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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Jacket, Bag, White Dress Gmarket | Crop-Tee AA | Shoes H&M | Leather Harness All Saints





Just because I was convinced that the colour was draining out of my life spending all day in a bat-ridden cave I decided to take Ellen’s invitation and crawled out today (AH SUNLIGHT, IT BURRRNS!!). I believe the best thing that brings the colours back to your life is dodging sales assistants in John Lewis while taking covert pictures of, you won’t believe it, fabric. I don’t get why it’s not allowed – what, am I going to use the photos to replicate the art of sorting zippers and ribbons? Or do I look like I don’t have enough of a life to plan a terrorist attack on a floor full of rich housewives? Actually the last bit is quite intriguing. BOOM go the annoying Chihuahuas.

I’m just JOKING for those with any allegiance to John Lewis, rich housewives and the art of ribbon sorting. I would also gladly take the photos down if you wish, just email no@not-really.com, and mind your manners please.

With all that said, I love John Lewis, rich housewives and sorting ribbons!

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  1. love fabric stores….could spend hoursssss wandering around.

    “BOOM go the annoying Chihuahuas.” LULZ
    uhhh that leather harness is too cool fo school shini!!!

  3. very funny! you are quite witty and I love that about your blog. also thanks for showing me another way to wear my AA crop tee (over a dress)!


  4. I’ve been spending a lot of time in fabric stores lately, all the colors make me so happy.

    That leather harness is badass!

  5. that leather harness is ROCKING and so is that red gloss!
    john lewis seems like the equivalent “spotlight” of “lincraft”, except we have alot of fussy old ladies as sales assistants who’d probably gobble up me and my camera if they saw me taking photos =_=

  6. i love your outfit – definitely need to invest in a harness.
    how comfortable is it?

  7. As comfortable as a belt ;) it’s not really physically S&M…

  8. oo i love that leather harness thingie. looks cool under your cropped shirt. and i ruff yo mesh scarf..or is that part of yo jacket?
    and lulz, I’m sure all housewives fear a terrorist attack daily.

  9. wow, red lippy! you look smashing, that red looks so good with that green:) p.s that harness is so badass…

  10. You look splendid… again amazing pictures. Way to go on wearing your leather harness!

  11. Hah! How covert of you.

    I love your face in the 2nd photo. I don’t know what it is…you just look so sweet. Oh yes, and that harness is kind of absolutely awesomesauce.

  12. i love your harness

  13. hmm harness wow! I’m so jealous that you can dress in so many layers. It’s getting so freakin hot here in California. You look so lovely with lipstick on!

  14. yay john lewis haha old skool fun ;-D i love taking covert store photos! u look great. what lipstick is that? xxxc

  15. Emmmm YSL Rouge Pure shine sheer lipstick SPF15 Net wt. 0.12 oz. 3,4g MADE IN FRANCE 15M!! nice name eh?

  16. I love the leather harness you’re wearing, and good idea with the crop top over the dress… I like it a lot!


  17. woww, ten pasek jest nieziemski :D i ta spódnica! chyba stosunkowo rzadko chodzisz w białych rzeczach, a wyjątkowo ładnie w nich wyglądasz :)

  18. amazing belt!!! didn’t know john lewis sold fabrics haha, must be more expensive compared to the market though, posh fabrics? :)

  19. Oh the color palette of this outfit is gorgeous! I like your lipstick, too. :)

  20. Fabric stores – the bane of my boyfriend’s life (he ends up traipsing after me alot of the time).

    And I love your harness (All Saints looove) and those shoes…who knew H&M did such cool shoes?!!??

    Hope you’re having a good weekend, sun factor notwithstanding ;)

  21. Nikki

    This entry made me laugh. Hope you’re feeling better Shini!

  22. love your harness!

  23. Love the layers on this. The fabric photos are just yummy..

  24. :O
    I never knew John Lewis had a fabric section (retarded Londoner), which store is this? Is it the one on Bond Street?
    Loving the harness!

