such a daunting task. i live for writing the blurbs to my imaginary friends.

  21. I do understand you when you say it is hard to come up with written content that is more than “I really love these jeans etc…”. On my blog every Monday I post an outfit but found very restrictive to say I love these clothes etc so I decided to also put attention to where I shoot and bring my readers to visit the town where I live (Bologna, Italy).

    As for writing a blog post in itself, it is quite hard when you aim your readers to REALLY read you. Writing is a hard process, sometimes I have the idea and it is not clear, so I just let time go so that what I want to express comes clearer. Sometimes the process is easier and I can write right away but it is really rare. But what I am sure at is that something which is necessary to me to be able to write better is writing in my notebooks and not on my computer.

    Anyway I like reading what you write because you tell us what’s going on inside your mind about your blog and your life and it is easy to identify ourselves and reflect so thank you. Your blog is not superficial at all !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  22. you are funny!

  23. this is seriously such a great look! so in love with your heels!


  24. This post is too funny, most of the time I feel the same way about my outfits. I mean you can see it what is there to say and my life is not that interesting. lol I really enjoy your blog.


  25. I love your coat!


  26. M A E

    CATS BIGGER BOOBS lol that was funny :)) I thought I was the only one who feels idiotic whenever I make outfit posts. Like when I post something, I post all the pictures then go “umm… okay so what’s next?!” then write random nonsense. I may not write comments on your posts but I’m an avid reader of your blog and yes I do READ your blog (coz I mastered the skills of reading haha) nice outfit by the way.

  27. contrary to what you may claim, shini, i find what you write at the end of your posts quite philosophical indeed. ;)

  28. LOVE your honesty! This blurb had great humour in it and it’s true, what do you really write for an outfit post? Honestly, I love your photographic content, and even if you didn’t write anything I would still love your blog, just because its inspiring and the photos are just brilliant. Don’t change how you blog!


  29. Lovely photos Shini!


  30. hahaha i love that you’re actually human!

  31. Mabiel

    Any random thing said by you is a ton more worthy to read than the ‘blip blip’ that so many other blogs have on offer.

  32. Marta

    Oh Shini, haha … while I appreciate your honesty, I applaud you for your laudable attempt in attracting more readers! Keep up your wit, you always make me laugh.

  33. I know exactly what you mean, I always have trouble with the ‘blurb’ at the bottom of my posts because its conceited enough to post a billion and one photos of myself online but then to ramble about the highlights of each outfit; how many favourites can i have? how much gushing am i really allowed?

    however, I find you witty and perfectly in tempo with your amazing images (too much gushing?)

    x karen

  34. Dawn

    I get that. I break out in sweat every time I try to leave a comment on anyone’s blog (not even blogging, just a comment….), but I do it once in a while to push myself. it also takes me about 10 minutes and 15 restarts to type these 3 lines…..

  35. Beautiful photos! I love the bag


  36. I always love reading your post! I think I’m the same (more visual) and words not comes easily. Only my photos are not as beautiful as yours.. and the sentences aren’t as interesting as yours. I’m working on it.. What I meant is you’re such a great blogger! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  37. Beautiful beautiful pictures!

  38. Lucille

    Well i’ll have you know that out of all the blogs I regularly look at via bloglovin (about 15), your blurb is my favourite by far. You are so witty and you always make me have a little chuckle, that rarely happens with the other blogs I follow. I also feel that you don’t need to say that much about the clothes, the experiences you have during the photos is more interesting!

  39. I think every blogger everywhere is with you on this, well myself at least. I think sometimes it’s ok to just post some beauty pictures without much explanation. After all, we all love a stunning outfit!

  40. See this is why I read your blog. You have amazing photos and then when you write it makes me giggle. You’re this high class fashion blogger that doesn’t take the whole fashion thing too seriously, which is nice to see, because like you said who likes to read about grey jeans when I can clearly see the picture?

