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NEXT AW10 Pressday

Let’s be honest, I don’t shop at Next, I don’t know what they sell at Next. I had no clue they sold homeware and womenswear and menswear and babieswear – wowza NICE FRUIT DRINKS – until I visited their pressday today. In fact, all I remember from seeing through their window displays while passing by on Oxford Street were mannequins that were dressed to represent women from 20 to 50 and sadly failing, ending up being more nondescript than anything. They were in dire need of a niche, a target audience that didn’t involve something like thirty something mother with a toddler, married to boy-man husband, living in an IKEA store showroom. It seems that for AW they made some very important decisions and decided to please the twenty somethings with twenty something boyfriends, living in an experimental home void of specific taste or style, and maybe with an accidental baby on the way? Kidding with the last bit. The collection was definitely trend-geared, taking ‘hints’ from some hot designer pieces, (see Alexander Wang-esque bucket bag, Mulberry rip-off satchel…) which I personally won’t applaud to, and stuck to themes like the military or the Lace & Leather trends. There is definite progress though, I’d definitely skate through the shop come Autumn, if only to look for more of those awesome crushed-ice fruit drinks they were serving today…

Thank you Tom and Katie (of Jam Social media) for the invite and the lime-fishing-from-Pimm’s-Jug treat!

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  1. The interior looks awesome, I love the cathedral like setting. I’m not that fond of the knock off bags but the drinks look yummy and some of the sweaters look cute!

  2. I’m not familiar with Next at all but the display and location seem pretty interesting. I’m fond of the baggy pocket sweater (and that sort of thing in general). I’m also glad to hear your honest opinion about the products instead of being swayed by the free drinks, and they do look good of course!

  3. Wow . . . really interesting interiors. Agree with Annie Li. The handbags are really cool.

  4. I am really impressed by the wedges they may have to do until I get my darling jeffery Campbell’s. Nonetheless the Mullberry rip off did almost make me shed a tear, not in a good way !


  5. ummmm yeah. great stuff, except the fact that 95% of them are rip offs kind of ruins the idea of them creating something great themselves.

  6. the interior is so special. I t gives a touch of mistery.

  7. Haha, nerdy indeed! I’m happy you took that picture, because I lost that feather headband I’ve grown so attached to just hours later! Anyway, lovely pictures (that one with the mannequin handing over that jacket turned out so well!) and it was so great seeing you again! x


  8. I love the garden Collection jacket Saskia is wearing. Why did I not buy it? (sadface)
    I too avoided Next and it’s 6am ‘sale’ queues snaking down Oxford Street. I never understood what they sold, and just associated them with ‘the house of crap’ (in the nicest way possible). That said, that Mulberry-esque grey bag is pretty GOOD stuff.


  9. they`ve obviously got some hot stuff there! love the bag! or both of them actually.

    Feel free to pop by anytime soon!

    xoxo T

  10. Amazing place! I love those shoes!

    juliet xxx

  11. Your honesty about Next is appreciated :)

    It kind of sounds like Korea’s Kosney but more… gothic? (just taking cues from the setting)

  12. Next has always reminded me of dreary afternoons wasted shopping with my mother, and I can’t say that impression has changed. Having said that, I do like the look of those colourblocked heels, in one of the photos up there!

  13. Kyudane

    The new collection seems really interesting! Love the bag, the heels, the drinks, and you. Defo heading to Next today on my stay at Oxford Street!

  14. The first picture of all the mannequins in the church setting is very interesting!
    Is it just a backdrop, or is that their actual location? Pretty cool, none the less.
    What church is that?


  15. It looks fantastic! I’m very much in love with the first pic. Was it really located at the church? Anyways, I can see some amazing stuff (the shoesss!). Oh, and the drinks! It looks reeeaaally good so I bet it tastes good as well.


  16. lovely to meet you yesterday xxx

  17. whoa whoa whoa… although that mulberry bag is seriously bad news it does look quite nice. i noticed two people in town today (i was in for like 10min…) carrying a really cheap plastic looking alexa knock-off. am guessing possibly primark has jumped on the bandwagon too? yes, am definitely not a next shopper but this collection does look quite sweet. i saw a shearling jacket from the collection on someone else’s blog that looked pretty great. i’m curious though shini – if you have never been a fan what prompted you to check out the press day? xx

  18. Oh yah, I keep seeing alexa knock-offs everywhere too, it’s crazy… I was invited by Tom so I went more as a response to a personal invitation than for the brand! and thought it wouldn’t hurt to check it out of course ;)

  19. Wow! This is church? Or only look like?

  20. Owh it was a church before, now it’s a space for all kinds of events and occasions I think!

  21. there isn’t a next shop in oslo, but i appreciate your honest comments about it. maybe it’s just me, but i often find that bloggers give forced positive reviews out of some sense of, hmm, obligation? as though they feel they have to gush because they’ve been invited and/or given something for free. (that came out a bit awkward, but i hope you’ll understand what i mean either way!)

  22. Ann

    haha, i love how you’re holding the bag like it’s a dirty piece of laundry

  23. hahaaa I was behind the camera, Katie was holding the bag – but you’re right it’s rather funny!

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  25. I love the Mulberry-esque bag and the strappy wedges… fighting urge to go shopping.