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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Shmexy bithdaygirl Jackie of Platform Princess

Left: Nicole from Power of Beauty, Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts; Right: Fiona of Save Our Shoes

Jennifer of Style East; Kit of Style Slicker

Daniella of The F Blog

Jill of Streetstyle London

Jen of The Style Crusader

Leave it to fashion bloggers to congregate at the gates of a palace to go through a program of illegal activities including collective stomping on royally-trimmed grass, watching R-rated pigeon lovemaking and deceiving squirrels with outstretched (empty) hands for vantage point for capture. We didn’t catch any squirrels. Or saw pigeon giving birth. SADNESS. A handful of London fashion bloggers met at Kensington Palace gardens to celebrate Jackie the Platform Princess’ birthday, where we first threw a ball in a corner at the Orangery cafe, then spilled out onto the marble porch drunk on tea & scones (some drunk on 2-for-1 beer ehem), eventually rolling onto illegal grass.

I had so much fun I basically want it to be Jackie’s birthday everyday. SORRY Jackie, someone needs to be sacrificed.

Comrades: Jen of The Style Crusader (our organizer), Jackie of Platform Princess (the sacrifice), Jill of Streetstyle London, Saskia of Not Just Medical, Tobi and Kiki of Style by Queens, Nicole from Power of Beauty, Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Daniella of The F Blog, Jennifer of StyleEast, Fiona of Save Our Shoes and Hind of Expose Communications.

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  1. This is great! I love everyone’s different take on the day! The shot of Jen is beautiful! with such amazing posts we can never forget how much fun it was! Im getting an SLR of some sort, I would love your advice on what I can get within my budget!!


  2. Definitely can help, feel free to drop me an email if you’d like!

  3. This shoulda been an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday tea party!

    The shots are gorgeousssssssss esp Jen’s portrait, she has boootiful eyes.

    Oh moi picking a forbidden fruit off the mini orange tree (well, nearly), was testing out whether it was real or not.

  4. loved how you laid out these photos – i’m a sucker for structure. ALSO, am very jealous that I don’t fraternize with so fashionably dressed people on a daily basis like soome people…


  5. you always have the greatest photos! looks like a blast… wish i was partying at a palace right now… haha!

  6. haha, looks like it was so much fun! you girls look so adorable, especially in that nearly jumping picture!

  7. beautiful background, you all look great!

  8. That’s soo luxurious! I totally felt in love with that photos. And you are so pretty!

  9. cute photos!

  10. the photos look amazing and the girls stunning! so cool!

  11. The portraits of everyone look so beautiful! Especially Jen (StyleCrusader)’s one on the left! Can’t wait to go back to the orangery.


  12. oh these are so great shini. it’s so fun seeing everyone’s different take and photos from the day. your are so beautiful. i really am a big fat fan of your photography. love the shot of the three of us and the one of fiona, oh and all the ones of the food… ok ok, i love them all. xx

  13. Your photos are beautiful! Love the tone and the colours. Everyone’s done such different things with their memories of the day. I hope we will meet again soon! x x

    (ps – Can I be a comrade in arms too?! the address is http://www.styleeast.blogspot.com)

  14. Hey Jennifer! So sorry, I forgot to add you in!

  15. ohhh Shini your photography is sooo lovely. What a great day this was!! I wish it was Jackie’s birthday everyday too– we will have to think of another excuse to jump around in parks, etc.

  16. Amazing!!

    This is the post I was about to do – but you did it better. I’ll still try, tho: that’s the whole point of inspiration.

    Weirdly coincidentally, I just did a post about you:

    Kind of a prequel to something about the day itself. The Perfect Day. The Princess March.


  17. your photos have such delicate light in them. Seems like you guys had a great time.

    feel free to pop by my blog anytime soon.

    xoxo T

  18. gorgeous photos! I’m new to your blog but love it so far :D

  19. love these photos. and I love your blog, keep on the good work! :)
    xxx Marilena


  20. wow!!!! i want to just reach into there and grab a slice of cake from that pic!yummy!!

  21. Wow, these shots are so great, it looks like it was such an awesome birthday tea party! Everyone looks so lovely!

  22. Looks like the perfect day! Great pics!

  23. teehee you’re the funniest :b
    I’m guessing there was a stripes theme going on?

  24. Ooh this looks so lovely – i’ll have to get along there someday soon. I was sorry I had to be boring and work and couldn’t make it. Hope to come along next time!

    Miss B xx


  25. Awww, your photos are stunning Shini (I know I sound like a broken record). I must apolgise, I think you may have suffered a bit of guilt by association with you sitting next to us naughty bloggers, on the end of the table.

    To clarify: Shini was not drinking and acting raucously. She was drinking tea with bugs in it, haha.

    I wish it was my birthday too fyi; you guys were all so generous and fun and it was one of the best days ever! I’ve just seen a photo of you doing a back bend on Jen’s blog- amazing!


  26. […] Shini von Park & Cube hat ein Treffen der Londoner Fashionbloggerinnen fotografisch festgehalten und wie sollte es mit ästhetisch sensibilisierten Menschen auch anders sein, die Mädels haben es sich richtig schick gemacht. In den Kensington Palace Gardens gab es Tee & Scones, und wohl auch illegale Aktivitäten … aber was tut man nicht alles für das perfekte Foto! Mehr Fotos und einen kleinen Bericht von den lovely Girls gibt es hier! […]

  27. […] from the other day at Kensington […]

  28. 3 words keep coming to mind amongst little squeals of internal happiness. divine, delicious, delightful. yes please to it all


  29. Love the pictures. amazing colors:)


  30. Blogger meet ups look amazing! This is amazing, you’re all so beautiful!