  41. Love your photos, your white shoes, and your blurbs!


  42. I love the blurb, even more because it’s never just about what you’re wearing :-) xx

  43. hahaha, you may feel you struggle with writing but I always look forward to your written blurbs just as much as your photographs! You’re hilarious. Keep it up!

    Lots of love xo

  44. great pictures! and such a wonderful outfit.

  45. Blah blah blah – your words are my favourite even if I rarely know what you’re on about ;)

    Becky | lifestyleflash.com x

  46. This is absolutely how I feel!

    Your outfit is amazing, love your coat :)


  47. Haha god this made me laugh. Skyping with grandma…so true


  48. I love reading your blog! yeah you may not post as often as some bloggers do but it’s each post is worth the wait.

    Your photos are amazing and the text in your posts are always fun and amusing to read :)

  49. Haha, I have the exact same issues with blurbing. Drafts upon drafts of posts best seen by the illiterate. I do enjoy reading your blurbs though. You’re always so funny and witty!



  50. no matter what you write, it always makes sense in a deeper mind. Great to hear that your skill to out the most unexpected words together is also hard work. I started worrying that I will never have any talent compared to you.

  51. Funny, before I got to the part where you exposed your secret, I was thinking, gosh, she really knows how to write in a way that captivates and entertains, and then you say you can’t write? Believe me, words might not come easily to you, but it sure dosn’t show! I’m also stronger in visual expression than written, so I know exactly how you feel! However, I must say that this text itself is an inspiration for someone like me. Keep on writing, Shini :)

    Lots of love,
    Sarah Mikaela
    //Framboise Fashion//

  52. Cleanup in aisle six!


  54. love these clean white pumps


  55. Great photos!
    I like your coat!
    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  56. omg you’re amazing.
    THIS is the reason you’re blog is one of the best, not only can you bloody dress well (pat on the back) BUT you have an interesting direction with your writing, never stop woman!


  57. I just had to leave a comment.
    First of all, I’m such an alien to both pop- and internet-culture that it took me a moment to understand what you were trying to do with all those “cats” and “boobs” up there. I honestly thought that you were doing some kind of beat-boxing. (Try to beat-box to the words “Boots, Cats (repeat)” if you’ve never done it before, by the way. And, I am by no means a beat-boxer! haha)

    Anyway, you are so funny and down-to-earth! I read your blog because I love the little random things you say/ your geeky allusions. I’m sure that even if you wrote an entire post in one-syllable elementary school words (which is super-hard to do, I bet), you wouldn’t be able to hide your quirky and awesome insides. Keep it up!

  58. Alex

    No biggie. You’re right. It’s just clothes, etc. Sometimes there’s not much to say and that’s cool. Your blog is one of my few favorites, and it’s because you back it all up with consistent photography, unique outfit styling, great web design, and the best element: HUMOR. So, thank you, for always giving us a good, QUALITY post.

  59. I’d just opened this post as a new tab and was so confused for 5 seconds oh my god.

  60. Here, here! writing content is difficult indeed. And describing the outfit itself only goes so far. I myself have been staring at blurb-less, yet photo-filled entries for the past month now…major writer’s block lately.
    I love your blurbs though. They always makes me giggle.
    lovely coat btw. The gold buttons are such a nice detail.


  61. You’re not an idiot.

  62. It’s funny how I know exactly what you mean! When I finally gather enough pictures for a post, I get stumped on WHAT I should write exactly. And then that usually leads to being lazy and procrastinating until I can think of something decent. Although I absolutely detested writing essays for English, I have to admit that they undoubtedly helped me recall certain vocabulary when I needed it most. Haha #bloggerissues xD

  63. To be honest, your blurbs are why I subscribed to your blog in the first place! Your photos are always beautiful, but it’s your blurbs that give your blog personality and it’s why I still stick (well, lurk) around. Keep the random coming, I’d love to hear more about this Coke Zero.

  64. Just when I was convinced that to survive in the social media one has to be devoid of any cynicism… THIS. But no socks in January – SHUT UP!!


