I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Laser-cut leather dress

Patrizia Pepe store in Promenada, Warsaw; Photos of moi thanks to mama.

I will pounce at opportunities like these, because when else can I be a blogger of the 21st century (front-line infantry of the Cranky-Frankly-Speakings) and say this is not my cup of tea? Patrizia Pepe Firenze is probably a cup of tea for the successful working dame who certainly has not done time in East London. I, on the contrary, am a bum living in Hackney who wears horn-rimmed glasses, and hey, I liked Avatar when it was Pocahontas – yeah that’s how hipster I am. No, who am I kidding, I’m so mainstream that I let Facebook make life decisions. I actually think that the collection I witnessed and documented happened to be a limbo collection – that space-filler that’s either 2% too much or 2% too little and comes between solid seasons. Now they have lovely pieces like this dress (albeit see-through, but surely we all have beautiful speedbumps) or this snakeskin pull-string bucket bag… You must’ve thought I truly sold myself this time, but know this, nothing can buy the crankster a hot review.

Thank you Massimiliano at Claudia Wuensch for organizing this visit! (whip)

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  1. lovely photos and clothes!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  2. i’m in love with the lace hem and that colorful dress… love the snakeskin flats too.


  3. michelle

    your blog is amazing
    the photos are so beautiful!


  4. Ha! Man, you crack me up! I love that you’re such a good sport. We need to bring you out here to Hollywood to add a dash of your sensible sense of humor and down-to-earth outlook to all the ultra thin veneers galavanting about. It would be fun, I promise. Say you’ll come!

    Also, that see-through minidress is pretty amazing, but I definitely do not have the lady lumps for it =( I will take the snakeskin bag in green please, though.

  5. Love that trench! The prints are so nice!


  6. Lemon shoes!

  7. all the pieces look amazing & wearable :) you look fantastic in the black lace racerback dress!! awesome fotos too :D xo Diana

  8. love patrizia pepe…. ;D
    beautiful pics

    street Life Karl LAGERFELD: http://magmoiselle.fr

  9. Oh my – I LOVE the floralprinted coat!!


  10. Debora

    Love the printed Trench!! also the black lace top is fantastic

  11. Super! I like your blog

  12. You always put together the most amazing outfits, look beautiful wearing them…and write fabulous post. Would love to have you be a guestwriter on my blog any day! I think your amazing!
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. That floral coat and the leather dress are just perfection. NEED!


  14. that’s beautiful

  15. Oh my Shini,

    I didn’t know you are from Hackney, East London…
    My best friend lives there and every year, when I drop by, I haven’t seen stylish gals like you around ;)
    And speaking of East London and a stylish state of mind, I’d love to hear about your favorite places around town. If I’m being honest, I wish there was a Park & Cube London Design Guide out there.
    I’m visiting again this May and I hope to make it all about the design and the food.

    Sending a sunny smile from Israel,

  16. BAH, I’m not FROM Hackney I guess, I only lived there the past 9 months ;) But still, I’d relate to that area most.
    Around town… ah there’s so many places! Breakfast Club in Hoxton, Leila’s on Arnold Circus, Kingsland Road is best for Vietnamese food (Viet Hoa)… Brick lane… Ah those are ones I can think off the top of my head, but that general area is worth a good sweep! Also don’t forget to visit Borough Food Market and London Design Museum.. I think you’ll love Victoria & Albert and Tate (those are the usual art/design destinations in the tourbook though) I think I should actually embark on that London Guide project, that’d be so so fun!
    Hope you have fun in London!!

  17. @Shini,
    You are as sweet as it gets!
    Thank you so much for this one….
    I’m so happy to hear you liked my idea! Can’t wait to see what will happen next ;)
    And… Just one last thing from web designer to web designer can you tell me about cool and unique stationary and accessories (I know we have the same obsession) go to heavens?
    Oh, just came across your Gainsbourger and added it to my reader. Good stuff!
    Have a stylish day,

  18. Ah yes! I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now, but never can find that right moment to dive into a personal project with so many others hanging!
    Unique stationary huh? How about this one here I found today: http://www.gridbooks.ca/… ;)
    Ah Gainsbourger, wonder how you found that! thank you though, so sweet of you!

  19. i love all of those pieces!



  20. these looks are so elegantly classic. i love the dress pictured first. soo gorgeous.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  21. :)

    floral coat! beautiful :)

    what camera model do you use?

  22. I use a Canon 5D Mark II :)

  23. That flower coat! It’s amazing! I’ve planned something like that for next winter :D

  24. It’s weird, I like all of the pieces you posted here… Might I add that you seem to have really nice proportions, making most anything look like they belong on you. I would have been jealous, had I been a less secure person. hehehe :)

  25. Aw thank you! I’m just going to say… photography is magic haha a simple angle change and one can seem to have nice proportions! xx

  26. I don’t know, the striped tweed jacket looks AMAZING on you!! The rest? I agree, it’s kind of meh (though the sheer minidress on their site is lovely).

  27. You look really good in that last outfit, with the black dress!!

  28. Melissa

    that first dress or top or whatever it is, is so beautiful


  29. wow.. gorgeous pictures!! love all those pieces.

  30. There are so many cute pieces!


  31. I love your cream trousers. This whole collections really nice. Although the sandals are odd, I bought the exact same pair last spring in topshop. Great minds and all that I guess.


  32. Ooh, that Chanel-esque jacket looks terrific on you!

  33. Wonderful images, I love how you took pictures of the really small details. It’s very interesting to see them so up close :)

  34. Huaaaa… I love them all! The coat, the jacket, the dress looks amazing! It fits you well too :)

  35. The coat isn’t something I would wear, but it’s very pretty

  36. Oh, that floral trench coat is divine and you look great in that boucle jacket! I remember that you own a boucle jacket yourself–you should pull it out and make another post about it sometime!

  37. I love Patrizia Pepe, I think is amazing !!!

    ♥ Ylenia
    from longuette

  38. beautiful photos!


  39. That jacket is the stuff of dreams… those sandals are the stuff of dreams…

    Feed me them.

    Thank, bye.

  40. absolutely beautiful post!
    loved it!

  41. Wow! These clothes are so beautiful and feminine. Looks comfortable too… By the way your blog is very lovely and chic. Keep up the positives vibes.

    Cheers! =(^.^)=

  42. Beautyful pics! Love them. and the clothes as well!


  43. I love your photo and your style and you blog I love all !!!!I’M YOUR FOLLOWER <3
    I hope you will follow me http://www.welovefur.blogspot.com
    with love

  44. Ho My God this luck you have !!!!!!!!!
    I love Patrizia Pepe and I find this collection so perfect !!
    I love your blog and I follow you …



  45. I love Patrizia Pepe. The brand is one of my fav ones.

  46. You write your posts so well! I just love those flat sandals. And I wouldn’t say no to your lovely yellow heels either. Have a wonderful weekend! Ada

  47. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love that trench coat…