  25. im guessing thats the store on oxford st. ummm love going there a touching stuff. ahh this reminds me i need to go to shepards bush and procure some fabric. great harness btw

  26. Ha ha! Love it. Great outfit. I’m always well too scared to take pictures in stores. I dont get ehy your not allowed either


  27. Love the harness! That lip color looks great on you too

  28. Brilliant pics Shini!

    hahaha hilarious — “boom” goes the Chihuahuas…no complaints from me!

    i will never understand why people feel the need to get so snarky about taking photos ! Especially at a fabric store?!?!..

  29. I am obsessed with harnesses…yours is amazing!!!

  30. ive just recently come upon your website! beautiful! i adore it with a passion! who takes your photos and what kind of camera does he/she use? i read your Q&A as well, you have quite the humor. after reading tons of blogs, people get too serious and it becomes unentertaining.
    <3 malina

  31. I seriously covet that jacket. And I’m a boy. sigh. Great job on the 007 pictures! Whenever I try and secretly take a photo it turns out with my thumb over the lens or a blurry picture of the ceiling.

  32. The harness is amazing! Love it
    I also love fabric stores but I have a little problem with them: I go in knowing exactly what I need to buy and I suddenly find myself ‘needing’ a LOT of other stuff…


  33. Nina

    Lovely outfit again! I love it how you wear unusual pieces (not the standard basics) in a wearable way. :)

  34. you look gorgeous with that lipstick on!! and love the colour combination!

  35. i didn’t know that the harness could be pair with outfit as such… what a great combination.

  36. I have just a few words for you: the harness: YUM!

  37. I have the All Saints harness too and I must agree it’s pretty amazing, the shoes on the other hand are perfect!.x

  38. Ooooh, harness! I wish I had the skills to actually know what to do with the contents of a fabric store, sadly, Project Runway will only ever be a show I watch, not participate in. My DIY skills are underdeveloped.


  39. Ahhhhhhhhhhh you got the harness. I went in with the boyfriend and tried it on and was all “should I should I?” but he looked so unimpressed/uncomfortable that I was trying on S&M stuff and asking him what he thought that we left it. Extreme regret!

    Love the lipstick on you :) I haven’t actually ventured anywhere near a shop in the last week, unless having exams near victoria counts. xoxo

  40. heyyyy. my comment didn’t go through. or did it? well anyhoos i was just asking for a linkspot on your blogstore. wow 3 made up words in one sentence. URL: http://shopgeisharock.blogspot.com and shop name… er… just shop geisharock i guess pretty pretty please with a cherry on top. ja ich spreche ziemlich fliessend deutsch aber bin total aus der uebung :P xxxxx

  41. Shini the red lip is totally popping on you…hehehehe…u always look so effortlesssly stylish, Park and Cube is the Biznass!!!!

  42. that red lipstick looks gorgeous on you shini!! i always love the styling – esp. your layering its fantastic! loveee the shoes!!

    The Voguette

  43. i went to 동대문종합시장 and took pictures discretely… i don’t know if it’s just an instinct i have when i’m in korea but for some reason being around fake prada fabric made me feel like i was gonna get in trouble if i took pictures! haha

    love the army jacket too!

  45. You look so incredible cute! Just had to say it….

  46. it’s a long time I desire an harness! I should force myself to buy it! great look!

  47. Love the croptop + harness combo. I’ve had my eye on that harness for awhile. Might just have to spring for it now..

  48. Ah. I’ve always loved that Body harness thingy, adds a dash of complexity to an outfit.

  49. omg shini i’m swooonnnny for the lace and sillk fabrics. gahhh. and your awesmoe mesh-yy outfit.

  50. i really really REALLY wish i could sew. perhaps it’s time to learn..? all your posts are very inspiring ;)

  51. sharon

    HAHA oh god you’re so funny you turn me into a valley girl
    i love fabric stores but they overwhelm me. i either have to take the whole lot or leave with nothing and both of those options scare me.

  52. Amelia

    Hi! Love the outfit especially the shoes
    I was wondering are they like like old H&M or recent?

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    writing like yours nowadays. I truly appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!