  65. You are just so cute and funny!
    This might sound rude, but I think that your intellect is preventing you from writing about such superficial topics as shoes and pants. And that is more than fine. :) I never expect that kind of “shoes stories” from you. On the contrary. ;)

  66. Yui

    Hey Shini!

    Just thought you should know that I have read your entire archives throughout the last 2 weeks since discovering your blog. You should be totally flattered!

    Your sarcasm is fantastic.

    Um…not sure how to end this comment.

  67. Stunning outfit! You’re so elegant!


  68. I always love what you write you are the funniest blogger!



  69. Ana Gabriela

    Hi! I started coming to this blog for the beautiful photography and fashion. Since then I started reading it regularly and now your on my flipbook top 5 to follow. No stress, just bless when it comes to the writing. It is not easy and we ALL know it. The photography though, that’s priceless and seems to be your thing. So don’t let words stop you from sharing. We love you even when you lib cat cats boob and bacon!

    Otherwise, my mother taught me “white shoes are cheap”. Then, living in the US taught me, “white should be forbidden from September to May”. Thank you for sending those absurd rules straight to the dustbin by proving that white shoes in January CAN look elegant, feminine and fun!

  70. I have the same problem, but instead of having problems with my blurbs, I have words to write but no photos to put up. I write a lot of drafts and put them aside thinking I can possibly shoot something today and post it, but alas, I have been on my bum writing yet another post with no visual interpretation. I EEZ SAD. Let’s work together to build a better blogosphere. No ? Okay then.

  71. Oh my God the Skyping with grandma in Tibet part killed me. Don’t worry, the slight delays are worth it if you crack jokes about silence and incoherent laughter.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  72. Honestly the best blog post I’ve ever read. Thank You!

  73. for a moment i thought you were eating olives with ice cream, now that would have been something to write about. i know what you mean, i feel the same. that’s why i always keep it brief. i’m no wordsmith

  74. Ever since I moved to london I’ve been disappointed with the quality of Froyo.. in comparison to the states… :( like Snog and Yog.
    But I’ll definitely have to try this one out! Xx

  75. I have to admit, I wasn’t going to read the text until I saw CATS CATS BOOBS, haha made me laugh. You can start counting me in as one of your plus ten new readers. I’m sure you won’t have a writing crisis, you write wonderfully! … And your pictures are amazing!

  76. Sophia

    well i love those blurbs of noninformation.

  77. BLEURGH!! YES!!! Finally someone that gets it! People think you just churn out content like water but NO…it takes flippin’ time to hone thoughts into words and then incorporate it with the post. LOL sorry, 1st time on your blog & I’m already in love lol

  78. awesome picturesss


  79. You’re hilarious. Although I adore your images, the blurbs make my day because of your wit. No pressure.

  80. I’ve had people tell me they like what I write on my blog and EVERY SINGLE TIME, I scan their faces for traces of barely concealed sarcasm…

    But if it’s any consolation, your texts actually sparkle rather than fall flat on their face as mine are wont to do. Plus I think you may actually end up ranking rather higher in the “goat urine” results hierarchy than you may like.

  81. Heart Easy A.

  82. Viki

    I’m simply in love with these shoes!

  83. all the things you are saying at the beginning are so damn true. lately everyone seems to ignore the writing stuff and go all the time “ohhh i love this, oh i love that”. its tiring enough!
    ps what you write makes me laugh although i dont understand everytime what you mean. damn my english are poor sometimes

  84. haha… LOVE it!! I find myself in the same uninspired-copy-camp many times as well and it ain’t pretty! But you always have such a clever way with words. To be honest, if you were writing about the clothes, I think I’d be a lot less interested so keep it up! Cats, boobs, and bacon are way more fun. ;-)

  85. Yes, words don’t come easy ad don’t always flow when we want them to. But I find your writing good, entertaining and personal. You’re doing a good job.

  86. Cristina

    Amazing outfit. Though I never get this kind of outfits… If it’s cold enough to wear a coat over a sweater doesn’t that mean that it’s not warm enough for open shoes on bare legs?

  87. I love your posts, they’re always so witty. I would comment more often, but I too struggle with words. ;)

  88. Frederika

    Which is why you’re blog is precious. Too many fashion blogs are focused on high end clothes talk. Yours is down to earth and relatable. Dorky and Lovable. <3

  89. This is real good. I love how you put those words together.

    No but seriously, why not…… type less? (although I have to admit that I do like the blurbs you put out here)

  90. OH whatever! I absolutely LOVE what you write, so much so that I had to actually GO back and find an old post of yours just because I found what you wrote so funny! It was the one where you were out shopping and you quoted out a conversation with your other half, the one from the changing room-something about 38 shoes/size 38, my point is that I love what you write!!

    LOVE those white shoes, tooooo pretty! xxx

  91. I hear ya. Posting regularly can be so darn difficult! I try to make posts a few days out so I can not get backed up. I also have some “reserve posts” if you will. Idk how well that would work for your blog, but if it’s been several days and I don’t have time, I just publish one of those.

  92. Allow me to shower this “blurb” with a bucket of digital hearts in a fervent effort to express my gratitute for this universal blogger truth finally uttered! Amen sista.

  93. I haven’t commented in a long, long time, but just know that I happen to love your particular brand of modem noise, Shini. For real.

  94. Like.

  95. your shoes are perfection, who says you can’t wear white in january? also for what it’s worth, I adore your writing style and really look forward to your posts.

  96. Hate to be the one to say it but a lot of people tend to skim over what we bloggers write anyway.

    Also, everything’s right about white shoes in January.

    It’s a LDN Thing

  97. kia

    This is a great blogpost!
    A lot of people who want to start blogs feel the same way.
    I’ve sat on the idea for several years now and I’m hoping 2013 is the year.
    Like you said, there’s only so much to say about your outfit. You have on grey jeans and white heels, which is very cute by the way, that you’ll wear again next week.
    Keep up the great work and I enjoy your writing style and thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world.

  98. What I personally enjoy about your blog is that you take time with your words. or that reason your humor never fails to make your editorial photos come to life!

  99. smchow

    Love your wit, you’re such great writer! Be yourself, love what you’ve written so far, and the awesome outfit post.
    And thank you for that untold truth of being a fashion blogger. its sometimes painful because we are suppose to be extremely visual afterall.

  100. Alice

    I’ve always thought your blog blurbs were pretty eloquent! Seriously–they’re full of those fun non sequiturs (and parantheses). I also appreciate the clean look/design of your site without all the ad space, sponsor shit, obnoxious typography, etc. Serious question here–how long do you wear your shoes before throwing them off cause of the freezing cold? Do you usually keep your blog outfit on all day or is it mostly for the photographs?

  101. Thank you so much for such lovely words! To answer your question…usually whatever’s been posted is an outfit I’ve been wearing the whole day, and in this case believe it or not I wore the white shoes the whole day! It was 10 degrees (50F) so it wasn’t THAT cold, plus the heels are so low on this you could walk miles! x

  102. Ahh, to wear white shoes in the dead of winter! How lusciously irreverent!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  103. Love this outfit, so many beautiful pieces put together perfectly.

    Check out my blog http://degeneratebeautyqueens.blogspot.com.au I have only just started so every single view is so appreciated :)

    Maddy xx

  104. Hi Shini! hope all is well. you’re entitled to feel this way. the beauty to this is, this is your blog and you can do whatever you like. :-) I appreciate your honesty, your humor, and your style all rolled up in one blog post that, yes, is updated days at at time BUT..you’re missing my point…we still love you.


  105. And there I was thinking it got easier.



  106. I love your photos!!! There are gorgeous:) Kisses from Poland:)

  107. I hope you read this. I love your blurbs, still more inspirational than a lot of crap out there (mine probably included). You’re still one of my favourite bloggers. I even mentioned you on my application for a Master’s Degree in Fashion Journalism. Never stop blogging, even if you have nothing to say x (we need you!)

  108. Lovely photos. I love the jacket, it looks sturday and warm. If you are stuck when it comes to writing something, you could tell us a bit of history about the place where you took the photos, or something amusing that happened to you that day or some detail about your clothes.

  109. CATS haha aw, sometimes pictures > words.
    Love the navy jacket with white heels, and have been looking for a bag like that with perfect slouch forever!!

    gz x

  110. Stacy

    Love the Easy A quote at the end. You’re hilarious and I love your style!

  111. You look so great! And the outfit is amazing :)


    Love, Nastya!

  112. reina

    hi!! i like your style and the places you visit. i’ll be visiting amsterdam, paris, london, zurich, and geneva (in no particular order as of yet) and i was wondering if you could recommend places to shop/ eat/ snack/ see?? i’ll be travelling in september.. this is also open to anyone else reading this. any advise would be greatly appreciated :) thank you for reading.

  113. Yes to the white shoes. Love, love, love!

  114. i love those shoes!

  115. Omg I so know what you mean! Actually everyone I speak to tells me the hardest part is putting words to a post when you just want to post your photos! And lets face it, the only reason anyone does it is because it’ll be useless on a google search otherwise. I mean do people even read the stuff we write, or do they just scan the photos and move on?

    Also it goes without saying that your outfit looks amazing!

  116. I really love selecting best outfits that satisfy me! It will bring you more attractive to people and be presentable always and not worrying other people what to say..

  117. I love your writing style, no matter what you said :)
    I adore that ‘la garconne’ look, and your shoes look lovely btw.

  118. I really really love your blog, your photos, your style and absolutely this post!

  119. Kayish

    Shini, I dont comment often here but as you can see from other comments, one of the reason why you are one of my favorite blogger is because of your writing. your writing is so candid (though the word is overly used, i cannot find a better word to describe how i feel). don’t feel too insecure about your writing~ i, like many, really do enjoy reading this small excerpts about what’s around you

  120. What are you talking about? One of the big reasons you stand out from all the other blogs out there with nice, pretty, style photos is because of those blurbs. They’re small windows into your brain and you know what, IT IS AMAZING! I love your humor and how witty you are.

    MORE BLURBS please even if it takes forever to do. :)

  121. Nancy

    I swear you crack me up.

  122. Ahahaha love this! I agree with you…


  123. You are hilarious! It may take you a long time to write this stuff up, but it is well worth it. ps- I bought and returned that same zara coat about 4 times (indecisive? me? what?), but in the end didn’t keep it because it just looked so stupid on me when it was buttoned. I still get pangs though, when I see stylish ladies (like yourself) rocking it oh-so-beautifully (and, note to self, unbuttoned).


  124. Amazing outfit! Love that coat and the jumper! Skinny jeans still in style in 2013, no wonder why! :) Would have also looked stylish with a pair of block heel ankle boots: http://www.modainpelle.com/boots

    Going to get myself a pair, it’s just the perfect season for them!

  125. […] I always love Emmanuelle Alt, even in double denim. I don’t know how she pulls it off, but she does. Finally, last but by no means least is Shini of Park & Cube fame. I feel as though her style has matured a lot recently and I like it! She has balanced proportions here perfectly and it is such a wearable look. […]

  126. i dont usually like white shoes but these look so beautiful! Classy outfit!


  127. Oh how I miss London! loving the pea coat though, Shini.


  128. Just keep doing what you’re doing girl! Great outfit, great laugh (at what you wrote, not your outfit)!
    Rosie x

  129. […] Park & CubeR: Emmanuelle Alt & Geraldine […]

  130. Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’re doing just fine. Loving your blog – awesome photography and style :)

  131. you are too funny. i love your writing. it’s not overreaching, or trendy. it’s honest. and pretty damn hilarious.

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